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16.03.14 1.03 AM

Full collection for sell on ebay

I do not really know who visit this website now. Time has pass, 2 years since latest post. I still follow Sting and really like the "Last ship" but time are different. Collecting is far behind me, I dedicate 20 years of my life to list and collect all these items. I kept a selection of items, the ones I have story with, a copy of each album, single, and that's already something ! I do not need the other 700 CDs ! I put them on sell on ebay as 10 sets, you can found them on my ebay. Click on each image to go to the listing... next post in 2 years ?

26.02.12 5.14 PM

Live in Marseille

Last night, I went to see my 28th Sting concert ;) It was again a nice surprise, with amazing versions of Sacred love, Stolen Car, houds of winter, Ghost story or Never coming home... Review, videos, photos, everything on the new tour is on listing forum.

28.01.12 7.47 PM

Some news and ebay sell

As you know, Sting is not my priority anymore, but I still follow him. I even bid a high price on a rare DAT which appeared on ebay, which contains demos of Ten summoner's tales... I missed it, but I would be happy to hear it... I do not know who get it, so if it is you, please contact me.

As we talk about the listing forum, a disaster happen ! Seb who is running it told me all the archives get lost and the forum is back to zero... loosing around 30 000 posts, and one of the best source of information on Sting... So, WE need to rebuilt it ! Register and post now !

As you maybe know, a very nice ipad app was issued to promote the recent best of. It contains, as the book which comes with the box set, very nice and never seen before pictures. You can aw a lot of these pictures on my flickr. This is one of my favorit (taken by Anton Corbijn I guess)


As I move again this year and will do a big trip during some months, I put several of my Sting items on ebay... Long box CD edition, radio shows, flexi and other Test pressing... See all my Sting ebay items for sell.

19.09.11 8.48 PM


15.09.11 11.29 AM

Some news and ebay sell

As it was reported on other Sting site, added of the 25 years box set, a single and double CD best of will be released, followed by a new "back to bass" tour... I prefer to not comment this... All the infos on listing...

A more interesting project is "The last ship" musical, for which you can found all the informations on listing. This came from Brian Yorkey interview : “I won’t say the score is complete... But Sting has written a couple dozen, maybe 20, 24, amazing new songs for the show. He’s writing great theater music. It’s very, very distinctly Sting but it also is theater music. It’s not just pop music transposed into the theater.”

Coming with the 25 years box set is a DVD recorded during the Broken Music tour... again, very desepointing for me as most of the tracks are Police ones... I get a promo DVD of it in advance, here come a menu screenshots.


As I do not collect anymore, I put this DVD as long as some other rare Sting items on ebay... Follow the links :

- Sting 25 years sample promo DVD full Irvine plaza live is here
- Why should I cry for you German promo CD is here

See all my other Sting ebay items for sell here


27.07.11 3.05 PM

25 years BOX SET & live in Nîmes

On september 27th, a 4 CD box set will be realsed called "25 years . The definitve box set collection". It will contains 3 CDs featuring 45 remastered tracks spanning Sting’s solo career plus a DVD containing previously unreleased live concert footage; accompanied by a comprehensive book featuring intimate photos, complete lyrics and a written introduction by Sting.


Here comes the tracks listing :

CD 1 :
1. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free / 2. Love Is The Seventh Wave / 3. Consider Me Gone / 4. Moon Over Bourbon Street / 5. Fortress Around Your Heart / 6. Bring On The Night (Live) / 7. Driven To Tears (Live) / 8. I Burn For You (Live) / 9. Be Still My Beating Heart / 10. They Dance Alone / 11. Englishman In New York / 12. Fragile / 13. We’ll Be Together / 14. Sister Moon / 15. Secret Marriage

CD 2 :
1. All This Time / 2. Mad About You / 3. Why Should I Cry For You? / 4. The Soul Cages / 5. When The Angels Fall / 6. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You / 7. Fields Of Gold / 8. Seven Days / 9. It’s Probably Me /
10. Shape Of My Heart / 11. When We Dance / 12. I Hung My Head / 13. I Was Brought To My Senses
14. You Still Touch Me / 15. I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying

CD 3 :
1. A Thousand Years / 2. Desert Rose / 3. Ghost Story / 4. Brand New Day / 5. Send Your Love / 6. Whenever I Say Your Name / 7. Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) / 8. Soul Cake / 9. The Hounds Of Winter / 10. Next To You / 11. We Work The Black Seam / 12. The Pirate’s Bride / 13. Never Coming Home / 14. Russians (Live) / 15. The End Of The Game (Live)

DVD : Rough, Raw & Unreleased: Live at Irving Plaza / NY / 2005
1. Message In A Bottle / 2. Demolition Man / 3. Synchronicity II / 4. Driven To Tears / 5. Heavy Cloud, No Rain / 6. A Day In The Life / 7. Voices Inside My Head/When The World Is Running Down / 8. Roxanne / 9. Next To You / 10. Lithium Sunset

Sting live in Nîmes

An on july 23th, I attend to saw Sting live in "Les arènes de Nîmes" for the 4th time... My first Sting concert was also in this place, back in 1991, 20 years ago... it was with my father, and now I can go with my daughter... It was a very nice concert, sadly a little short, but even great. A friend of me can shoot some nice pictures, more on his work at www.canto-photographer.com

You can also saw them larger on my flickr.

Sting Mercury Falling - album design by Jeri Heiden
20.06.11 0.05 PM

As you may know, I am graphic designer, and after looking through the web, I found a way to get in contact with Jeri Heiden, who was art director at A&M from 1995 to 1999... A good way to celebrate the 15 anniverssary of the release of Mercury falling is to exchange with her about the making process of this album design.

The list of artists she worked with is amazing, from Elvis Costello to Madonna, k.d. lang, the Eagles, John Mayer, A-ha, P!NK or Tom Petty... From the early 1980s to the mid-1990s, she does the graphics for Warner Bros. Records. then became creative director of A&M. She currently operates as SMOG Design with husband John Heiden.

How did you get in invloved in this project ?

I was the creative director at A&M Records from 1995-1999. I had the good fortune to work with Sting, Suzanne Vega, Sheryl Crow and many other of their well-known artists while I worked there.

Did you do a lot of proposals for this album sleeve ? If yes, any chance you found them in your 15 years old archives ?

I'm sure that I did many comps – at least 25-30 – as that would be fairly typical for me. I will see what I can dig up. The digital archives would be archaic at this point but I might have some sketches or journal entries.

I had the chance to met Sting one day and talk about him about sleeve design. He told me his only consideration is that sleeve reflect the mood of the album, and the he did not look to ugly !  Did you get some demo to inspire you and to reflect this mood ?

I was able to hear the music while working on the project. It's always a huge help and inspiration. In this case, some of the darker, more introspective themes informed the imagery.


You have done a very nice work on fonts for this album and the singles behind it, they are almost logos by themselves, can you describe your precess behind this ?

For "Mercury Falling" I wanted to create the look of elegant typography that was degraded, influenced or worn down with age. I experimented with layering letterforms in Photoshop, erasing bits, then blurring, bitmapping and redrawing elements. The forms that arose out of this experimentation were sometimes surprising.

The design is based on the photo taken by William Claxton & Fabrizio Ferri, did you choose the front sleeve image by yourself, or does the record company, and the artist, for this kind of "big" project, are very directive ?

The cover image was chosen by Sting and myself. We looked at numerous options but William Claxton's pensive portrait captured the essence of the record very well.

Very precise question that will let you know how much I know my subject ;) In the english spoken countries, the design of the album is with purple type and brown photos, while in other countries what is purple on the first sleeve is gold, while the pictures are more purple... do you have any idea why ???

Yes! When designing packages for the different territories we would change up the color schemes to make the product more unique/exclusive for each region. They would also add bonus tracks exclusive to each region. It helped diminish the sale of imports, thereby securing better sales for each market.



You also design the singles sleeve for this album, did they come to you one by one or record company plan everything at the beginning ?

The sleeves are designed one at a time, as the singles are chosen. "Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" was designed at the same time as the CD packaging and shares the most in common in terms of design and color scheme.


What is you best memory about this project, and of course what is the worst ?

This was one of my favorite projects while at A&M. Sting and Trudie are both delightful. William Claxton was a favorite photographer and I was so pleased that he was able to shoot Sting. Fabrizio Ferri is an old friend of Sting's and also brought a beautiful sensibility to the photography. My only bad memory is that Sting beat me at chess in about 6 moves – I didn't have a chance!

Did you ever work with Sting after that ?

Unfortunately no. A&M was purchased by Universal Music Group in 1999 and closed its historic Hollywood offices. We lost touch after that.

Thanks a lot Jeri for taking time to answer and for the inspiration

www.smogdesign.com / aiga profile
/ http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jeri-hei ... 80/credits
04.04.11 0.05 PM

News, Soul cages & Press kits

As you probably know as you did not wait after me for that, but Sting came back in Europe this summer with the symphonicitis tour (all dates on listing)... Let's hope we can some suprises... I would be please to be at the Nimes Arena show (20 years after my first Sting concert ;)

I also guess special thing is in preparation, Sting.com know something ;) Let's wait...



As it is the 20th anniversay of "The soul cages" release I did this post on listing. I also did this one on Be Still my beating heart that you may like.


Someone ask me scans of my press kits. I have too much to scan, and I figure out took pictures would be easier... I shoot the most interesting, the ones which came in nice folder. German ones are always the most interesting, with nice design and papers... Here come the covers, but there are more details on flickr. www.flickr.com/photos/stingoop


I also have put several scans onf Symphonicity (thanks Luigi) on flickr too.






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