30.11.05 11.34 PM

I found a new promo CDr of "All this time" from France, full album in titled protection sleeve

Check All this time >>


I found the poland promo CD of "Love sneaking up on you" and did the page on it.

Check Love sneaking up >>


28.11.05 11.47 PM

I update my DVD list with a lot of new ones. The best is the latest Sting Broken music concert in Warsaw on 2DVD set in perfect quality.

See DVD list >>


21.11.05 10.53 PM

Sting back in studio!!
Read on stingus : According to Billboard.com, Josh Freese and other artists are already involved in Sting's next studio album, which is supposedly taking place at Il Palagio.

Apparently also, this studio album will move away from the overproduced Brand New Day and Sacred Love concepts, and will go back to basics. The Broken Music tour apparently finally enlightened Sting's musical taste, while the rather disappointing sales figures of his latest album further pressed for a musical change. Hence maybe also the reason why guitarist Lyle Workman will also be involved.


19.11.05 1.19 PM

I put 2 items on sell on ebay :
- Mercury Falling Ukrain CD
- Desert rose french promo CD
If you like Bjork and REM I sell some nice items too.

28.10.05 11.47 PM

There is a promo CD of Sting duet with Joss Stone "Love sneakin'op on you" from Lee Paul and Friends... It is a Poland promo, no more info than front cover for the moment...

See Bigger image >>


28.10.05 10.39 PM

I have found all Sting CD issued in Ukraine... All are slightly different, the biggest oine is that everything is in written in ukrainian... Check all the details in the article I did...

Check Ukrainian CD article >>


16.10.05 11.47 PM

Bring on the night details is online...

Check Bring on the night >>
Check details >>


14.10.05 10.36 PM

A new "Bring on the night" reissue announces, a 'Deluxe Sound & Vision' limited edition 3-disc set comprising the 2CD & DVD... Hope it will be in digipack...
UK release date : 17 October . eil >>
France release date : 30 October . Amazon >>
German release date : 11 November . Amazon >>

I have update the list, with all the 2005 reissues, and some old ones I do not know, mostly from Nick list.

Also, I did the MC and LP list. Check MC list in details, all are different... Details list with come... one day !

Check Bring on the night page >>


11.10.05 11.15 PM

Sting records a new track for the Chris Botti new album "To love again". Discover this album and the tracks "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" on the special page I design.

Check Chris Botti special page >>


08.10.05 11.11 PM

I have done a "site map". It will help you to find sections you never seen before. When I design it, I even found things I have forget!!

05.10.05 0.15 AM

I update Sacred love with all latest issues find since 6 month (thanks to Nick for a lot of images). Well check MC list.

Check Sacred love >>
Check Sacred love details >>


02.10.05 11.57 PM

Amazing, simply amazing... This item has 20 years old and I never heard about it before...

So, there is a GREEN VINYL issue of If you love somebody 12" from Mexico... Probably a test or a mistake... And Erwin Kempen get it... Congratulations !

Check bigger scan >>


21.09.05 11.51 PM

I put some rares items on ebay:

Ten summoner's tale soriginal TAIWAN CD
Sting police 97 best ARGENTINA PROMO CD
Englishman in NY ARGENTINA single MC
I was brought very rare 2 Tracks CD
very rare After the rain 3 CD set promo poland


31.08.05 11.47 PM

I finaly found the Steve Lipson remix German CDs... and what a suprise when I get it, it has a Swedish promo sticker... So, I made the I was brought details list.

Check I was brought to my senses >>
Check I was brought to my senses details >>


26.08.05 1.47 PM

I found ones of the most amazing items of my collection : 3 masters of the MFSL Ultradisc issues of Dream of and Nothing like the sun.

Read the article >>


31.07.05 00.58 AM


18.06.05 00.17 PM

I miss this one! Amazing "Funny friend and me" Phillipines promo CD with the Spanish version only!

See Front >> See back >>


I get this one! Old Englishman in New York Argentina single cassette!

See Front >> See back >> See cassette >>


I found bigger scan of the rare "Universal music convention 2004" japanese promo CD.

See Universal MC 2004 page >>
See bigger scans >>


Another japanese reissue of "Sacred love", this one with discount price red/yellow OBI.

See Front >> See back >>


Imagine if this one fall on ebay...

See Front >> See back >>


14.06.05 11.47 PM

I have found a promo Polish issue of Let your soul remix CD. It is the german remix issue with a big blue sticker on front.
See sleeve bigger scan >> See stamp >>

I also find the Sacred love Poland MC with same kind of promo stamp.
See bigger scan >>


13.04.05 12.46 PM

I put 2 rare items on sell on ebay

Every breath French promo 12"


10.04.05 11.40 PM

I have start working on it weeks ago, but never found time to end it... tonight I end it ... The soul cages details list.

Also, I have put info on the promotional items, even if some scans are missing.

Check The soul cages details list >>
Check The soul cages >>


Some new UK stickered promo CD found:
- Fields best of - red sticker
- Cowboy song - JC CD - red sticker
- Cowboy song - JC CD - black sticker
- Cowboy song - Digipack CD - red sticker

- Desert rose - black sticker


06.04.05 10.39 PM

Erwin Kempen gets an USA promo edition of the remastered Bring on the night. Discs are CDr.

See bigger scan >>


12.03.05 7.48 PM

There is a promo CD of "Round midnight", the song Sting records with Andy Summers. It is to promote the Andy Summers best of.

It contains:
Radio Edit 1 3.20
Radio Edit 2 4.42
Radio Edit 3 5.33

It sold out for $84 on ebay!!

See bigger scan >>


01.03.05 6.48 PM

I finaly move out to my new home!

Nick found info on a 2 versions japanese promo CD of "My funny valentine".

See bigger scan >>


As www.sting.com announce, Sting's film 'Bring On The Night' makes DVD debut; and the 2CD will be re-released simultaneously; both on March 29, 2005.

DVD Tracklisting:
1. Bring On The Night/When The World Is Running Down Make The Best Of What's Still Around
2. News Conference
3. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
4. Low Life
5. Fortress Around Your Heart
6. Love Is The Seventh Wave
7. The Flintstones
8. Another Day
9. Shadows In The Rain
10. Consider Me Gone
11. Driven To Tears
12. The Big Risk
13. Opening Night
14. Shadows In The Rain
15. Fortress Around Your Heart
16. We Work The Black Seam
17. I Burn For You
18. Children's Crusade
19. Need Your Love So Bad
20. Roxanne
21. Russians
22. I Been Down So Long
23. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
24. Demolition Man
25. Message In A Bottle

1. Bring On The Night (Music Video)
2. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Music Video)
3. Russians (Music Video)
4. Original Trailer
5. Original Radio Spots
6. Photo Gallery



25.02.05 10.55 AM

No time to update the list, but here comes some news items :

Daniel Forys found a Switzerland promo CDr of Desert rose.

See bigger scan >>


Kenneth Nielsen gets a very nice Desert rose promo CD too, this one is from Finland and it is for the club mix.

See bigger scan >>


Another After the rain has Fallen promo CD from US has been found... it sold at $76 on ebay...

Check bigger scan >>


Here comes a scan of the Sacred love UK A&M Records 10-track promotional USA & Canadian version CD-R acetate album custom printed disc housed in a super 'Abbey Road' production company titled sleeve

Check bigger scan >>


10.02.04 1.45 PM

According to Nick, here is more info on the new "At the movies":

Release date : March 23rd
Catalogue number : UICA-4001

Track listing :
My Funny Valentine
Englishman In New York
Shape Of My Heart
The Windmills Of Your Mind
My Funny Friend And Me
The Mighty (Remix)

All For Love
The Secret Marriage
Someone To Watch Over Me
It's Probably Me
Angel Eyes
My One And Only Love
Murder By Numbers
Demolition Man

No info on the design...

Also, Nick gets the Sacred love CDr!! Check scans on nothinglikesting


09.02.04 4.48 PM

Eil annouce :
My Funny Valentine: Sting At The Movies (2005 Japanese 18-track CD album of songs featured in films, including 'My Funny Valentine - featuring Herbie Hancock)

STING Sacred Love (2003 UK A&M Records 10-track promotional
USA & Canadian version CD-R acetate album
custom printed disc
housed in a super 'Abbey Road' production company titled
sleeve) Sold out in 1 day, 3 hours, 18 minutes.
Who gets it????


20.01.05 10.55 AM

A get a promo issue of ...All this time DVD. It is the EU DVD but without the printed design, it is blank... and comes in stickered info case with letter.

So, I did the ...All this time video list and details.


I get Indian issue of Brand new day, it is not a bootleg seeing design of the discs and the IFPI code.

Check Brand new day>>


I have get one of the latest japanese promo 3" missing in my collection : This cowboy song! But, I have been surprised, it is a stamped promo sign on disc!!

Check bigger scan >>


Some more issues of Sacred love appears :
- UK tour edition CD+DVD, which comes with 14 tracks as "Like a beautifull smile" is included.
- Japanese first issue digipack promo (no scan)
- Japanese reissue promo (no scan)

Check Sacred love >>


I never figure out that the MFSL issues of Nothing and dream comes with a "Ultradisc II" OBI when they are sealed...

See Nothing like the sun >>
See Dream of the blue turtles >>


I get the "Dave Aude" promo CDr of Send your love, check scans...

Check send your love details >>


Another different Irish promo of Whenever I say your name & Stolen car!!

There are 5 differents Irish promo of Stolen car!!

Check Whenever I say your name >>
Check Stolen car >>


31.12.04 08.06 AM

I wish all of you and people who love, a wonderfull 2005 new year.

Also, I am sad seeing what happen in Asia, we can help them, donate >>

07.12.04 09.14 AM

I just received a Poland CD issue of "The soul cages". It states "Made in Germany for Sound.Pol for sale in Poland only" on disc and back sleeve.

No time for the complete details list of the album, but done the first step to present this issue.

Check The soul cages details list >>


06.12.04 08.12 AM

Still working on the house, still few time for updates... So a lot of new items appear...

A strange After the rain has fallen "Trail edit" UK promo CDr has appear... Nick buy it, more info when he can give some...

Check After the rain has fallen >>


I get an UK promo MC of The soul cages

Check The soul cages >>


I get an UK promo MC of Nothing'bout me

Check Nothing'bout me >>


I found a strange Desert rose promo CDr from France. seller tells it is a mastering virgin studio CDr... really strange.

Check Desert rose >>


A UK 2 tracks promo CDr of Whenever I say your name appears

Check Whenever I say your name >>


And a strange promo CDr of Whenever I say your name appears too, maybe from UK... no more details yet

Check Whenever I say your name >>


And I have at last added the scans of the rare Australian issue of Whenever I say your name

Check Whenever I say your name details >>


I know there was a 3 tracks us promo CD of Stolen car, but I do not know it comes with a corrected back inlay ...

Check Stolen car details list >>


I get the Israel promo CD of Stolen car. Also, I found out there is 4 different Irish promo of it...

Check Stolen car >>


Another irish promo of Send your love... this time it is the EU digipack which was stickered...

Check Send your love >>


I find a Swedish promo CD of Brand new day and Fragile. These are UK promo CD with swedish info sticker on back.

Check Brand new day single >>
Check Fragile >>


29.10.04 11.31 PM

I update all the other singles lists with 7", 12" and promo items... now Ihave to update all the list with the new info I have... a never ending story :)

27.10.04 11.10 PM

I update all the Nada como el sol & The soul cages singles pages with 7", 12" lists... also update Englishman'90

25.10.04 11.31 PM

I update all the Nothing like the sun singles pages with 7", 12" lists...

24.10.04 11.55 PM

Few of you know, but in 1996 I print a Sting discography book... at 20 copies... I sell them at the bigest collector's... I found back the word files I used for this, so on I update the lists...

Check all the album lists for completed list of LP, MC and promotional items.

I also update all the dream of the blue turtles singles lists with 7", 12" complete lists...

More will follow...

10.10.04 11.27 PM


22.09.04 00.05 AM

I buy a new house, so I am more busy than never as I have a lot to do before moving... So, I will do my best with updates...

Check www.nothinglikesting.com for a lot of new infos...
I will update the lists later, only little info for tonight...

Chris Guthier has the nice idea to ask Sting collectors to show their collection... check the images in the forum and send yours....


I wait for a Nothing like issue Australian CD with "Special souvenir edition" colour cover, as the LP and the MC... more details when I have it...


Daniel gets the Italian version of "The soul cages concert" VHS which comes with 2 bonus tracks :
1.Muoio per te - Duett with Zucchero
2.Every breath you take - Duett with Zucchero
Both recorded at Verona in 1991...


The Japanese reissue of Sacred love appears, it comes with the new sleeve... more details soon...

Check www.nothinglikesting.com


Marc finaly found and Australian issue of Whenever!!! More info soon!


Nick gets the strange 2CD issue of Brand new day from India... seems official...

Check www.nothinglikesting.com


He also find a MFSL japanese issue of Dream of with special OBI.

Check www.nothinglikesting.com


An last but not least, his issue of the Scared love US sampler comes with sleeve...

Check www.nothinglikesting.com

I update the list not done last time : non album | Gabriel's message | Acoustic live | Sacred love | Send your love | Stolen car | Fields of gold | Take me to the sunshine

07.09.04 00.05 AM

A lot of new items have appeare... but not in my collection :(

A special thanks to Nick (check www.nothinglikesting.com for amazing updates), Peter & Daniel for all these infos...

I will update the lists later, only big scans for tonight...

Peter gets this amazing promo MC of Gabriel's message... It looks like the acetate 12" of this periode as it cames from the Utopia studio... really strange item, discovered 17 after its release...

See bigger scan >>


He also find a promo MC of "Acoustic live in Newcastle" from 1991...

See bigger scan >>


And last but not least of his new items I never heard about before, it is a japanese promo MC of Fields of gold best of...

See bigger scan >>


Also, Nick find a promo issue of the Fields of gold 2003 japanese reissue. It comes with a promo CDs of Take me to the sunshine too.

Check www.nothinglikesting.com


Nick also find the first Argentina promo CD I ever seen, it is of Sacred love.

Check www.nothinglikesting.com


An Israel promo CD of Send your love (in fact 2nd EU CD with promo sticker) appears.

See bigger scan >>


And Daniel find a 2nd Stolen car 2 tracks promo CDr, this one states "2 mixes" on disc.

See bigger scan >>


26.08.04 11.05 AM

As I get the amazing promo MC of the Dream of the blue turtles, Marc Schäfer found a Czech Republic CD , and Nick 2 different Mexican issues... I update the Dream of list, and do the details page...

Check Dream of >> Check Dream of details list >>

Marc, Nick, thanks a lot for the help...


15.08.04 11.14 AM

Sorry for the lack of updates...

Sacred love will be re-released in Japan on August 21th, with added to the 14 tracks of the orginal release, the Twista remix of Stolen car and the video of it. Do not if it comes with original sleeve or reissue one, but catalogue number would be UICA-1021

Also, Marc Schäfer found and Indonesia issue, and the CD+DVD reissue is up in Korea.

Check Sacred love >>


I also update Stolen car list. No new issue, but scans added.

Check Stolen car>> Check details list >>


24.06.04 11.12 PM

A Japanese 1-track promo of the Cornelius Mix of Moon Over Bourbon Street appears. It is becasue the song was the main theme of a TV show. At least that is what the inlay says. (thanks Nick)
Check Moon Cornelius mix page >>
Another unusal promo from Japan is an "Universal Music International Convention 2004" which contains 2 tracks, send your love and Roxanne, both recorded live in Japan.

Check Universal music page >>

19.06.04 00.38 AM

To improve lisibility of the list, I introduce new color codes :
Check any list to understand...

14.06.04 00.38 AM

I just get a strange promo CDr of "Stolen car" from my Poland contact...

Also there is a new 2x12" promo from USA... with new bad remixes... an effort even to put it in the list...

Check Stolen car>> Check details list >>


I also get the EU reissue of Sacred love with new sleeve and 2 Stolen car remixes bonus tracks...

Christophe also send me scans of the new media plan from France, it as for the Tour edition previous of June 15th...

Check Sacred love >>


I update the Ten summoner's tales list and done the complicated details list...
Check Ten summoner's tales >>
Check details list >>


03.06.04 00.29 AM

To well start the month, I update the Sacred love and related lists:

Sacred love : EU tour edition, Taiwan tour edition, USA SACD...

Stolen car : UK 2nd promo CDr, 2 Irish promo, 2 USA promo CDr...

Whenever & Send your love : Irish promo...


25.05.04 00.15 AM

A strange "Mixes & backing tracks" promo CDr appears on ebay. It contains different versions of "Send your love" & "Whenever" for use as backing on Sting TV apperances... but the seller ends the auction...

Check backing tracks page >>


15.05.04 11.25 PM

2 new issues of Stolen car appear: pock it! 3" issue (with the 2 bad remixes!) and Spanish promo....

Check Stolen car>> Check details list >>

The end of the month concerts in Paris will be filmed for a future DVD...

08.05.04 11.25 PM

Stolen car Uk 12" promo appears...

Check Stolen car>> Check details list >>

I just get the french single MC of "Why should I cry for you ?"... still surprise to find item I did not know 13 years after its release!

So on, I did the details list.

Check Why should >> Check details list >>

03.05.04 11.45 PM

New Stolen car issues have appear : UK CDr, french promo, swedish promo... and maybe a pocket it issue for may 17th!! I have update the list and put all the images I have in the details list (thanks Kenneth and Daniel)

Check Stolen car>> Check details list >>

I just get a very nice US promo VHS with "If I ever lose" video with a picture info sticker on front... I love that kind of item!

See bigger scan >>

Daniel Forys send me scan of the strange Broken music german promo CD. It contains Sting biography read by German... readers!

Check varied items page >>


21.04.04 00.01 AM

Sting.com announce :Videos for three versions of the single will also premier on AOL's 'First View' on April 23 through April 26.

The videos are for Sting's radio version of the track, for the version with rap artist Twista and for the Batson-Doc-will.i.am Remix featuring will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas.

In the U.S. a CD multi-single will be released on May 18 which will feature each of the three mixes plus all three videos!

Also, Nick see a white label US promo 12"... more ASAP.

Check Stolen car >>


21.04.04 00.01 AM

The EU promo has the catalogue number STINGCDP7, and a 1 tracks UK promo has appears... Check Stolen car >>

Also, release date of the single in the UK is 17th May, and album tour issue 3rd May...


18.04.04 00.01 AM

I finaly found the rare Taiwan first issue of Ten summoner's tales with special OBI.

Check Ten summoner's tales >>

Nick founds another amazing japaense item : the EU remastered Fields of gold CD with OBI!!

I also gets the rare DCC issue of this album.

Check Fields of gold >>


Discover the new version and the new video of Stolen car >>


12.04.04 11.39 PM

A Stolen car US promo 12" appears with 2 versions : B-recluse mix & B-recluse mix instrumental...

Sleeve stats Twista as big as Sting, so I suppose the instrumental version is for Twista fan, because I did not see the interest of a remix without Sting's voice :)

Check Stolen car>>

06.04.04 10.35 PM

I was wrong on the Stolen car sleeve. But it is very nice too... If the record made bad choices for the track list, they have good taste in design for this album :)

The first promo appears on ebay, the EU promo with 3 remixes... It comes with a nice info sheet about the tour.

Check Stolen car>>

I have put a copy of the very rare Polish promo CD for sell on ebay. Bid now >>


05.04.04 00.01 AM

Even if I am not sure this picture would be the sleeve of Stolen car (but I suppose as it show Sting + a car + its keys :), I have added the Stolen car page. Also, the name of the second remix would be "Batson-Doc-will.i.am remix featuring will.i.am"... with a name like that it can only be good :(

Check Stolen car>>

The DVD of the special issue of Sacred love will contains live performance of:

1. Walking On The Moon
2. Send You Love
3. Whenever I Say You Name
4. Dead Man's Rope
5. Every Breath You Take
6. Fields Of Gold


30.03.04 10.57 PM

Nick finaly gets the Japanese promo CDr issue of Sacred love... And there is a digipack issue of the album from Korea!

Check Sacred love >>
Check Sacred love details >>

EXELLENT NEWS : Sting.com annouces a EU tour edition of "Sacred love" : it will hit stores in Europe on April 26th. The new version of "Sacred Love" will have the same content as the album released in Europe last year but will feature new cover art, the radio edit (Kipper's mix) of "Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)" and a DVD of Sting's Much Music performance.

BAD NEWS : Sting.com annouces that also on April 26th a commercial single of "Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)" will be released internationally. The tracklisting is as follows:
1. Radio Version (Kipper's mix) / 2. Remix featuring "Will I Am" from the Black Eyed Peas
/ 3. B. Recluse Remix featuring Twista.

I can not believe it... Let see if the single have the same design of the new version of the album...




22.03.04 10.56 PM

I just get the rare and unusal Uruguyan promo MC of "Englishman in New York - Ben Liebrand remix"... So on, I did the Englishman'90 details list.

Check Englishman Liebrand mix >>
Check Englishman Liebrand mix details list >>
I also gets the Korean MC issue of The soul cages which, as the LP and CD issue, comes with a different design... Also, "Jeremiah blues" was excluded!

Check The soul cages >>
After reading this about "Stolen car" new single on sting.com, I am scared : "Kipper recently commented "I have been busy working on a remix of 'Stolen Car' which is going to be Stings next single. This new version features record breaking rapper Twista and a complete reworking of the groove and chords. I initially did this version with my good friend Keith Beauvais in Bagshot."
Stingus reports that "Brand New Day" are among the new titles that Universal Music has added to its Super Audio CD release list. The release date is April 27,

11.03.04 11.41 PM

I update the gallery with the very nice images of "Sacred love". A special thanks to Jim Chang for these...

Check Sacred love picture gallery>>
After years without knowing if it exists or not, i have found the japanese promo issue of "They dance alone"...

Check They dance alone >>
Other little updates:
- Demolition man - Malaysian MC issue
- You still touch me - UK CD2 with promo sticker (thanks Jim)
-Ten summoner's tales - Brazil & Venezueal LP (thanks Daniel)
- I was brought to my senses - UK promo stikered CD (thanks Jim)

10.03.04 10.48 PM

I have had scans and info and the rare Sacred love promo 2CD set. Second disc contains instrumental versions of the songs, it is very nice to hear that...

Check Sacred love >>
I also update the promotional items list of Sacred love, with scans of 2 special Taiwanese promo items : a promo VCD and a promo press photo CD! Thanks to Jim for these infos, and to Chris for the other scans.

Check Sacred love >>

29.02.04 00.37 AM

Kenneth Nielsen annouces "Stolen car" as the new single... hope it will be confirmed soon and it comes with live tracks this time...

21.02.04 00.26 AM

I have remove the "rarest items" section, too hard to update, and replace it with 2 BIG new articles :
The MUST of the CD albums >>
The MUST of the CD singles >>

Hope you like them...
Check the full articles page >>

18.02.04 11.12 PM

I have had scans, screeshot and details on the very well done exclusive fan club CDROM.

See varied page >>

17.02.04 10.45 PM

A very strange item appears... it is a promo 2 CD set of Sacred love, one with the original album, the second with instrumental versions... More info ASAP.

See bigger scan >>

11.02.04 11.45 PM

I have done the Fragile, If you love and Mad about you details list.
Check fragile details >>
Check If you love details >>
Check Mad about you details >>

10.02.04 11.14 PM

I received the Sacred love US DVD audio... the sound is in dolby 5.1 so you should have a good material to hear it well...

T he good thing is that when the songs are played, it features the varied sounds... difficult to explain with my poor english... you can see sting line, kipper line, Jason line, all the lines of the track... and it also features the lyrics, like for a karaoke!!

Also, the interface is very nice, the Whenever I say your name is the live version of Inside, and the TOP of the TOP is that it contains the long version of Never coming home... and it is Huge I love it... 9'....

Check Sacred love >> Check details >>


09.02.04 11.59 PM

I have done the ...All this time details list.

Check All this time >> Check details >>

09.02.04 9.22 PM

Marc Schäfer send me scans of his Sacred love issues, I update the list with them. He also get an EU SACD but in special Jewel case. Also, Nick gets an Indian issue of the album...

Check Sacred love >> Check details >>

04.02.04 11.18 PM

Nick, the definitve japanese specialist, gets an amazing Send your love promo CDr, with the same design to the promo MC.

Buy it >> Check Send your love >> details >>

I also add scan of a Canadian Send your love post card...
After the German 3" pock it, it is the Australian issue that has been canceled... Has Sting said on sting.com "I used to know when a single would be a hit, now I don't !"

Check Whenever I say your name >>
Marc Schäfer found a 5 tracks french sampler of "All this time"... a never ending story...

Check ...All this time >>

02.02.04 10.43 PM

A strange "Whenever" french promo CDr appears... as strange as the one of Send your love...

Check Whenever I say your name page >>
I update the list of sacred love promo items, with very nice items as the japanese promo booklet... thanks to Christophe Laversanne for his help...

Check Sacred love >>

01.02.04 11.43 PM

Update the Inside DVD page with info an Taiwan and Japanese promo issues.

Check Inside page >>

02.02.04 11.43 PM

Sacred love DVD audio release on 02.02 with Videos of "Send Your Love," "Send Your Love (Dave Audé Remix)," plus a live
performance video of "Whenever I Say Your Name (With Mary J. Blige)" and
Lyrics* & Photo Gallery* ( * only playable on DVD Audio/Video players).
On sell on amazon >>
Rudiger Hoeckel send me scans of his amazing mexican promo 7" of "If I ever lose" & "Fields of gold"... I also add the scan of the Phillipine promo 7" of "Shape of my heart"...

Check If I ever | Fields of gold | Shape of my heart >>

Nick gets the promo issue of the japanese 2003 reissue... do not know if all the album have a promo issue...
Check Brand new day list >>

Some new items for sell . Check my sell list >>

25.01.04 00.05 AM

I have put a new section to present "all the other varied items"... The firsts are the very nice Olympia Sacred love concert invitation, and the Musicares invitation.

Check Varied other items >>
The first concert of the Sacred love tour have been played in Miami. I am very pleased with the set list, expcially "Hole in my life", "I was brought to my senses", and the remove of the Fragile end replaced by "Thousand years"... impatient to hear more...

Read full review on stingus >>

23.01.04 11.54 PM

I have put some items for sell on ebay :
After the rain Poland promo CD rare
Fragile bedroom remix promo CD
After the rain promo remix acetate CD
All this time German promo CD very rare
Desert rose rare french promo CD
Fragile very rare french promo CD
Fragile TAIWAN CD very rare

21.01.04 10.52 PM

The dream of the blue turtles
Tom has found the original Mexican CD, an amazing item...
See bigger scans of front>> | back>> | inside >>

Nick gets a strange Japanese issue with a special OBI. See bigger scan >>

All details in the dream of list >>


Acoustic live in Newcastle
Nick finaly found the promo issue of the "Acoustic live in Newcastle" japanese CD

Check acoustic live in Newcastle list >>


Ten summoner's tales
Jim Chang get the rare Australian 2CD set with Demolition man CD EP... Nothing special in fact, 2CD slip case...

Check Ten summoner's tales list >>


Fields of gold - the best of
Nick gets the so rare 1998 japanese reissue with special OBI.
See bigger scan >>
Check fields of gold - the best of list >>


Take me to the sunshine
He also gets the japanese promo 3" CD... do not know this one exist!
See bigger scan >>
Check Take me to the sunshine list >>


Brand new day
Tom has found a strange mastering CDr from Ireland...
See bigger scan >>

I received the DVD audio reissue of Brand new day... added of the video of After the rain remix, the sound is simply amazing, I heard sound I never heard before... like a I heard for the first time...
Check Brand new day list >>

Also, it seems there is a promo issue of the japanese 2003 reissue, but I haven't scan of it.


Desert rose
Even if I did not find it yet, I got a beter scan of the rare Polish Desert rose promo CD. It seems there is also one of Brand new day, but as I never see it, I wait until a confirmation to list it.
See bigger scan >>

I also get a better scan of the EU promo CDr.
See bigger scan >>

Check desert rose list >>


...All this time
Nick send me scan of the japanese reissue of All this time, and Jim of the Taiwan promo CD
Check All this time list >>


Sacred love
Tom gets an amazing Sacred love US promo 7 tracks sampler CD.
See bigger scans of front>> | back>>

I received the japanese promo MC...

Check Sacred love >>
Check Sacred love details >>


14.01.04 10.41 PM

I done the Whenever I say your name details page.

Also, the German 3" pock it issue seems to have been deleted, and the Australian release that will come next month seems to features different remixes... more when it is available...

Check Whenever I say your name >>
Check Whenever I say your name details >>
As Sting only write, and sing on backing vocals on the tracks "You will be my ain true love", I won't consider the promo CDr as a full Sting release and it won't be featured on the site for the moment...

30.12.03 00.06 AM

Christophe Laversanne send me scan of his very nice Spanish press kit of Sacred love.

Check Sacred love >>
Check Sacred love details >>

A 1 track "Send your love - Dave Aude remix" UK CDr appears on ebay... I update the Send your love list with also, scan of the amazing mastering US CDr find by Nick.
Check Send your love>>
Check Send your love details >>
I update the Whenever I say your name page, details will come later...

Check Whenever I say your name >>

28.12.03 11.04 PM

There is a new "for your consideration" US promo CD, for the new Sting song "You will be my ain true love" for the Cold mountain soundtrack...
Seeing the bad results of "Whenever", the German pocket it 3" still haven't been released...

14.12.03 05.09 PM

Sorry for the lack of update, but all the people who have a baby understand that the time is not the same :) Also, really few things new lately... will update when Thaïs sleep a complete night :)

I wish all of you wonderfull holiday, full a joy with familly... leave ebay for some days and focus on real life :)

Thanks to all of you for help and support, I am really happy of what out of print is by now and could never do it without your help...

30.11.03 11.06 PM

Sting record a new tracks, "Bethlehem Down" available only on a special Limited Edition holiday CD called "Sweet tracks"... there are several on ebay...
Check the web site of photographer Lynn Goldsmith web site, by clicking on "coming soon" you will have some surprises...
Also, Sting record a duet with French singer Charles Aznavour for his new album , "L'amour c'est comme un jour" (love is beautifull as a day). It will be issued in 2004.

22.11.03 11.06 PM

I have update my sell list, add some new items and all the prices have be revised... Check it >>
I update the Whenever I say your name page : There is another pocket it 3" German CD; UK CD would have 3 tracks, and there is a EU 2 tracks CD, of course...
Check Whenever I say your name >>
I update Sacred love with new items found (singapore, Australia issues) and new scans (Mexican DVD, Korea sampler...)
Check Sacred love >> Check Sacred love details >>
I update Send your love page, with the japanese promo stickered CD found by Nick.
Check Send your love>>
Check Send your love details >>
I update received the blue 5 promo CD-Rom and update its page with scan and screen shot...

Check Live at the blue 5 >>

16.11.03 11.06 PM

Some little update between 2 baby time :) I update the Whenever I say your name page with the recent releases : EU, UK & French promos as well as commercial releases...
Check Whenever I say your name >>
Nick as put scans of all his Laser disc online, and Tom update his web site...
Check Music collectors >>
Check north north west >>
Thanks to all the people who write me about the baby... it is a pleasure to see world with her eyes ...

13.11.03 11.25 PM

I am really proud to said that Thaïs, my little girl, is born on friday 7th in the morning... She is of course the most beautifull baby in the world, as you can see here >>

Hope you understand that I will have less time for the site by now...

There is some "Whenever" promo CDs that appears : UK 1 tracks, EU 2 tracks...

02.11.03 9.48 PM

Sting.com reports that the release of Whenever I say your name would be November 24th and report 3 releases :

Promo release:
1 - Radio Edit 1 (4:02)
2 - Radio Edit 2 (3:41)
3 - Will I Am Remix featuring The Black Eyed Peas

1 - Radio Version
2 - Will I Am Remix featuring The Black Eyed Peas

1 - Radio Version
2 - Will I Am Remix featuring The Black Eyed Peas
3 - Salaam's Groove Mix
4 - Billy Mann mix

I suppose these are the EU releases... Only remixes, I am sad! Sting ask on sting.com what fans would prefer on singles, and everybody answer live tracks! Maybe for the next single...

Check Whenever I say your name >>
Maurizio Masucci has found an Italian 12" of Send your love, which comes with 4 versions and, more interesting, a picture sleeve...

Check Send your love>>

01.11.03 10.25 PM

I have done the Ten summoner's tales video and Summoner's travels pages.

Check visual works page >>
Check Ten summoner's tales video >>
Check Summoner's travels >>

30.10.03 10.04 PM

Will.I.am remix featuring The black eyed peas is the name of the remix of the second track on the spanish promo CD of The "Whenever I say your name".
Check the new "Whenever" page >>
I update Sacred love & Inside pages with new scans and details of the promotional items.
Check Sacred love >>
Check Inside >>
I update Send your love details pages with scans of the promo 12" (thanks to Darren Gray)

Check Send your love>>

30.10.03 1.20 AM

The "Whenever I say your name" first promo appears. It is a spanish promo CDs in card sleeve, and the second track is Will Iam (remix featuring The black eyed peas)... Have no idea of what it is!! More infos ASAP.

28.10.03 11.32 PM

A strange "Live at the blue" CD-rom which has the side of a credit card have been made by American Exporess to promo the Sting chow in chicago on October 10th 2003.

Check Live at the blue 5 page >>

The special CD "Songs of love" is on sell on the Victoria's Secret web site...

Check it Songs of love page >>

BNDultra reports : Next single will be: STING FEAT MARY J BLIGE - WHENEVER I SAY YOUR NAME
release date: 10.11.2003

I update Send your love and Sacred love pages with new scans and some infos...
Check Sacred love >>
Check Send your love >>


20.10.03 0.24 AM

3 New Send your love promo items have been found :
French promo 1 tracks CDr.
Second USA promo CD (same as first one, only tracks have been inverted! Strange...)
Second USA remixes CD with :
1. Wink Deeper Vocal Interpretation 9:01
2 . Minge Binge Electric Mix 7:33
3. Wink Minimal Interpretation 8:44
4. Minge Binge Sex & Music Dub 6:32

Check Send you love >>

Also, Jim Chang send me scans of a promo issue of Taiwan box set of Sacred love... nice items...

Check Sacred love >>


19.10.03 10.45 PM

I update the visual works page with details on soul vages period videos : Soul concert, Unplugged and Birthday concert LD only issues in Japan.

Check Visual works >>

Stingus reports this : Special Sting sampler CD "Sting - Songs of Love" which consists of a collection of sexy, romantic songs that were selected by Sting will be available only at Victoria's Secret. Any help to get copies is welcome :)

Also, Stingus give this exellent information : There is a hidden bonus track on the Inside DVD. To find it, from 24.40 until 25.30 min on the DVD, Sting and Dominic perform (only) the chorus of Shape Of My Heart. When you press the "play" button during this section a complete version of this song is played. Sting gets really emotional during the song and even starts to cry. (thanks Rogier)


09.10.03 11.56 PM

I update the Sacred love page with issues from Malaysia, South Africa, UK... and add scans of the very nice Taiwan issue.

Check Sacred love >>
Check Sacred love details list >>


07.10.03 11.06 PM

"Inside" has been released today, and it is simply fantastic... the versions are superb... a pure moment of Sting live! My question is why Don't they play the songs like this in Paris???

Check Inside page >>
Check Visual works page >>


06.10.03 11.02 PM

I have start the "Visual works" page with list of video release just before soul cages...

Check Visual works page >>

Any help and correction is welcome, as I haven't all the issues and need good scan of some...


04.10.03 10.35 PM

I have write a new article : the Acetate. It brings us back in the 80's... Also I update & redesign all the articles so you must take a look...

Check Acetate article >>
Check the new article page >>

Thanks to Erwin Kempen, Antoni Carbo & Jorg Zimmermann for the help with the Acetate article.


03.10.03 11.03 PM

10 years after the latest long box issue (Ten summoner's tales), USA release the Sting album in special long box. No idea of how it is limited for the moment...

Check Sacred love >>


30.09.03 10.49 PM

There is a very nice Korean 5 tracks sampler CD of Sacred love, with the same sleeve as the Send your love single and DO-0899 catalogue number . So I update the Sacred love details page.

Check Sacred love >>
Check Sacred love details list >>

Also, the album was released today in the USA and in Europe as a normal issue (not limited SACD in digipack).

29.09.03 11.31 PM

I finaly get the EU digipack and DVD singles of Send your love... with Help of Darren Gray, I update the list and redesign and reorganize the details list... Sacred love details list will follow...

Check Send you love >> Check details list >>

27.09.03 11.31 PM

Daniel Forys gets a "Promotional Snippet CD-R, made for the german Saturn stores, may that´s a fake!"

Check Sacred love >>

Nick get the amazing new japanese sampler, and is now the only who has the 4 :) He sends me good scans of it...

Check Special sampler 2003 >>
Check Nothing like Sting >>

Darren Gray brings this amazing info when we met up in Paris : the version of "Never coming home" of the SACD, when it is played on an SACD player, runs around 4 minutes longer than the version played on a normal player!!!!

Nick brings me this info : apparently "All this time" will be re-released in Japan. The date is november 21st and the number will be UICY2424.
"At The Movies" has been re-released last week, 3 weeks earlier than expected with the number UICZ-1095.

23.09.03 09.31 PM

As you know, Sacred love has been released today. The french issue is an EU SACD in digpack, with 12 tracks and a sticker in french.

Also, the Taiwan issue comes with a special slip case and a nice 40 pages booklet.

The Mexican CD is sealed with a special promo DVD, " THE VIDEOS " which contains : Roxanne / Every Breath You Take / Fragile / Desert Rose / Send Your Love / Discografia ( Historia en Paralelo ) / Galeria / Biografia

Too tired tonight for a full update of the details, but done the list :

Check Sacred love >>

There is a new US 2x12" with new remixes :
A1 : Wink Deeper Vocal Interpretation
B1: Minge Binge Electric Mix
C1: Wink Minimal Interpretation
D1: Minge Binge Sex & Music Dub

Check Send your love >>

Last night, I was in Paris for the special presentation concert of Sting. It was amazing, and of the best is was to met all of you, collectors and friend... Nice to put a face on a name :) For all those who were not there, the band played :

Walking on the moon
Send your love
Dead man`s rope
Whenever I say your name
Let`s forget about the future
This war
Sacred love
Fields of gold
The book of my life>Mad about you
Desert rose (with Cheb Mami)
Never coming home- When the world...
If I ever lose my faith
Every breath you take

Too tired for details, to sum up, it was EXELLENT... A special thanks to Dave & Wendy (and Tina) for all this...

Check Stingus for review >>
Check sting.com for review >>


17.09.03 11.31 PM

Malte Krasting write me "Since yesterday (Monday 15th), a "Sacred Love" CD can be purchased right in the heart of Berlin, "Made in the EU", 602498097335, and it has only 12 tracks - contrary to the tracklist announced on sting.com and all your websites, Like A Beautiful Smile" is missing...

Check Sacred love >>
Greg Bratton has find a Polish promo CD of Desert rose with 3 tracks... details will follow...

Check Desert rose >>

Also, Greg find a Soul cages CD from Hungary... it is a never ending story...

Check The soul cages >>


14.09.03 10.03 PM

Back in 1985! A friend of me have a friend who have the amazing 85' promotional CDV of if you love somebody.

Issued in Germany, this test CDv comes with a special colour sleeve and states 3 tracks : If you love & Love is the seventh as audio, and the video of if you love... But, the disc plays no track at all!!

I only have a bad black & white photocopy of the sleeve, but it is more than I never have... probably the rarest Sting CD ever!

Check bid scan >>


14.09.03 01.03 AM

Send your love has been released in UK (1CD only), single DVD in EU, and remix promo CD appear in USA & Mexico...

Check Send your love >>

Nick get the japanese promo issues of Sacred love...

Check Sacred love >>

09.09.03 11.03 PM

Daniel Forys has found an amazing promo set of Sacred love. Made in EU, it contains a sampler CD with 7 snippets from the album, and a promo DVD, all in an amazing DVD package! Superb !

Check Sacred love >>

Also, the SACD has been release 1 day earlier in Japan, and it is a nice Digipack... scans will follow soon...

Check Sacred love >>

09.09.03 00.12 AM

I have update all album list with info and scans of Japanese reissues with black OBI... special thanks to Nick for these.

There is an UK promo 12" with 2 versions of Send your love.

Check Send your love >>
Mate Attila have just started the hungarian Sacred Love Mini Site at http://sacred.sting.hu

06.09.03 11.44 PM

Kenneth Nielsen get a German remix promo CD which contains 6 remixes with special titles sleeve.

Check Send your love >>

There is a second german digipack single, this one with remixes... also with "limited edition" sticker...

Check Send your love >>

Darren Gray send me track listing of the EU 2x12", which is different to the USA one...

Check Send your love >>

Greg Bratton, find a a Sacred love "white label promo copy, with 3 bonus tracks, promo video, OBI and lyrics". Cat. No. UICA-1015."... more info soon.

Also, the SACD will be released in Japan on September 10th, and the tracks listing is not ordered as we expect... check Nick site, who also find a promo...
See nice new photos on Mate Attila page

05.09.03 9.32 AM

I made a mistake to the MSN Inside preview page, here it comes :

Check MSN >>


04.09.03 8.56 AM

Order Send your love CDs and DVD singles at special low prices!!

Order Australian CD single >>
Order Australian DVD single >>

Impatient to hear the album... See 4 amazing videos :
- one about the recording of the album
- "Forget about the future" rehersals in Lake House
- Roxanne live from the new DVD performance
- making of "
Stolen Car" and "All Would Envy"

Check MSN >>

More info on the inside DVD, here comes the tracks listing : New live performances recorded and filmed in Malibu and LA.
- Send Your Love
- Inside
- Dead Man's Rope
- Shape Of My Heart/Never Coming Home
- Like A Beautiful Smile
- Forget About The Future/That Sinking Feeling
- This War
- Sacred Love
- The Book of My Life
- Walking On the Moon
- Roxanne
- Whenever I Say Your Name (with Mary J. Blige)
· Bonus performance: Every Breath You Take.
· New interviews and rehearsal footage.


02.09.03 8.56 AM

The first European commercial issue appears, it is a very nice "limited edition" CD in digipack from Germany... nice to have a digipack, Brand new day issues werre so poor...

Check Send your love >>.

You know can hear "Never coming home", a very nice and unusual song on the members area of sting.com

Check www.sting.com >>


31.08.03 11.42 PM

10 years after the Best for DJ, there is a new special japanese compilation! It is simple called "Special sampler", check its page for full details...

Check Special sampler for details >>

There is a japanese promo Send your love MC, this is the time of unusal items!!

Check Send your love >>.

All the Sting album have been reissued in Japan with special black OBI... infos and scan of all will follow, all comming from Nick.


27.08.03 4.45 PM

Kenneth Nielsen has found an amazing CDr with special demo/unreleased version of "Perfect love gone wrong" with the rap singer Eve.

Check Special page for details >>

Also, a Send your love DVD single is annouced to be released in Italy on September 5th, and in Australia too on 8th.... more details will follow.
Japanese release date of the album has been postponed to September 17th, and not 10th... and still no promo of it...

2108.03 1.59 PM

A Send your love German 3" CD apperas on ebay! Even if it is a surprising item, it would be a commercial issue...

Check Send your love >>

Send your love 2x12" promo with black sticker is "Made in EU".

Check Send your love >>

The members area of sting.com offers the "Dead men's rope" rehersals video part 2, and you can heard the album version too! What a song! A love it :)

2108.03 1.59 PM

Another Send your love 2x12" promo have been found, not sure wich one is from UK or USA...

Check Send your love >>

Also, the Send your love US promo CD have been found, with 2 tracks...

Check Send your love >>

22.08.03 4.26 PM

I have design a special "Sacred love" mini site to present the new album...

Check Sacred love mini site >>


2108.03 1.59 PM

The promo 12" from USA and is 2x12" DJ set :
A1. Victor Calderone & Mac Quayle's Future Mix (9:47)
B1: Dave Aude' Massive Dub (8:12)
C1: Dave Aude's Extended Vocal Mix (6:34)
C2: Dave Aude's Vocal Edit (3:16)
D1: Victor Calderone & Mac Quayle's Dub Mix (7:34) D2: Victor Calderone & Mac Quayle's Radio Mix (4:05)

Check Send your love >>


20.08.03 11.57 PM

The members area of sting.com is online, and it is simply amazing !

You can here "Inside", "Send your love" & "Whenever I say your name" full songs... it promise so much!! I love "Inside"...

You can watch an amazing "Dead men's rope" rehersals video, and I love this one too!

There is also "She's too good for me" from "All this time" sessions...

Also, a CD of special stuffs will be send if you take the premium offer... It is expenssive, but it worth it...

Check www.sting.com >>

Also, sting.com offer the possibility to order tickets to the special concert in Paris on 22th of september. I will be there, who will?

A special remix CDr appears with 4 different mixes.

Check Send your love >>


18.08.03 11.38 PM

A "Send your love" UK 12" promo appereas on ebay and features remixes (details unknown)

Check Send your love >>


13.08.03 11.57 PM

As you probably know, the new Sting.com is online... To talk only of good things, you can listen a preview of "Inside", the new album first track, and see very nice images by Poalo Roversi !Won't talk about the design...

Check www.sting.com >>

Nick gets the japanese promo CD of Send your love...

Check Send your love >>

Sting.com also announce the desepointing track list of Send your love singles... hope you like Dance!

Check Send your love >>


10.08.03 1.59 PM

- There is definitly a UK 1 track promo CD with sleeve, the catalogue number is SEND1. So the 2 track promo CD is probably for EU promotion.

- Antoni Carbo send me scan of Send your love Universal 2 tracks promo CDr without sleeve!

Check Send your love >>


10.08.03 1.26 PM

I fully update the picture gallery, with a new navigation, new images and bigger version of the older ones... check it


08.08.03 9.22 AM

Some news on the single :
- Antoni Carbo find the Sacred love press kit, it comes in a white folder with pink sticker, with interview and other details on the album, and with 2 promo CD : one is the 2 track spanish promo CD with sleeve, the other is a Send your love Universal 2 tracks promo CDr without sleeve!

- Greg Bratton find an UK 1 track promo CD with sleeve, more details when he has it.

- also, Greg reports : Chaos Music in Australia has Sacred Love available for pre-order in both a standard CD and an SACD. They also have a Send Your Love CD single and a SYL DVD single available for pre-order.

This info is still subject to change, as always in Australia, because they originally had (2) SYL CD singles but no DVD single

05.08.03 11.56 PM

I update my wants list, check it


02.08.03 11.50 PM

Jim Chang send me scan of the amazing Send your love french promo CD...

Check Send your love list >>
Check Send your love details list >>

Sting us report there is a new remix of Send your love by John Wink who said : "This mix was a great challenge, as I found myself torn between doing something that could be a big commercial rossover and staying true to my underground nature. So I did a full vocal version in a deep loungy house vibe and then a more left minimal tech house version."

Nick Guthier report that the new album Sacred love would be releases on SACD HYBRID DISC in Japan on September 30th , l along with the regular CD album. The number of the regular album will be UICA-1015 and of the SACD it will be UIGA-7001.

Some fake MP3 of songs of the album have been put on free download site to avoid illegal album download... It is a medley of snippets from the album, good if you want to have a first preview of it...

Nick Guthier also report that "At the movies" compilation CD firsly issued in 1998, will be released on September 21st with the number UICZ-1095. Let's see if the tracks will be any different.

A Venezuelan Bring on the night issue have been seen on ebay, with a special insert sleeve...

I also add LP scans and some update to the Bring on list.

Check Bring on the night list >>

I also made some updates, most are new scans added (12" most of the time)... If you love / Fortress / Be still / Together / If I ever / Nothing'bout / Demolition / Let your soul / You still touch / I'm so happy


30.07.03 11.50 PM

The Japan issue is out, and contains, added of the Radio edit of the song and the Cornelius mix of Moon over, the Cornelius instrumental version of moon... Nick Guthier send me scan of it, Greg Bratton of Poland issue, and I just get the Mexico one... So, I update the list and made the details list...

Check Send your love list >> & follow the details buttons.


28.07.03 11.32 PM

I have simply made thousand of updates!! To sum up:
- a new frame, hope you like it

- update all the album lists with items find by collectors (thanks to Jim Chang, M. Schäfer, Greg, Nick and all I forgot...)

- update all the vinyl singles list from Ten sum to ...All this time, most of the releases are listed and scanned, with the amazing help of Ruediger Hoeckel (thanks you so much).

- update all the Dream of singles lists, with scans of some of the rarest vinyl issues and start the lists...
- done Bring on the night singles lists that werre missing.
- done Nada como el sol singles lists that werre missing.
So try to check all the lists starting with Dream of to the non album, it is funny :)

28.07.03 11.32 PM

Nick Guthier send me scan of the 2 tracks promo CD from Spain!

Check Send your love list >>


28.07.03 10.48 AM

Stingus report Sacred love would be released as a Surround Sound Hybrid SACD on November 23, 2003.

Also check Stingus for a very interesting "STING COMMENTS ON NEW CD".

23.07.03 9.21 AM

Tom Rose figure out that ...Nothing like the sun, Brand new day & Ten summoner´s tales will be reissued as DVD-audio CDs on october 20th as state amazon...


20.07.03 10.48 AM

Carlos Raffols has found 2 tracks promo CD of from Spain! Again, the tracks are: Radio Edit & Dave Aude Remix Edit, an it comes in card sleeve.

Check Send your love list >>

18.07.03 10.48 AM

Greg Braton has found 2 tracks special promo CD of from Poland!!
The only details he has so far are that is in a picture cardsleeve and the disc is marked "Universal Music Polska" on the back. The tracks are: Radio Edit & Dave Aude Remix Edit.

Check Send your love list >>

17.07.03 10.07 PM

A 2 tracks special promo CD of "Send your love" have been issued in Mexico, with edited version and Dave Audé remix. It comes in card sleeve.

Check Send your love list >>

15.07.03 10.27 PM

A 2 tracks special promo CD of "Send your love" have beenissued in Japan, with edited version and the Cornelius mix of "Moon over bourbon street".

Check Send your love list >>

Universal cancel all the auctions for promo items, but the french promo in special package goes for crazy prices... also, they do not want us to diffuse the sleeve of the album, so all that I can say is that it is a focal point on Sting face, very similar to the single sleeve... simple, but much more better than Brand new day...

03.07.03 11.39 PM

Giovanni Polastri tell me this : Italian release date of Sting new items are
CD single: Send Your Love 05 September 2003
CD album: Sacred Love 19 September 2003
This is due to chart reason (every Italian release is released on Friday).
I am out for holidays, so no update until 15 Jully. Until then, check these friend's sites for updates: Stingus | North north west | Nothing like Sting & Sting.com
01.07.03 3.53 PM

I have some infos on the French promo "Send your love" CD! It is a 1 track promo CD in special 18x25 cm presentation card, with 10 special "Sting - send your love" letterhead and 10 special envelops!!!Check Send your love list >>
Ebay auctions for "Send your love "promo CD have been canceled by ebay!!!
The catalogue number of the japanese single would be UICY5006.
29.06.03 8.45 PM

I have end the redesign and update the non album lists... second part is done, form "Tfi Friday" to "Let your soul Sabera version"...

Major update concern :
- My funny friend and me as I have added the Hong Kong issue find by Nick.

I am more than happy to have ended all the singles and album list now. Except some update missing, all the CD lists are online! I am now ready for the new releases!!
28.06.03 1.52 PM

The promo CD of "Send your love have been send to radios. The catalogue number is STINGCD5 and is probably made in UK. I have added scan of back sleeve. Check Send your love list >>
Also, www.sting.com have been updated with a very nice desing... hope the sleeve of the album will be so nice...
26.06.03 1.07 PM

The japanese edition of the Sacred love album, previous for the 10th September, will include 2 bonus tracks added of the 11 we already know:
- the "new acoustic version" of Shape of my heart, probably the one from Dominic Miller latest album.
- the "Cornelius mix" of Moon over bourbon street...

Also, all the Sting albums will be reissued in Japan at the end of august...

24.06.03 11.52 PM

I have start to redesign and update the non album lists... first part is done, form "Spread a little hapiness" to "Live at TFI friday"...

Major update concern :
- Englishman'90 as I have at last find the 4 different German disc issues.
- Japanese '88 compilation CD as I add scan of Greg issue with corrected back inlay
- '91 & '93 compilation CD with bigger scans
- It's probably me with scans of all the issues...

Other updates will follow...

15.06.03 4.22 PM

Fragile list is up, as If you love & Mad about you.


I have added Sacred love, Send your love & Inside new pages... which would be updated as often as the infos will come...

15.06.03 10.22 AM
Several new items have been found...

Nick Guthier find a very strange Soul cages issue! It is the Italian release that includes "Muoio per te", but it is a japanese release with OBI! Really strange.

Check The soul cages list >>


Tom Rose find the Mastering CDr of I was brought to my senses for $6!! Never heard about before...

Check I was brought to my senses >>


Greg Bratton get the original japanese issue of The dream of the blue turtles with OBI.

Check The dream of the blue turtles>>


Greg, again, finnaly get the so rare 88 japanese promo compilation, but the one he gets features a paper sticker on back to correct the mistaken track list (scan will follow soon)


And Nick also get the Fields of gold US promotional CD, so I have added the scan of it...

Check fields of gold the best of >>

14.06.03 9.41 PM

Sting us report the following infos: The radio date for the CD-single "Send Your Love" is now scheduled for June 27th and the commercial release of
the single will only be on September 8th.

The CD-single promo of "Send Your Love" are already available. The latter contains besides the radio edit (3.38) also the remix edit by Dave Audé (3.16).

This will be accompanied with the release of 12" club remixes in July (probably by Victor Calderone).

Also, Stingus give the track list of the album:
1. Inside
2. Send Your Love (featuring Vincente Amigo on Flamego guitar)
3. Whenever I Say Your Name (featuring Mary J. Blige)
4. Dead Man's Rope
5. Never Coming Home
6. Like A Beautiful Smile
7. Let's Forget About The Future
8. This War
9. The Book Of My Life
10. Sacred Love
11. Send Your Love (Dave Audé Remix) [international bonus track]

And important collector's info:
- the international release date is September 22nd but it would be September 10th in Japan.
- The first format will be "Sacred Love" as a standard album, while a "Sacred Love" limited edition in a special package will follow.

The promotion schedule is as follows:
- Sting's official Web site will soon begin posting a wealth of "making of" footage, outtakes and behind-the-scenes photos, as well as a preview of the DVD and early snippets of "Send Your Love".
- during the period June 16-20th, the promotion campaign will start in London;
- on June 20th, the final video version will be released;
- on June 27th, the international radio and video release of Sacred love will take place;
- on August 11th, a 10 minutes excerpts of a TV special will be released;
- September 14-18th: European TV promotion;
- US promotion September 23rd - October 10th;
- October 17th: international radio and video airing of second single;
- October 26th - November 5th: Japanese and Australian promotion;
- November 14-28th: European TV promotion;
- November 24th: release 2nd single;
- December: USA TV promotion;
- February 2004: 3rd single release.
14.06.03 4.41 PM

After the rain has fallen list is up.
Some more news & update will follow this week end...

09.06.03 3.44 PM

Desert rose list is up

01.06.03 11.59 PM

Brand new day list is up

31.05.03 11.51 PM

I'm so happy I can't stop crying list is up

29.05.03 9.46 PM

I was brought to my senses list is up.

While I was working on this list, I ask help of Sean I.M Potter, and he has an issue I never heard about : A German Steve Lispon Jewel case commercial CDs, which as the same track list as UK digipack!

Also, there is 2 UK Digipack issues, only the discs are differents : one mastered by PDO has a 5" playing side, the other mastered by Mayking has a 3" playing side. Also, the disc center are different!

24.05.03 11.47 PM

You still touch me list is up


Greg Bratton send me this : I received an e-mail from HMV in Japan today announcing the release of Send Your Love in Japan on 7/30. Check this link: It appears a 2003 version of Moon Over Bourbon Street will be on the cds also.

Also, Stingus announce a lot more infos, here is a sum up:
- "Sacred Love" will be released internationally on 22nd September 2003 and on the 23rd in the USA, accompanied by a
limited edition package.
- Sting.com mentions July release date because "Send Your Love" will first be released internationally for radio and video at the end of June.
- the A&E channel will be broadcasting a special film on the making of the album in early October.
- a full length DVD will be released on 7 October as well and was mainly shot in LA at the Mayan theatre in downtown LA on
Wednesday 14th of May (possibly more days after); (close) friends of Sting attended the shooting, others were invited through a contest on STAR 98.7 radio...

Check Stingus for full infos...

20.05.03 11.16 PM

Let your soul be your pilot list is up

The "Send Your Love" release date is July on sting.com, as the same time of the site relauch... hope it would be as good as we can expecte it!
North north west is back with a pure white design... check it...
17.05.03 4.26 PM

Some members of the french Sting fan club have had the chance to interviewed Sting and Keeper at the end of the Sacred love mixing sessions in Paris. Here come what they can said:

- The 1st single, "Send your love" is a sophisticated electro dance song!
- There is duet with Mary J. Blidge, called "Whenever I Say Your Name"
- There is a song in a Jamiroquai 70's jazz fusion style called
"Like A Beautiful Smile"
- On "The Book Of My Life" , Sting invited Anoushka Shankar to play sitar
- There is a songe about car thieves that will be released as a B-side
- Musicians that play on this record are : Dominic Miller, Vinnie Colaiuta, Manu Katché, Kipper, Chris Botti, Christian Mc Bride (doublebass) et Clark Gayton (trombone)
- Guest stars are Mary J. Blidge, Anoushka Shankar, Levan (who played derbouka)
- The "Kipper touch" is really present again and religion and romantic love are the main themes of the album..

Also, Sting told them about his biography, that he is writting and should be released in 2004. Sting will talk about his life until 25 years old, before being famous!

Thanks a lot to the french fan club for all these infos. If you are french check ther full new site and suscribe to the newsletter for all the informations in french!!


15.05.03 1.18 PM
As reported on Stingus

Sting's new studio album will be entitled "
Sacred Love" and will be released internationally on 22nd September 2003, and features 12 tracks.

The first single "
Send Your Love" will be released on the 8th of September 2003.

A full length DVD will be released in September/October as well (source: Universal).

Victor Calderone made already a remix of "Send your love".

Check Stingus for more infos about the DVD and so much more!

WARNING ! Fake seller on ebay
After winning The let your soul Acetate CDr on ebay, from Nick, a guy contact Erwin Kempen, that I outbid, to tell he is the seller.
He tells him I do not want it anymore and so on can offer it to him.

I contact this guy telling I was the winner and ask why he lie like this and he never answers.

His ebay user ID is saleinn2003 and his email saleinn2001@yahoo.com

So, do not buy any item from this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14.05.03 11.15 PM

Demolition man list is up

08.05.03 8.41 PM

Shape of my heart list is up

Nothing'bout me list is up
Love is stronger than justice list is up
She's too good for me list is up

Nicholas Guthier has update his collection list with scan and details on Bring on the night LP...

05.05.03 11.12 PM

Fields of gold list is up

05.05.03 10.18 PM
The story of my meeting with Sting has been published on backstagestories
05.05.03 1.57 AM

Seven days list is up


02.05.03 00.38 AM

Here come the new home page. Hope you like the complete discography navigation and all the other things I have add...
30.04.03 10.54 PM

If Iever lose my faith in you list is up

30.04.03 09.50 PM

Erwin Kempen have this amazing mastering CDr in his collection.

It states "Coca Cola Level 1 radio concerts" and, added of tracks by Lemonhead & Living colours, features All this time/Mad about you/Ain't no sunshine/Fragile/Message in a bottle all recoreded at Wallsend 21.04.91 acoustic concert, the same as "Acoustic live in Newcastle".

If Mad about you and Ain't no sunshine are on the box set CD, the 3 other tracks have never been available anywhere else with professional sound recording!

See bigger scan >>


24.04.03 11.07 PM
The new single is announced for Jully... time to save some money :-)

A lot of new items have been found (especially by Nick) and I received a a lot of scan, here they come in order...

The dream of the blue turtles
Nick has find a second 1993 reissue of dream of with different back OBI.

Check Dream of the blue turtles>>

Bring on the night
I have received the german zpack issue, BMG US reissue with different back and Nick also find a different japanese 93 issue. Daniel Forys find a strange UK 2 CD on gold disc, but we suppose it is due to corrosion as Dance alone UK single does...

Check Bring on the night >>
...Nothing like the sun
Added of the second 1993 japanese reissue CD found by Nick, I just get the Australian MC which comes with a special colours sleeve.

Check ...Nothing like the sun >>

...Nada como el sol
Added of the second 1993 japanese reissue, Nick also find the USA reissue CD and the so nice Korea promo CD.

Check ...Nada como el sol>>

The soul cages
Nick, always him ;), get the amazing and strange UK Jukebox promo CD and Isreal reissue CD...

Check The soul cages>>
Ten summoner's tales
Nick, get the Brazilian CD which comes a silver disc design...

Check Ten summoner's tales>>

Fields of gold - the best of
Erwin Kempen find a Colombia issue with special slip case, and Jim change another Taiwan issue...

Check Fields of gold - the best of >>
Brand new day
I have received the Colombia issue.

Check Brand new day>>
Jorg Zimmerman update is site with scan of magazines...
check Truth-hits-everybody>>
Nick has also update his collection list with scan of all the Dream of LP he has... amazing!
Check Music collectors >>

24.04.03 11.07 PM

"If you love" 94 single list is ready, wtih details and scan of Erwin Kempen 12" Acetates. also, Take me to the sunshine is up
Check it If you love somebody>>
Check Take me to the sunshine >>

Next step is the Ten summoner's singles...

Erwin Kempen send me these additional info about the Police scans I have put:

-Fall out test pressing is probably a bootleg, I've seen a couple of them over the years, even acetates

-Fast forward isnt that rare, seen it a couple of times on ebay, value max $60.00

-Old glory is a bootleg, I know the maker, only 50 copies made, price among collectors is $400

-Regatta test pressing france is a bootleg

17.04.03 10.15 AM

During an email discussion with Craig Betts, one of the biggest police collector's (check his site The police file), we talk about some of the rarest Police items. My friend Alain Berthault from France, have most of them and send me photocopies of them, as of the old 80's police collectors magazines in which there were articles about these items.

I have put on line these scans for Craig and think it could interest other collectors. You will find scans of:
- Don't stand so close - 86 promo CDV
- Fall out - 7" test pressing
- Fast foroward medley- 7" test pressing
- Ghost in the machine electro disc
- Old glory - test pressing picture disc LP
- Reggatta - FR test pressing 10"
- Reggatta - test colour blocks 10"
- Synchronicity - blender covers
- Zenyatta mondatta - test running LP

Only big scans are available, no html presentation. Check them >>


17.04.03 10.15 AM

"This cowboy song" single list is ready.
Check it >>
If you love & Take me to the sunshine will follow...

Thanks to all the peoples who send me scans recently, will add them as soon as possible...

09.04.03 10.15 AM

I have add scans of the Fields of Gold best of LP, and did When we dance single page.
Check best of >>
Check when we dance>>


07.04.03 00.00 AM

I have added details and scans of "Vengo del sur" & "Muoio per te".
Check Vengo del sur >>
Check Muoio per te >>

I have add profile of Jörg Zimmermann from Germany, one of the biggest Sting/Police collector... Check it >>

Check also his site truth-hits-everybody recently updated .

05.04.03 09.36 PM

The Why should I cry for you ? single list is ready.
Check it >>


03.04.03 09.36 PM

The Soul cages single list is ready.
Check The soul cages single >>


31.03.03 01.38 AM

The Mad about you single list is ready.
Check Mad about you >>


27.03.03 00.15 AM

The all this time single list is ready.
Check All this time >>


24.03.03 1113 AM
As you, see I change of host, and out of print is now at www.stingoop.com! My new email adress is fb@stingoop.com, and the outofprint@wanadoo.fr won't be used after end of april.

I have start the dream of the blue turtles singles pages... No list yet, but sleeves and some rare items scan...
Check Dream of the blue turtles >>


20.03.03 00.43 AM

I have update and redesign the Nothing like the sun & Nada como el sol singles pages... Also, I have done MC lists, and as for the album you can have acces to a folder with the scans...
Check Nothing like the sun >>

Joerg Zimmermann, one of the biggest Sting/police collector, has start a discography police web site... only the first step but promise to be huge. check it >>


17.03.03 10.14 PM
Instead of taking time on the details on each issues of the albums, I will focus on the single list.

By clicking on the button in the album list, you will have acces to folder with scans of all the items... check for items never shown before on the site. Design and explanations would come later...

I start the singles lists... also, I want to end up all the list before next album! What a challenge!

14.03.03 11.53 PM

I have update and redesign the All this time page... all the album list are ready now... take a break before next step... the details!
Check All this time >>


13.03.03 11.39 PM

I have update and redesign the Brand new day page... no details yet, but some new issues...
Check Brand new day >>


11.03.03 10.59 PM

I have update and redesign the Mercury falling page... no details yet, but a a lot of new issues...
Check Mercury falling>>


06.03.03 0.29 AM

I have update and redesign the Best of page... no details yet, but a a lot of new issues...
Check Fields of gold >>

I also update Demolition man page with infos on MC an LP (thanks Erwin). Check it >>

04.03.03 10.59 PM

I have update and redesign the ten summoner's tales & Demolition man pages... no details yet, but a some new issues...
Check Ten summoner's tales>>
Check Demolition man >>


I have deceided to sell the 3 issues I have from Brand new day that do not fit in my collection as I really think there are not official. Check my ebay page for infos.


02.03.03 5.57 PM

I have update and redesign the Soul cages page... no details yet, but a some new issues...
Check Soul cages >>

I also update my collection list . Check it >>

27.02.03 11.16 PM

Step by step... I have update and redesign the Nada como el sol page... no details yet, but a lot of new issues...
Check Nada page >>

Boring of working??? Read some collector's things at the forum >>

20.02.03 11.31 PM

I have update and redesign the Nothing like the sun page... no details yet, but a lot of new issues...
Check Nothing page >>


20.02.03 0.34 AM

I have update and redesign the dream of the blue turtle & bring on the night pages... no details yet, but a lot of new issues...
Check dream of page >>
Check Bring on the night page >>

Thanks to Nick and Tom for the help and inspiration for the re-organisation.


18.02.03 1.10 AM

I have started to improve the site... The first step is the navigation... it seems simple but it takes me 3 days!

Also, I want to improve the lists lisibility, and I have update the dream of list with the new design and icons... hope it works... The details pages are not ready yet... Check dream of page >>

A ll the lists have been updated with rarity rates... but due to the changes, all the details pages are not available for a moment... sorry!

Nick have the exellent idea of putting a collector forum online... check it >>

30.01.03 11.50 PM

I have received the russian digitially remastered issue of The soul cages. So on, I have put scan of it, & I update all the Soul cages list with details & scans of most of the items. Check it >>
Tom Rose has update North North West with scan of the Taiwan VHS send by Jim Chang, check it >>
Also, Jim Chang have made a list of Sting Taiwan releases, what amazing items!!! check it >>

26.01.03 00.03 AM

I have update my collection list, with all the vinyl, videos and other items I have... Check it >>
I have update the profiles... thanks to all that answer to these 10 questions, it is really interesting... Check it >>

20.01.03 00.03 AM

I have update the Fields of gold list with details & scans of the rarest items. Check it >>

17.01.03 11.54 PM
I have update most of the list, with releases found recently. Check disco page for details >>
I also put the profile of Jan Els from South Africa , check it >>

12.01.03 11.54 PM
I have update the sell list with some new items...

10.01.03 0.12 AM
Greg has received amazing Israel issues of Ten summoner'stales. It give me the envy to update all the Ten summoner's tales list, with better scan of each rare item. I also add scan of Russian CD and much more... Check Ten summoner's tales>>

06.01.03 11.20 PM
First of all, I wish all of you a wonderfull 2003. Thanks for visiting out of print so often, the bring me the envy to continue it.
To late to do big updates tonight. Greg has found amazing Israel issues of Ten summoner's tales, and Marc Schäfer brings some nice Argentinean and Chile CD from his holidays. Check his 2003 Sting list at filmundmusik for details. More updates soon!


15.12.02 6.15 PM
I wish happy holidays to all Sting fans, hope christmas father will bring you some amazing items :-)
To well end the year, I finaly made the list of Fields of gold & Demolition man issues. No details and pictures, but all the album lists are ready by now.

If you have an item not listed, please write me.

Check Fields of gold >> Check Demolition man>>

Ialso update "...All this time" list with scans and infos of is a special limited edition Brazil reissue.

Check ...all this time >>

24.11.02 1.48 PM
A new article is up, with scan and info of the 14 rarest MC I have or know...

I need your help to complete this section, if you have MC that can fit in the article, please send me scans.

Check article page>> Check rarest items page>>

17.11.02 12.18 PM
Erwin Kempen have found an amazing promotional CDr of Mad about you, live from "...All this time"... It looks like a french promo CDr, nothing is sure. Catalogue number is POL0048. Check details and scans>>

Tom was the lucky ebay winner of the very very rare
Soul cages CD issued in CSFR (means CzecheSlovakian Federal Republic, now czecheslovakia). He also got the Ten sum CD, but haven't send me scans yet. Check soul cages page for details>>

I received a very nice promo MC of The Soul cages from Holland. It contains a commercial fro the album. Check details and scans>>

I also have found a
French single MC of Fields of gold, with a very different design to other countries issues.

Who collect MC? If you do, please send me the list of MC you have, I am not as complete as for the CD about that.

I laso update the links list.

03.11.02 11.43 PM
At last, a big site update!

First important thing : I have drop down the prices of most of the items of my sell list... only for a month! check it and order 3 items for free post costs!
I have made the list of all the non-album items!! And it was more work than I expect! check this new part of the discography...

And, I have updated all the list :
- Brand new day (German interview CDr and Thailand issues!
- Desert rose (Australian issue and scan of USA promo CDr)
- After the rain (amazing mastering CDr)
and also All this time, Dream of, Soul cages & Ten sum...

thanks Greg for your amazing help!

11.10.02 09.49 AM
Jim Chang just tell me All this Time Taiwan promo book was sold with Taiwan DVD... and seems to be limited to 100 copies... The Book CD comes with a sticker...

There is a special limited edition Brazil reissue of ...All this time with a special sleeve. For Police collectors, Police live 2CD set was re-released like this too. (Thanks Erwin Kempen for scans)

Also, Erwin found a Brand new day promotional German Motor/A&M interview CD.

19.09.02 00.01 AM
A friend of me have found an amazing French promo CD of Until...
"Latest items" section become "Varied items"... check it for details...
I have finnaly made the list of Bring on the night releases...
I also put the profile of Nicholas Guthier.

01.09.02 5.57 PM
I have update the discography:
All this time : another US CDr promo & Danemark promo CDr.
Fragile : Bedtime UK promo CDr
Brand new day : Korea promo CD and US promo DVD
Nothing like the sun : Japan promo CD & South Africa original CD

Thanks to Greg and Nick for help...

I have, at last, update my audio list. I just have received an amazing concert recorded in 1990 in Uruguay with a perfect soundboard recording, with simply incredible version of My Funny Valentine, I burn for you medley with Mariposa libre... amazing! Check the to find the latest things added. Check directly here for details on this concert.

I also put the profile of Greg Bratton. You can also check my udpated wants list and collection list.

28.08.02 11.35 AM
I am back from my amazing trip in Vietnam!
And what a good suprise when I open my mail. The Fregile Bedroom rockers mix CD I buy on ebay before I left is not the STCDP3 but an Universal promo CDr! It states " Bedtime rockers (Radio edit)" but it is the same version that on from STCDP3! I will put biegger scans later...

> I also got my reissued version of Fields of gold from Japan with a different OBI. And again, a good surprise! It comes with a 3" CD of "Take me to the sunshine", but a reissued version with a different catalogue number (UIDX-1002) and some differences on the back sleeve writing and on disc. Lyrics insert and chronological insert which comes with the CD also have the catalogue number of the disc, UICY 2551.

And the last good suprise, Tom has update his site, check north north west...

07.08.02 4.20 PM
Sorry for the lack of update... will be on holidays from 09 august to 25...

> As seen on ebay, there is a Danemark promo CD of All this time, which comes in Universal sleeve... more details when I come back

> The Unplugged video has been released on DVD in Brazil. Some copies werre sold with a magazine... Check ebay to get your copy.
Details : Dolby Digital 5.1, photo gallery, discography, english and portuguese subtitles (removable), NTSC, code region 1-6, works worldwide.

Fields of gold has been reissued in Japan with a different OBI. Check Nothing like Sting for details...

09.07.02 00.25 AM
A lot of new items for sell, check my sell list. Post free for any order received before 12 Jully.

Won't be here from 13 Jully to 21...

03.07.02 00.25 AM
I have put Nada como el sol list, added of Nothing like the sun singles & Nada como el sol single lists... Check them.

24.06.02 11.25 PM
I udpate my sell list with a lot of rare stuffs as Mad about you US promo and rare bootleg LP... check the list.

> Jim Chang send me scans of an amazing Brand new day promo diary... But this one doesn't come with a CD... check scans in the latest items page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : As I am fed up with span emails, I will not use my sum.col@wanadoo.fr email after July 15th. So, from now, only use my outofprint@wanadoo.fr email adress and delete sum.col one. Thanks.

New dominic Miller album will be issue on July 1st... check www.dominic-miller.com for details.

08.06.02 11.15 PM
> I have added the pictures I take of Dominic Miller and The Tweeters during the concert of last week in Firminy. I was a great moment, I even assist to the rehearsals...

24.05.02 11.03 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I was really busy, and there is nothing really new to said...

Sting starts recording the new album in September... Info given by Sting's new basist, Christian McBride. For more infos, check this new Sting site the Dream of the Rockheart Turtles (the design doesn't remind your something :-)

Tomorrow, I will go to see Dominic Miller & Manu Katche in St Etienne. For all the people looking for infos, here theycomes:

Show will take place at The Majestic . 1 Place Voltaire . 42700 Firminy at 8h30 PM . Ticket will be 20€.
Reservations can be made through the tourist information in St. Etienne. The number is (00 33) 477 373014.

Also, check this 2 new Sting sites:
> Nothing like Sting : the very interesting collector's Nicholas Guthier site from Japan with scans and info.
> filmundmusik : a very interesting german site runs by Marc Schäfer with details, scans and tracks list of most of the Sting bootlegs... and a lot more...

08.05.02 11.15 PM
> Patrick Wojtek has found this strange sampler CDr in a record fair... I think it is French, not sure...
Check ...All this time list for bigger scan & details.

> Greg Bratton has found this Universal Fragile CDr on ebay for $45... Check Fragile list for bigger scan.

05.05.02 1.38 AM
I have change this home page with a direct acces to the varied sections... hope it will be better like this.

Greg Bratton have found a new fragile promotional CDr, and a new All this time sampler CDr have been located... more info soon.

23.04.02 11.38 PM

Nicholas Guthier has find an amazing ...All this time japanese promotional universal CDR.
Check ...All this time list for bigger scan & details.

> I have received a second Poland promotional CD of After the rain has fallen. This one contains the album version and has a different design... Check After the rain list for bigger scan & details.

> Greg Bratton has found a very nice Israel issue of The soul cages with Helicon logo on back sleeve and different disc design...
Check The soul cages list for bigger scan & details.

> Also, Tom Rose write me this:
There are crc (columbia house) releases exisiting from every Sting-cd that was released. Some have minor changes to other releases: the brand new day CRC-release is catalogued CD 0443 and contains the ten ordinary tracks but no epk. the cover is nearly the same, on the back inlay, right under the barcode is a larger "CRC" to verify its origin. Here´s a list of all crc´s Ihave:

nothing like the sun: CD6402/DIDY2163
ten summoner´s tales: CD 0070
fields of gold: CD 0269
mercury falling: CD 0483
the very best of CD 0834
brand new day CD 0443

There are more which I will aqcuire in the close future (soul cages, dream, bring on...)

> Check his site North north west for thousand other infos, and scans of the Nothing like the sun single he add recently...

> Check the very interesting Kenneth Nielsen site , he has a list of very rare Sting items for sell...

> If you are looking for a South African issue of Sting, ask AhmBros@xsinet.co.za and tell you come from me...

14.04.02 5.04 PM
A lot of little updates...
.add scan of the very rare second Until promo CD (thanks to Peter Ostreicher)
. update Fragile list with scan of STCDP3 remix CD
.edit the list of set them free single.
.add scans of the very rare set them free remix mastering CD at the article.
.add scans of DJ86 promo 12" to the rarest items section.
.add scans about rare all this time & fragile items to the rarest items section.
.udpate Nothing & dream of lists.

08.04.02 10.59 PM
I have update my sell list, with a lot of japanese 7", Sting & Police live bootlegs... check it... No time for more tonight...

28.03.02 10.52 PM
I have made the list of The dream of the blue turtles & ...Nothing like the sun CD releases...
Please tell me if you see something wrong or if you have an item not listed...

Darren Gray send me scans of the UK Very best of sampler... check it.

27.03.02 10.52 PM

Today, I received my copy of the amazing All this time taiwan promo diary book... a very very nice item...

It gives me motivation to update the ...All this time page:
- with scans of most of the pages from the Taiwan promo diary book
- scans and info a new UK promo CDr find by Tom
- scans of USA World track list promo CDr find by Greg
- scans of Hong Kong bootleg issue frind by Tom & Greg :-)

And to made a new index...

18.03.02 10.02 PM
New Until promo CD found...
A new UNTIL promo CD have been found by Peter Ostreicher... as he states "Seller told me that they got it from a givaway at a party celebrating the opening of Oklahoma! on Broadway. The party was at the 21 Club in NY. Given away by the Rainforest Foundation which was present at the party (do not know why). Scan will follow as soon as I can"... Txs

Until US promo CDr scans available
I have put scans of the US first promo CD of Until... check latest items section for infos. (Thanks Greg).

Fragile list updated
I have update Fragile list with some infos and scans of the amazing promo Brazilian CD I received.

All this time list updated
I have update ...All this time list with a new US promo CDr which contains international tracks list... scan will follow.

Russians & Mexico remastered CD
All Sting albums have now been issued in Russia official, by Universal. They come with some differences, the principal one is that the booklets are thinner, most of the time only 4 pages without lyrics.
Greg Bratton is waitting for remastered CD from Mexico, more will follow.

North north west latest infos
Check tom's site for infos about an amazing Brand new day Taiwan promo diary & article about Super CD...

06.03.02 10.52 PM
There is a UK promotional 4 tracks sampler of the best of Sting & The Police... Tracks are Every breath you take / Every little thing / If I ever lose / If you love... a best of the best of the best of 25 years of hits :-) seems to come in CD single jewel case, with same sleeve and album sampler stated, no more infos...

04.03.02 10.52 PM
There is a new If you love somebody EU promo single, to promote the ...All this time album. It contains "album version" & "album version without applaused". Sleeve is the same as the ...All this time album. More infos and better scan ASAP. Hope it means a commercial release...

28.02.02 11.58 PM
I have put scans and info on the promo DVD audio of brand new day.

25.02.02 10.45 PM
I am back... In a new town, a new appartement, with a new job... and less time for out of print! But will do my best ot update it as often as I can... Some infos for the moment, scan and details will follow... You can visit the new north north west...

Greg Bratton and I have found a surprising but official Brand new day DVD audio... it also features a photo gallery, Music markers, lyrics, artist bio, & a 26 minutes "A brand new day" documentary... that I haven't watch yet... The disc is a very nice picture disc... It is from USA & have the DVDA0004 catalogue number... more scans will follow.

There is a new remix of Fragile, and so on a new german promo CD, catalogue number STCDP3. Remix is called Bedroom rocker's remix, and seems more interesting than DJ monk version. Design is the same with name of the remix on front, disc and back...

09.02.02 4.15 PM
As you probably know, the very best of Sting/Police will be reissued the 18th of February 2002. The songs Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot, Russians and Roxanne 97 that appeared on the 1997 edition are now replaced by Brand New Day, Desert Rose and So Lonely... And the sleeve is soooooo beautifull! Hours of work to do such a good graphic job!

Tom rose prepare the new version of north north west... check the beta version and expect an amazing site soon...

Visit Turning leaf to download exellent live version of Moon over bourbon street and In the wee small hours, live with Chris Botti, & Like a love letter for the studio version of until and so much more...

31.01.02 9.35 PM
I update my collection list with the list of promotional items.

Important message : next week, I start a new job in a new town. I will move out to a new appartment on 11.02, until then I won't have access to this computer and could not answer to email. Until then, visit all the new pages I have update and check www.stingus.net often!

30.01.02 11.27 AM
I have put my wants list, change the collection list and put the list of MC I have...

No time yet to make a new list, but I have put first version page of all the different album... check these pages to understand what I am trying to said in bad english : dream of / bring on / nothing / nada / demolition / best of...

To find the singles, you will know have to go to the album page...

29.01.02 11.21 PM
I have write a new article about Mastering CDr issued in 1995 & 1996.

Greg Batton send me scans of 2 new items he finds : a promotional fragile/all this time tuscany olive oil bootle, and a promotional sampler CD of Cinema Italiano.

26.01.02 10.48 PM
I update the ...All this time list with details on the amazing Taiwan promo sampler with book...

If you have not suscribe to the mailing list, you are missing a special gift only send by email... suscribe now!

26.01.02 7.26 PM
I update the sell list...

Greg Bratton is the happy winner of an amazing all this time Taiwan promo CD sampler which comes with a promotional 200 pages book! More details soon. Happy winner, but at $180...

24.01.02 11.26 PM
I have found a job in a new compagny, which means I will move to a new region... so I decide to sell some of my bootlegs to get money.... Check details on this page... Sell list will be updated later...

23.01.02 00.10 AM
. Sorry for the lack of updates, more will come this week, I promise... for tonight:
. Scan of the very very nice spanish All this time which comes with calendar
. Scan of an amazing After the rain remix POLAND promo CD I received.

As read on Stingus :

Sting will start the preparation for a new studio album in April.
The recordings will be done at his Tuscany estate and the release is planned for later this year. This news has just been
confirmed by a Universal executive to us.

Christian McBride is mentioned to be one of the contributing artists to the new album. A small message on Christian's website also confirms this news. So is Kipper. As soon as we have more on this, we will publish it here on www.StingUs.net. (thanks Martin for the first hint)

12.01.02 2.47 PM
This is the Brazil promo CD of Fragile. It was for sell on ebay and goes at $48 which is fair, in comparaison to $130 for the Until promo... I do not know if the Desert rose version is the demo or original...
More details and better scans asap.

12.01.02 2.47 PM
. I have put some non-sting items for sell on ebay : REM, Bjork, Radiohead... check if something may interest you!

11.01.02 7.15 PM
. I have some spare time in january... last time before a long work period... so I will try to update out of print more as I can...

. I have update Mercury falling, Ten summoner's tales, Soul cages & All this time lists. See disco page for more info.

Carlos Raffols have found and
Israel All this time! It has the gold sleeve and an Hebrew seal...

10.01.02 0.12 AM
I think a new year is the good time to reorganize the site. So, most of the pages have been updated:
. I have separate articles/rarest items/discography page. So, you can now read the articles and see the items I am talking about HERE - see the rarest items HERE - and have all the infos and updates on the discography section HERE. Simple!
. I have update all the lists of the discography, from All this time to Soul cages, with rarity rates and new items found... the next step will be to make new lists :-)
. I have add 2 videos (Parkinson show and totp special concert) in the video section.
. I have updated the latest items section.
. I have update my CD collection list.
. For people who do not notice, I have also update the picture gallery.

Hope you find the new navigations and the updates usfull...

05.01.02 6.42 PM

The Until promo CD which was for sell on ebay goes at $130!
Ebay makes collectors going crazy!

It seems the German ...all this time was also reissued with gold sleeve... German collectors can confirm this?

Check the message board and help hanugn about "movie "Prelude", directed by fbrizio Ferri, Sting plays Bach Cello Suite no.1 prelude" ... I am curious to know more about this strange image!


30.12.01 0.12 AM
Some updates and infos... :
- the new song "Until" was released as a promo CD single made for Oscar consideration for Best Original Song from Kate & Leopold movie soundtrack. It comes with a custom pink cover, more details will follow...
- I have received another promo CD of After the rain has fallen from... USA! It is a promo CDr made by Straight copy (as the remix CDr was), it comes with a back inlay and glues label on disc! It is the 7th promo CD of this tracks issue in USA...
- I have update the Fragile & All this time list with more understandable rarity notice... check these.

26.12.01 4.22 PM
Hope everybody have a great christmas time... I have put my christmas present to all of you : I have change the picture gallery and update it with new pictures, especially 12 pictures from "All this time"... check it and download!

...All this time has been reissued in France, with a bigger sticker which states it is a best of... and the GOLD sleeve! What a surprise when I see this while I was doing my latest christmas present...

Christmas time is here....
I whish to all of you a wonderfull chirtsmas and happy holidays...
thanks a lot for your support during all this year...

14.12.01 8.02 PM
A lot of update for tonight:
- Toni Carbo send me scan of the spanish promo CD of If you love...

- I have received the French promo CDr of ...all this time and what an item! Check scan at the all this time list...
- I have update all this time list and info with scan of : French CDr, Argentina magazine, China issue and japanese promo MC.
- I have update the Fragile list with info and scan of : German CDr & German remix promo CD STCDP2.
- I have put scan and info of the latest items I received :Taiwan issue of Mercury falling & Demolition man, Japanese promo CD of My funny friend and me, South Africa special issue of Ten summoner's tales. Also add scan of another Chinese bootleg CD of Ten summoner's tales.

A special thanks to Greg Bratton to the scan and info... and to Tom Rose to send me the remix of Fragile which is soooooooo bad! It is comparable to the Siter moon mixes of 1996 if you see what I mean... nothing to do with the song!

12.12.01 8.24 PM
I have updated my CD collection list... I "stole" the idea of Tom from www.northnorthwest.de of the point for the updates... it is so good!

Toni Carbo confirms "If you love" as a promo CD in Spain, which does not means a glrobal release...

You may ask yourself what means the colum with letter added to the ...All this time & Fragile lists... I have think it could be interesting to rate the rarity of the items. I have made the following categories:

C Common
U Uncommon
R Rare
VR Very Rare
ER Extremely Rare
ITF Impossible To Find

Tell me if you think I am wrong with the rate... will extend this to other lists when I got time...

11.12.01 12.20 AM
OK, I have resolve all my problem, and everything is back to normal. I have a lot of other things to do, and so on, the site is not updated as often as I want, and also, as you want. No issue is previous to december, only some updates... sorry.

I have
updated :
The ...All this time list : just update the list... 30 CD are now listed!
The Fragile list : just update the list... 15 CDs are now listed!
I have update my Sell list, with a lot of ...all this time items for sell... check it.

It is rumoured that the new single from ...all this time will be "
If you love somebody set them free"! Why not Dienda? Whatever, Toni Carbo tells he heard about a spanish promo CDs...

The DVD is simply fantastic, but also soooo frustrating! It is interesting to know what Sting think about all this, but the interview are over the music... The project is exellent, and the concert is superbe... the bonus tracks are great too : Fill her up, Englihsman, Every little thing & Desert rose, all recorded on 10th September. Strange that Desert rose is not featuring as a bonus tracks but only available from the documentary...
Whatevere, if you have a DVD player, buy it, it is a fantastic moment...

I have update my graphic/working site at www.imaginaires.fr.st

30.11.01 9.54 AM
There was a remour of a forthcoming new remix of Fragile, now it is sure... there is a 12" US promo on ebay with these details:

Mega rare promo ONLY 12" vinyl record on A&M Records 2001
Produced by DJ MONK of RABBIT IN THE MOON!!!
A1: DJ Monk Extended Vocal Remix (7:55)
A2: Acappella (7:00)
B1: DJ Monk's Hard Rain DUB Mx (6:25)
B2: DJ Monk's Radio Edit (4:30)

Also, there is a promo German CD of this remix, catalogue number STCDP2, more info as soon as possible.

I still not have the time for more updating the lists, as I still have this virus problem, but to sum up and before I forget:

New Fragile CDs known:
- German 1 track promo CDr edited by Motor music, with info sheet.
- German remix promo CD STDCP2

New ...All this time items known:
- promo UK CD in plastic protection sleeve
- USA issue with red sleeve
- Argentina CD comes with a special magazine
Korea, Canada, Brazil, China issues located...

Still do not worry if I can not answer to email during 4/5 days...

29.11.01 10.02 AM
VIRUS alert! Due to a new virus I get by email, I can not received or send emails without sending the virus...
It has infected 2 System files and send an infected email to all the people from my mail box.
It comes as an attached file with a blank email from someone infected, and if you click on the email, it is too late, you get it and send to everyone...

A very bad thing! I have to format & reinstall all my system, so on, I am really sorry if I could not answer to any email during a moment... thanks for understanding.

17.11.01 3.32 PM
The All this time list has been updated with scan of the UK promo CD, German promo CD, Spanish video which comes with CD, Taiwan CD...
The Fragile list has been updated with scan of UK 3 tracks promo CDr, Taiwan CDs...

No time for more update today...

15.11.01 08.02 PM
Sorry for the lack of update latly... I have to update the All this time & Fragile lists, please leave me some more day... but Tom Rose has find an ATT Australian release (yellow sleeve 17 tracks), and I am waitting for the South African one.

My CD COLLECTION list is now online... hard to update as I haven't done it since january 2000... check it for all the details on all the 460 CDs of my collection... other lists (MC, promo items, vinyl...) will follow...

I have received a japanese promo CD of
My funny friend and me! It is in fact the US CD but with a special japanese sleeve... scan with the next update...

06.11.01 09.07PM
Today, I go to my usual record shop, wherre the Tuscany concert was diffused on a big screen... exellent!

In Barcelona, I miss Antoni, Carbo, again! But I found the All this time spanish promo sampler ($40), the spanish & french promo single of Fragile... but nothing more! Scan of the spanish sampler is here.

I have update the all this time & fragile lists with some info and scan (Taiwan issues...) check the lists for details...

It seems some spanish issues of the All this time album come with a promo video... more info when I can. The mail on sunday CDrom has been released! Found thousand copies on ebay ! More info in the all this time list...

02.11.01 09.15PM
Martin Vauchel is here with me and we have pass the 2 last days on computer to reinstall everything... and this afternoon, we werre in Montpellier, and we met MANU KATCHE! Yes, he was just there with his family! We werre so suprised! We do not want to bother him, he seemed to be far away from star system!

Tomorrow, I go in Barcelona to a big record fair... hope to meet Antoni Carbo there.

I will take 3 days off computer, so I will be back on thursday, I hope with nice items from Barcelona record fair! Until then, check www.northnorthwest.de for update on all this time releases! Check info on the Fragile US CD (probably a promo)!

Do not worry if I do not answer to email until thursday...

31.10.01 08.10PM

The November issue is online! Check:

Article (dated october as I am late) : The Police japanese 7" (only pictures)... one time is not usual and I found the sleeves so beautifull...

Profile : Tom Rose : very interesting interview with the guy behind the so usufull & beautifull site www.northnorthwest.de

Visual works : the Sting videos : new section presenting the Sting TV broadcast I have on CDv... and the sleeves I done for them.

Also, I update the Craig Betts collection list in the special features, update the All this time list with catalogue number and infos...

Later this month, I will put online the list of my collection...

Some news : the Japanese CD comes with a black sleeve (S & dots in black) and a blue OBI strip... The UK promo CD has a blue back sleeve and disc is blue & red...

There is Spanish promo 6 tracks sampler with yellow sleeve. Tracks are : FRAGILE / EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE / ROXANNE / ALL THIS TIME / IF I EVER LOSE MY FAITH IN YOU / MOON OVER BOURBON STREET ... more info ASAP.


29.10.01 08.04PM

It seems there will be different colours for the different issues of the All this time album... Check the all this time site for details. Tom Rose tells me that the catalogue # of the german release will be: 493 156-2 (info: motor-music), it has a yellow "S" in Sting and yellow dots. huh! Also, Kenneth Nielsen just got the EU promo and tells me: is comes in carboard, catalog nr. STADV1 Inner center of disc says, made in the uk. Ups, disc is green with white text. The front sleeve has a yellow S insted of the red one. As I wait for the UK promo, will be if it is the same before putting it in the All this time list.

Also, Greg Bratton has received the UK 2 mixes promo CDr of Fragile... check the Fragile list for details...

It is now official, there will be NO release of Fragile in the UK!!!

I still haven't received the Fragile singles yet, but Erwin Kempen tells me that the versions of Desert rose & Fill her up are the ones from the rare Brand new day Bs-die promo CDR, and Kenneth Nielsen tells me that Fill her is different, without country;, and on Desert rose theres no lyrics, only stings chor (in a way that not been heard before), it nice, but nothing special !...

Kenneth Nielsen has a chat with Ben Liebrand about the mixes he dones... very interesting! Read it in the specials section...

New Sting site:
French fan club web site is back at http://www.stingassociation.fr.st, a new info site is at http://www.talknet.de/~desertrose (in german and english)

26.10.01 10.21PM
Patrik Nevyn send me scan and info on the European promo CDr of the All this time album: I'm not sure it was made in Sweden but I got it from the swedish branch of Universal Records. This version has the same errors as the german one (1000 years, IYL SOMEONE), and it also says "Med About You", I guess this could be the case with the German version too. It has an A&M logo instead of the Universal logo and "World Track Listing Album" is printed beneath "...all this time". See scan in the all this time album list.

Also, Kenneth Nielsen tells me that "Fill her up" from the Fragile single is total diffrent, everything changed - the contry sound is missing ! Strange it is still not released in the UK...

Yeasterday night, Sting plays in NY in a "All this time" style the following tracks : Englishman - Set them free - Thousand years Perfect love - All this time - Field of gold - Brand new day - Fragile - Every breath - If I ever ... find more on sting.com & stingus

Very nice "all this time" design at Sting brand new site...

25.10.01 2.41PM
Here it comes, the list of the ...All this time live album items know, and Fragile singles... check them for details, pictures and track list of : All time US promo CD digipack, All time US promo CDr... details on UK & European promos... For Fragile, scan of the french promo CD and detailed list...
Also, Christophe
Laversanne send me scan of the French promo flyer, a so beautfiull item as always... see scan here.

Thanks for all the people who send me info and scan of the new items, ecspecially Tom and Christophe... it takes me 3 hours to set up these lists and scans, it would have take me a day without help!

I have received a copy of the 16 tracks CD... and heard The hounds of winter, Mad about you & Moon over bourbon street... and it is crazy how good it is!!! The hounds is my favourit, definitly!

24.10.01 5.46PM
AAAAhhh... As I was moving to a new appartment, I was not on the web during 4 days... I come back & there is 3 All this time promo CD (2 US and 1 UK), the Fragile single are different, and i have 82 emails... OK, leave me some hours to update and to answer to everyone! To all the info check the site of Tom at northnorthwest

Also, I received my a copy of the all this time show... it sounds that like the concert any fan know Sting can do, but he can't as most people who come to his concerts want to hear song as they know it (hope what I try to say is understandable).

Even if it is not as good as we can expect if the US events haven't happened (Sting is sad, he tells it...), it is a superb recording. What I think:
Fragile : I like this new arragment, nice ot hear a new version after 10 years of the same version at the end of each concert...
A thousand years / perfect love : I was one of the first people who discovers this version in Montreux in Jully, and they have improve it. I could never ever hear the album version of Perfect love without thinking it is a mistake hearing what it becomes.
All this time : so unusual... hard to go in it as it is baffling... but good!
Don't stand so close to me : superbe, with the cello... one of my favourit...
When we dance : the cello part in the middle... directly into heart ! Favourit!
Dienda : superb, great that everybody can know this superbe song know it is on an official release.
Roxanne : aaaaaahhhh
If you love... : very nice jazzy version
Brand new day : in the "All this time" jazzy style, amazing how this song change...
Fields of gold : equal as itself...
Shape of my heart : one of my favourit song, so, exellent, but too short!
If I ever lose : equal as usual live version, except the improvisation at the end...
Every breath you take : boring!

I update all this time and fragile pages soon... email me to suscribe to the mailling list and know when it is done...

20.10.01 6.09PM
is a new promo CD on ebay, and it is a 1 track promo. I ask the seller and it comes in cardboard sleeve and has the catalogue number 9824. So I suppose it is a French promo as French promo CD has a 4 numbers catalogue number and mostly come in cardboard sleve. Nothing is sure...
The Fragile 3 tracks promo is at $80 at 3h from the end... and the soul cages single digipack issue is at $150 on German ebay at 2 days from the end!!! Hey, collectors, are you crazy!!! Nobody would want to sell a Fragile promo at a reasonable price after that !

18.10.01 12.29PM
I am moving to a new appartment... and probably a new town! Whatever, I have put some of my items on sell on ebay... No rare items, but you can buy nice items at low price if the auction do not go high. Check my sell list on ebay or each items as follow :

The Police RARE Greatest hits album with THE CURE design
The Police RARE LIVE 83 France promo CD Sting
The Police RARE set of promotional French items Sting
The Police RARE lot of SPANISH 4 vinyl singles Sting
The Police with Ederhard Schoener 3 LP set rare bonus Sting
Sting Ten summoner's tales LP rare The Police

The Police Live Ghost Japan LD very rare Sting
Sting rare If you love 3 UK remix DJ 12" set The Police

The Police 4 Brazil LP set rare Sting
Sting & The Police Interactive song box 3 CD-rom set
Sting Japan sampler 3 CD set rare

15.10.01 9.34AM
The Fragile Spanish promo CD is on sell on ebay... check a picture in the latest items section.

Tom Rose has received his promo CD of All this time. It is a German promo CDr (I hate these promo CDr... I want real promo!!). Here come the details:
"here´s a digishot from the all this time promo. it´s true: the cover is plain white, nothing on it.

the cd itself was made by someone obviously not a sting fan: it says 1000 years instead of a thousand years, if you love someone instead of if you love somebody.

it seems there´s no catalogue # on the disc - and no a&m logo! as you can see, there´s a motor.de (the german distributor) and a universal logo on it - plus the tracklist. around the hole in the middle it says: manufactured by record partner gmbh - telephone, fax and email. there´s 2 numbers on the disc - which i guess don´t necessarily mean they are the catalogue #: a big on on the transparent side saying DC07037041241 1 80B1. another one on the back says AMCR80SG351 A090010181. who knows. "

See a scan in the latest items section. Also he says that about the live performance:

"the sound is great, though. as you can hear, my enthusiasm is limited - i think through most of the songs you hear a sadness that isn´t supposed to be there. it definitely sounds like the songs were intended to be light and joyous - but it´s different - and you can hear it.

my definite favourites from first listening are dienda (song by kenny kirkland sting says) - sounds a little like "my one and only love", the hounds of winter is fantastic as is "don´t stand so close to me" if it wasn´t some strange medley (this time with when we dance) - again. roxanne is arranged great, too. brand new day is arranged very surprisingly - but veeeeeery smooth :-D - if i ever lose my faith - great stuff. after all: cool. but it´s so damn sad that you hear what happened that day all though the album. or only i do. i don´t know."

I just here a part of the songs on phone with Martin (he has a good web connection, not me), and for me, it seems exellent, but I will tell you more when I have the recording.

The sell list has been updated, some new Sting & Police items for sell...

11.10.01 7.45PM
Tom rose send me scan of the Fragile UK promo CD he received, and it is slightly different to the first one I show you here.

As he said the disc design si diffrent but the coulours of the cover seems too. One is Sting dark blue, Fragile light grey, the new one is Sting light grey Fragile light blue...

Check the details on UK CD1 (FRAGILE1) and on UK CD2 (STCDP1) and to see the very nice back sleeve. I suppose that one is for promotion in UK, the second one for promotion in Europe...

It seems it is Tom Rose who will find all the new promo... he got the first All this time album promo: "someone offered me an all this time promo today. he told me on the phone it comes in a neutral, unprinted white cardboard. it´s still sealed so he couldn´t tell me what´s written on the disc. i expect the item next monday or tuesday. more when i have it."

It is more Tom rose who is updating out of print that me :-)

I have chnage my graphic portfolio site at www.imaginaires.fr.st ! Sting fans that you are will notice that I use the design of the Soul cages jute bag US promo CD for the fonts....

Martin Profile is now online... next month it would be... Tom rose :-)

11.10.01 9.00AM
Another Fragile UK promo CD on ebay : "this is a three track CD in mint condition and never played. Track ONE - Fragile (live), Track TWO - Fragile (studio), Track THREE - Fragile (studio edit).

Sean I.M Potter tell me the UK promo CD, probabaly the blue one, as the catalogue number FRAGIL1.

I think A&M will make us going crazy... And it is only the start!

10.10.01 8.30PM
Tom Rose send me this message :

i´ve received my fragile promo cd today. it´s slightly different from the one you show on your site. the disc has the catalogue-number STCDP1. 2 tracks: fragile (radio edit 3:44) and fragile (album version) 4:10. the songs are definitely from the same night (stings guitar is slightly out of tune on both versions) but are mixed / mastered slightly differently.
dominics guitar is definitely a little more on the left on the radio edit. and mid-frequencies are a little fed up (which is kind of normal for radio edits).

the disc itself is completely white with "sting" in silver (cut through the painting = not painted) and "fragile" in light blue like on the cover which is the same as yours.

Check all the new about US tour and UK TV promotion on sting.com.

07.10.01 4.49PM
The October issue is ready, with an article about the 10 rarest Sting promo CD. Check the disco section for pictures and info. Ialso add some scan to the rarest album section.

The fragile page is ready, and will be update each time the info come to me. If you find a Fragile or All this time, please write to me!

Sean I.M Potter brings us this very interesting info on All this time promotion made by A&M. The best part is that a special CD-Rom will be issued:

"The campaign will start with a Parkinson special on November 3rd (interview & performance of 5 songs).

On November 4th there will be a national covermount with the Mail On Sunday (the lead track will be "Fragile" & there will be CDROM elements with Sting talking about the album) .

Cover of Saturday Times magazine
October 20th Q Live review next issue

The campaign will continue with a Radio 2 in Concert Special that will transmit on either the 10th or 17th November.

A TOTP 2 Special will go out on 14th November (repeated 17th November)

We are awaiting confirmation of CD:UK (10th November) & Breakfast with Frost (11th November) The Concert itself will be broadcast on either C4 or BBC in the run up to Xmas.

Finally, the album will be launched on the 5th with £100,000 of TV advertising

04.10.01 11.54AM
Here comes the track list of the 2 UK CDs:
CD single cat No: 497 625-2
1) Fragile live (album version)
2) Desert Rose (demo version)

CD maxi cat No: 497 626-2
1) Fragile live (album version)
2) Desert Rose (demo version)
3) Fill Her Up (original version)
Enhanced track "After The Rain" new video version

Thanks to Stingus for this info. But it is strange that the first CD is the same as second one, but with 2 tracks instead of 4! I do not understand. It is a 2 tracks & a 4 tracks single, and not a 2 CDs set??

The October issue will be on line next monday with the september article about rarest CD promo album. Check this site often!

03.10.01 11.44PM
Here it comes, the first promo of Fragile single, and the new sleeve, which I LOVE!

Thanks a lot to Kenneth Nielsen for this scan. This CD is , I suppose, the UK promo CD with single edit and album version of the tracks. I simply love the sleeve, something that did not happen for a while! So impatient to listen tot he album.

My home computer just came back to me, after 1 week off to destroy this fu**** virus! I have lost all the scans of Sting CD & sleeves that I have in my comptuer, so I am really desepointed! Whatever, I apologies to all the peoples that wait for an answer to an email from me, it will come soon...

29.09.01 1.14PM
A new "all this time" page is up which will be updated each time there is new info on the album. Check it often!

28.09.01 10.20AM
As states sting.com, the tracks list of All this time, will be different in each country! As always, Japan will have more tracks, and USA less....
Here it comes:

UK - tracklist
1. Fragile
2. A Thousand Years
3. Perfect Love... Gone Wrong
4. All This Time
5. The Hounds of Winter
6. Mad About You
7. Don't Stand So Close To Me
8. When We Dance
9. Dienda
10. Roxanne
11. (If You Love) Set Them Free
12. Brand New Day
13. Fields of Gold
14. Moon Over Bourbon Street
15. Shape of My Heart
16. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
17. Every Breath You Take

JAPAN - tracklist
1. Fragile
2. A Thousand Years
3. Perfect Love... Gone Wrong
4. All This Time
5. Seven Days
6. The Hounds of Winter
7. Mad About You
8. Don't Stand So Close To Me
9. When We Dance
10. Dienda
11. Roxanne
12. (If You Love ) Set Them Free
13. Brand New Day
14. Fields of Gold
15. Moon Over Bourbon Street
16. Shape of My Heart
17. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
18. Every Breath You Take

US/CANADA - tracklist
1. Fragile
2. A Thousand Years
3. Perfect Love... Gone Wrong
4. All This Time
5. The Hounds of Winter
6. Don't Stand So Close To Me
7. When We Dance
8. Dienda
9. Roxanne
10. (If You Love ) Set Them Free
11. Brand New Day
12. Fields of Gold
13. Moon Over Bourbon Street
14. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
15. Every Breath You Take

R.O.W. - tracklist
1. Fragile
2. A Thousand Years
3. Perfect Love... Gone Wrong
4. All This Time
5. The Hounds of Winter
6. Mad About You
7. Don't Stand So Close To Me
8. When We Dance
9. Dienda
10. Roxanne
11. (If You Love ) Set Them Free
12. Brand New Day
13. Fields of Gold
14. Moon Over Bourbon Street
15. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
16. Every Breath You Take

Sting us & sting.com bring us this info too : Furthermore, the recordings from the show on the 11th will be used together with recordings from the 10th of September, that was the show in front of Universal executives, etc.

As a 5-camera film crew captured the process of Sting preparing this acoustic gig, this footage will appear on a full-length DVD companion to the album scheduled for release in early December.

A single, "Fragile", will be released to coincide with the album’s release.

Sting ... "All This Time", will be in stores on November 5th (International) and November 20th (USA/Canada).

The A&E network will be airing a documentary on Sting's All This Time concert with all the behind the scenes action including reaction to the tragic events of September 11. There was a second concert done the night before the publicized one allowing A&E even more access. Look for the documentary to coincide with the release of All This Time. The documentary's airdate is tenatively scheduled for November (thanks Andrea!).


27.09.01 13.12PM
The official track list of the ALL THIS TIME live album is:
1. Fragile
2. A Thousand Years
3. Perfect Love... Gone Wrong
4. All This Time
5. Hounds of Winter
6. Don't Stand So Close To Me
7. When We Dance
8. Dienda
9. Roxanne
10. (If You Love Somebody) Set Them Free
11. Brand New Day
12. Fields of Gold
13. Moon Over Bourbon Street
14. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
15. Every Breath You Take

The sleeve will be the same as previous... but with a different title of course. You can donwload the version of Fragile on Turning leaf ; you can also download the Fragile version of America : a tribute to hear broadcast on Martin's site a million doors...

WARNING : I have been infected by a bad VIRUS, that I maybe have send you on latest emails send on sunday 23.09. If you have received an email from me at this date, please remove it and check your hard drive with an anti-virus. If you did'nt not have one, just ask me and I will tell you what to do!

I have update the links page, it seems there is a virus on my friend Didier web site stingnewday, do not visit it for the moment...

Check this page to help us peoples.

23.09.01 5.22PM
As you can see, I have update and change out of print... again. This up frame is more usfull than the other one for people who have a little screen. Also, I have update and change some things :
My interview with Sting : read all the details on this amazing meeting.
My sleeves : the sleeves I have design for my Sting items.
Links : update the links to Sting page.
Special features : article about the rare Sting tracks not included in my collection.

Sting has performed Fragile at the Amercia : a tribute to heroes broadcast.

Fragile would be the single issued from All this time album.

The Police Gatshead 82 live performance will be reissued on DVD and VHS in Japan.

Sean Potter has find a Desert rose CD single released in... Australia! It states it on the disc, so it finnaly exists. It is the same as German.

The superbe web site of tom, northnorthwest is online, very nice, amazing work. I am really impressed, congratulations...

On friday morning, me and my wife werre going to Toulouse. 20 minutes before we arrive, a chemical industrial structure has explosed and killed 20 peoples, and hurst 300. World is crazy this time. We are safe but a little shock. So, we spend 2 days inside the apartment, I am fed up with the world!

18.09.01 12.22PM
Seeing what happen in USA on 11.09, and as our plane was previous on 12.09, my wife and I prefered cancel our trip as we won't know what could happen after this tragedy. There is no words to explain that, and all my thought are going to peoples who lost someone in this tragedy.

As you know, the acoustic Sting concert was previous the same day... the album won't finaly be called "On such a night", seeing what happen, but "All this time". The cover picture here would probably change. Jeremy make a review of it that you can read on www.stingUs.net. A lot of songs werre canceled, but the final set list was : Fragile / 1000 years-Perfect love gone wrong / All this time / Seven days / Hounds of winter / Don't stand so close to me / When we dance / Dienda / Roxanne / Set them free / Brand new day / Fileds of gold / Shape of my heart / If I ever lose / Every breath you take / Message in a bottle.

All songs werre played in special version, but read Jeremy review for details. Thanks to Karel for the scan of the cover.

The album will be released on November 5th internationnaly, and on the 20th in USA & Canada.

Note that sting us adresse is now http:// www.stingUs.net

I will take another week off, Iam just here for today, I won't answer to email until 24.09 as previous.

08.09.01 3.15PM
The September issue is now online: the Jully & August articles are ready! Yes, I know it is late, but it is better now than never! Jully article is about Japanese 7" & 12", and August article is the 10 rarest 7"!

The profile new section is now online, check it to know how it works and read my profile!

I won't be at home from 09.09 to 24.09, as me and my wife are going to Vietnam for our honeymoon!
Also, I could NOT give you informations about the "On such a night" live album that will be recording next week. If you want to have info about that, check my freind's Martin site at www.milliondoors.fr.st, or www.stingus.com (if it works as last time I viist it, there was troubles), or even www.sting.com. I will give you all the details when I come back!

Also, do not worry if I do not answer to your emails!

Martin sell a part of his bootlegs, check the list at www.stingontheroad.fr.st

03.09.01 00.19AM
I think US A&M compagny is going crazy! Rainer Hake has found 2 new promo US CD of After the rain has fallen!
One is a promo CDr test pressing of the radio remix.
The other one is a new 2 track promo blue disc, with a different catalogue number AMRR-10288-2, Album version & video edit instead of Video edit/Tin tin out, and a back inlay!
If you are a little bit lost, check the After the rain list that has been updated, or the latest items section for scans... Thanks to Rainer for his help.

27.08.01 10.15PM
How can I forget this item!!! I have had the Why should I cry for you? German promo CDs to the rarest single article of june... I forget this one...

OK, and for people who have asked me this question, I have count how much Sting CDs I have, and... I have 451 official Sting CDs (album + singles, not the bootlegs or non A&M records).

26.07.01 10.12 AM
Click here to see some pictures of me and my wife during the best days of our lives... OK, next update will be about Sting, I promise :-)

23.07.01 8.29 PM
I am back from this amazing concert in Montreux Jazz Festival. My friend Martin makes an exellent revue of it, read it.

For my personal point of view, I was amazed by the acoustic medley "Thousand years - perfect love", one of the best live moment I ever live, but I was so desepointed by the rest of the show. I mean, Perfect love, Ghost story werre fbulous, but I was expecting so much more... It was an exellent concert, happy to have met all of you guys, sorry that Frederique, my wife, finnally can't come, but she would have hate the 45°C during 3 hours...

Still working on out of print v4.0, probably on line in August. Full of news, really more easy to navigate, I promise...

18.07.01 10.42 PM
I am really sorry with the lack of update this month... I was working on a personal graphic web site which present my photography et graphic work. You can check it at www.imaginaires.fr.st. If you like it leave me a message in the guestbook.

I am really happy as I have, at least found 2 tickets for the Sting Montreux concert on saturday, and at a good price...
It is not sure that Frederique, my wife, can come, but I cross my fingers.

As some people ask me, I will put some picture of the wedding on a web page...

Now we know the Sting acoustic concert will be in his home town in Italy, how much could cost a ticket on ebay if there is one for sell?

Concerning out of print, I am thinking of change this home page, as a lot of people are lost in it with the left to right navigation...
So, the next update will probably be the version 4.0 of the web site.

My friend Martin close the hounds of winter web site and open A millon doors to eternity... check it!

I am really sorry to know that Stingchronicity is closed, but I totally understand the position of Dave and Wendy. We do these sites as we are fan and want to share our passion with other fans. All that we want is that make people happy... it is not a job, we are not pay for it, we even take on our fammily time to do this passion... so on I totally understand how bad it could be to receive negative feedback. Dave and Wendy, I totally support you and I hope you change your mind.

09.07.01 1.19 PM
I am back from my honey moon... the wedding was perfect and I want to thank all the people who write to congratulate us...
Leave me some days to answer to my 90 emails, hunt on ebay, order all the picture from the wedding, and I will be back for some updates...

20.06.01 9.21 AM
There will be very few update from now to the middle of Jully simple because... I marry me! The wedding celebration will be on Saturday 30th, and so one, I have thousand things to prepare! It is a full time job! So, no jully issue until the end of jully...

16.06.01 9.29 PM
I have put 2 very rare Sting & Police items for sell on ebay:
Sting LAST EXIT Wispering voices first 7"
The Police Official file complete 20 magazines set

I have add scans of the Nothing like the sun US DTS CD which comes in a special package, and the rare Desert rose Canadian promo CDs.

16.06.01 9.41 AM
I have received another Funny Friend promo CD! In fact I buy a second US "for your consideration" Disney promo CD for a friend, and when I received it, a surprise, it is a CDr! But a professional CDr with the same writing printed on the disc, and a mastering studio back sleeve! The disc is in fact white with black writing instead of silver!

A weekly Sting-newsletter has been started up for the anglosaxon community to which www.stingus.com will contribute weekly. It will bring lots of info on your favourite artist. To join this announcement only group, send a mail to Sting-Newsletter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Joe ' giacomo - a dream of reign web site has been updated.

10.06.01 11.25 PM
The June issue is ready... and I have made some changes on the site. There is now a new section, that you can find on the right of this texte file, called simply "the discography" which contains the monthly articles, and scans of the rarest Sting items.

So, the june article is the list of the 20 rarest Sting CD singles! It takes me hours to make it and to scan all this items, and I hope you will be happy to see items you
do not know that exists! Sorry, no picture this month, too much to do with the article! Check the monthly issue for all the details.

Also, I have made a new splash screen...
and so on, made a wallpaper... download it here!

Sting us has change... and, an amzing thing, is that Karel choose the same image as my new disco page & the new index, but I have to tell I do it before I see the new version! Check the best site to have news...

There is a Spanish promo CD sampler of Ally Mac Beal soundtrack which features Every breath you take duet as first track.

Also, the new album of Cheb Mami features a track called "Le Rai c'est chich" which seems to features Sting on backing vocals. There is a promo CD of this track.

02.06.01 10.25 AM
The June issue will be online next sunday. The final list of the 20 rarest and most interesting CD singles will be ready soon. I hope I would have time to put the Best of pages too.

I have received the Mercury Falling Virgin box set and it is one of the most amazing and beautifull item from my collection. It was in fact issue in Japan and not in UK as I think. Check picture and details here.

I have received the South Africa remastered CD of The soul cages which is slightly different. The back sleeve & disc are different, check details and scan here. In fact, all the Sting album have been reissued in RSA as remastered CD, with the usual video bonus. Here comes the catalogue numbers:

Dream Of The Blue Turtles STARCD6579
Bring On The Night STARCD6581
Nothing Like The Sun STARCD6577

Soul Cages STARCD6582
Ten Summoner's Tales STARCD6580
Fields Of Gold STARCD6145
Mercury Falling 540 998-2
Very Best of Sting & The Police SSTARCD6358
Strangley, Mercury has the same catalogue number that European issue.

I also have a chinese issue of Ten summoner's tales which is different to the other one, and which is probably a bootleg as it is so bad designed. Check details and scan.
The DTS reissue of Nothing like the sun comes in a special package, scan willl come soon.

There is a Emperor New's groove promo Sampler from Taiwan. The CD comes in cardboard envelope, released by Disney. It contains My funny Friend And Me - Sting 2. My Funny Friend and Me-Sting (spanish version) 3. Perfect World-Tom Jones 4.Chinese track. Catalogue number is AVDCD700069. I do not consider it as a Sting single as it contains tracks by other artists, but I think it was interesting to talk about it.

30.05.01 10.12 AM
http://sting.alfbank.ru is an amazing russian web site, so well designed! Even if all is written in russian and that I do not understand 1 word, it has a very nice picture gallery, and a discography that list a 1991 strange fan box set!! And if you click on the little Sting picture on the home page, you can download a nice screensaver... I love this site!

26.05.01 08.46 AM
I have add scan of the amazing and so rare Mercury falling promotional french sampler.
June article will be the list, details and pictures of the 15 rarest Sting CD singles!

24.05.01 11.14 PM
Check the Sting.com gallery for some very nice pictures at big size. Most of them are known, but they are great, especially the picture of Sting on roof from the promo bnd single...
Stingchronicity also made a picture gallery by now...

20.05.01 7.02 PM
I have ordered all the pictures and files I have in my computer and found scan of rares items... So I have deceided to change the "latest items" section in "rarest items". I have ordered & updated all these info and scans and put info on :
Nothing'bout me Mexican promo CD
Remastered promo sampler CD
The mighty 1 track promo CD

The Sting sell list has been updated... take a look for some new CDs for sell.

17.05.01 8.58 PM
Someone need your help at the message board, please help her.

I am looking for 2 tickets for the Montreux Jazz festival Sting gig on the 21th of july as it's sold out and I didn't get a chance to catch tickets before... As I know many people will be there, if you happen to know someone which as tickets and that is finally not going, PLEASE, write me. This is extremly important to me, as my friend Martin have one ticket and that
the idea of going one without the other hurts our body and mind!!! :-)

The Ten summoner's tales MC et LP list is ready. To sum up, the following lists are ready.
My funny friend and me
Brand new day
Brand new day single
Desert rose
After the rain has fallen
Brand new day special releases
Mercury falling
Ten summoner's tales
The soul cages

What will be next? Submit me your point of view.

I have received the Australian My Funny friend and me promo CD. the sleeve is the second one, as Taiwan issue, and the back sleeve is the same as the sleeve, not the one of the German CD.

Sell lists have been updated.

09.05.01 8.58 PM
The Ten summoner's tales CD list is ready. Check it and tell me if I forget something. LP & MC issues will follow.

08.05.01 10.32 PM
Sting.com exists!!! Very nice pictures, it promise a good site for fans, not a good site to choose a computer :-)

08.05.01 4.32 PM
A new blue splash screen... tell me if you prefer the red one or the green one...

I have put scan of a Chinese / Taiwan compilation called "thousand years". It is probably a bootleg.

Also, Kenneth Nielsen send me scan of the After the rain has fallen 2 tracks promo US CD he has find. It is the same as the one listed in the After the rain list (AMRR-10181-2n, blue disc, with Video edit & tin tin out edit), the first promo US CD issued before the remix version, but his copy comes with blue and white back inlay... I am looking for this one. See it.

It seems after the rain won't be issued in the US as a single, even if the video was shoot. I do NOT understand.

Stingchronicity annonce the live album!

05.05.01 9.18 AM
The May issue is ready earlier than I said, but without the Ten summoner's tales list, sorry!

In this month issue:
- an article about the japanese phone cards with pictures of the 26 cards known
- 25 new pictures in the gallery, with 14 ones of The Police!
Check the monthly page to know which updates have been made in April.

I have an extra copy of the Fender CD Rom for sell. I have put it on ebay.
Good luck.

03.05.01 9.18 AM
The May issue will be online on monday 07th, with an article on the japanese phone cards, new pictures in the gallery... and maybe, if I have time, ten summoner's tales page!

I have received the Fender CD rom, and it is a very nice item. It comes in CD single jewel case, but the inlay is square. The video is a report about compaq computer used during the brand new day tour, with Sting talking of it. It is more a long compaq commercial than a real report about the tour, but it is interesting. It runs around 4 minutes. There is alos texte and picture... Kipper with his compaq computer, Sting with his compaq computer, Kim turner with his compaq computer ... :) Thanks a lot to Rodolfo to his help to find this item.

23.04.01 9.32 PM
I have update the Mercury falling list and put details and pictures on the rarest issues.

Stinchronicity have change... it has now only one frame, really more usfull... so much things to read! I love the gigography! So usfull.

21.04.01 8.29 PM
I have update the My funny friend and me list and put details and pictures on the rarest issues. I have done the same for The Soul cages.

17.04.01 10.06 AM
I have update the brand new day list with details and pictures of the 2CD issues (Taiwan, Singapor, Malaysia, Korea...). There is now 45 different issues listed! Thanks to Greg for help & scans. Also, I have update the bnd singles lists.

Here come more details on the live album: (these info have been send by Karel Van Isacker from Stingus… To have more details, take a look at stingus…)

One of the extra bonus tracks on the new acoustic live cd is probably "Where Will You Be for Christmas" that Sting sang with Yolanda Adams (originally released in December 2000 in Japan on a Unicef charity album Music Of Love). This is not confirmed though.

Do know that the CD promo to radio will be a new single of Sting with a new song, and this to announce the live CD:

CD Pro to radio Sept. 17th to radio
Video for single Sept. 17th to media
Commercial single release Oct. 15th in stores
Live Album release Nov. 5th in store

*Filming of "pub" performance + rehearsals for 60-minute TV program (A&M to own, distribute and place) - this program to be delivered on Oct. 15th, 2001
*Single to be recorded and delivered in advance of "pub" performance
*Video clip to be edited from filmed footage in advance of "pub" performance *Webcast of "pub" performance
*At least 100 tickets to "pub" performance for A&M to use for media contesting and/or press
*4 non-album b-sides for single #1
*2 non-album recordings for international bonus tracks
*Single #1 either new song or new arrangement of "Fragile"
*Live photos and EPK

Thanks Karel to share these infos.

17.04.01 00.14 AM
Sting has shoot a new video for After the rain... so the song would probabaly be released in the USA as I have think... more details on stinchronicity.

17.04.01 00.7 AM
I have updated my audio list... it is the listen section.

15.04.01 00.27 AM
The last section of the "summoner's collector" part of this site is finished : the history of my metting with Sting and my interview of him. If you want to know why Sting record "Oo la la hugh"... read it!
I have put scan of the rare fender CD-rom.

Happy Easter to everyone!

09.04.01 00.48 AM
At least, all the items I have for sell are listed in the collector corner. As you will see, there is items I have for sell, and from my friend collection I have talk about. But you can order all these items directly to me.

04.04.01 11.48 PM
The April monthly issue is on line, but without the pictures and the article, as I won't have the time to do it this month. But, I have put the list of all the releases of My funny friend and me known so far.

The acoustic live album is now confirmed and it is probably the greatest news I have heard. I am really happy Sting goes back to what it do the best, acoustic live!!

As seen on Stingchronicity: people who purchase the Fender Sting Precision Bass receive a copy of this Compaq/Fender CD-ROM which goes behind the scenes on the Brand New Day tour and is said to include footage from one of Sting's shows last year in Hawaii. Take a look on Wendy & Dave web site in the news page, for a picture.

Concerning My funny friend and me, there is a promotional German CD which includes english & spanish versions in jewel case, for which I will give details as soon as I get it & it seems there is also an australian promo CD. See the complete list.

I have work on an other web site, of the band lunatic age (nothing to do with Sting). Take a look.

30.03.01 09.19 AM
Karel, from StingUs-team, send me this amazing info on a possible acoustic album release: (nothing is sure yet!!!)

There will be a live album from Sting ready for commercial release in the Christmas period!
Unlike any other past CD, it is the plan is to record a concert at an intimate venue in Italy in front of a 300 capacity audience made up of fans, contest winners and record company staff.
The set will include acoustic guitars, piano, organ, etc. with potential appearances by special guests (yet to be confirmed) such as Cheb Mami and Branford Marsalis.
The tentative release date for the live album will be November 5th.

The first single has a planned radio date of September 17th followed by a commercial release date of October 15th.

The video for the first single is scheduled to be ready on September 16th.

As soon as we have confirmation of the title for the live album or first single a circular will be sent out to let you all know.

As you see in the details under this article the tracklisting for this live album looks very strong and includes hits by the Police as well as Sting.

A brand new track composed by Sting for this record is planned to be a down-tempo ballad for Christmas.

Message in a Bottle
Roxanne Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Every Breath You Take
Tea in the Sahara
I Burn for You
Englishman in New York
We'll Be Together
Desert Rose
Fields of Gold
All This Time
Brand New Day
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
When We Dance
+ 2 'bonus,' non-album tracks for Japan and rest-of-world versions

Furthermore, a special A&M TV show about this will be made + lots of extras, so stay tuned for a very nice treat!

Do not know if it is true but seems amazing!

About the Emperor new's groove album. The French album soundtrack, contains, added of the usual track listing, the Spanish and Iitalian versions of "My funny friend and me", and a video.

Also, as seen on Stingchronicity, the Taiwanese CD is a 15 track CD from Taiwan. which features the Spanish version of My Funny Friend And Me, the video for the track, a 'making' of the video feature video and a bonus CD which includes a Chinese version of My Funny Friend And Me (sung by Chyi Chin) and an instrumental version of the track.

25.03.01 11.34 PM
The portuguese version of Perfect love gone wrong exists. It was release on the brazilan reissue of Brand new day album. Here come the details send by Darren Gray.
I thought you'd like to hear some news about the Brazilian re-issue of the BND album. It was re-issued this year (to coincide with Rock In Rio?), although the sleeve would have you believe it was issued in 1999.
The CD has the Portuguese version of Perfect Love (listed on the sleeve as "Duet with Zelia Duncan") and has a bonus track Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix Radio Edit).
The 'old' version of Perfect Love doesn't appear at all and track 7 is Prelude to End of the Game. There is no EPK on the CD.
Cat no is 60694906852. The booklet has the Portuguese lyrics instead of French for Perfect Love.

23.03.01 11.34 PM
Ebay end some of my auctions...

We werre talking, by email, with Kenneth Nielsen, of the rare Mad about you & Fragile remixes made by Ben Liebrand, and he write me this amazing message:
I found the Fragile remix, 160 kbps 44kHz. Running time 6:30. I think it's great, and its very well. In fact it's really reworked, added drums piano and more.
Well I been in contact with Ben Liebrand and he says that he did all three mixes. Englishman In NY - Fragile - and Mad About You. I asked him why the 2 other tracks newer was release by Sting, He tells me that he thought that they were !.
We know they ain't. He consider releasing the on his on label, but have to get some proper licences.
About: Mad About You, he writes: "It was an official remix mad from the original multitracks, and was approved for release by sting. Watch for the bass slide which appears 2 or 3 times in this mix. Listen to the mix over your speakers (not over your headphone) It should appear way outside the normal stereo field in your left ear.
About Fragile: Fragile was one of the weekly minimixes on dutch radio Just as Englishman in NY. I've been told there is a 12" maxi or CD which also holds Fragile, but I'm not sure. I'll try to get it released..... I'll have to get them licensed properly first
Greetings Ben"
Thanks, Kenneth, for these amazing info!

21.03.01 11.59 PM
At least, I have put the collector corner... but it is only the first step. I have put a lot of rare items on ebay for sell. Check the collector corner page for the list, or go directly at my ebay seller list.

21.03.01 9.21 PM
Stingoo!! :a very good & usfull job made by Attis.

21.03.01 7.42 PM
After the rain has fallen could be released in the USA!! Why I said that? Because, I have found 2 new USA promo CD of the track, with a total new remix version. Also, there for sell on ebay an add for the track which states "The follow-up to the smash Desert Rose". Whatever, nothing is sure. The promo CD comes with a grey & black back inlay, the promo CDr comes without catalogue number anda black & white back inlay. (Thanks to Greg for the scan).

Greg also find the Mexican issue of the brand new day album. And also, the BMG issue. As he said to me "BMG Music Service is a US record club that makes releases normally the same as the US release but with their own catalog no. printed on the disc and back artwork. The only releases they don't offer are Bring On The Night and Nada Como El Sol. Never really thought of these as collectors items until I recently noticed a Beatles discography in Goldmine magazine and it included some BMG listings. The BMG CD's are:
Dream Of The Blue Turtles - catalog no. D150266
Nothing Like The Sun - catalog no. D273965
Soul Cages - catalog no. D125218
Ten Summoners Tales - catalog no. D101334
Fields Of Gold Best Of - catalog no. D106357
Mercury Falling - catalog no. D112208
Very Best Of Sting & The Police - catalog no. D121344
Brand New Day - catalog no. D131425

Also, I have received the Turkish promo blue jean CD-rom. It is a nice item, even if the disc interface is badly designed. A funny thing as that some of the pictures from the gallery are directly taken from my old web 10 site as they still have the border I have put! The most interesting thing as that it contents videos of All this time / Brand new day / Englishman in New York / Fragile / If I ever lose / shapoe of my heart / Fields of gold / and the very rare coulour video of Mad about you.

15.03.01 7.28 PM
The German My funny friend 3 tracks CD with Italian version of the song have been issued. Back sleeve is the same as the 2 tracks CD.

14.03.01 11.53 PM
I have add the Bring on the night & Nada como el sol scans to the long boxes article. Also, I have add scans of the very rare french BND promo CDr with Fnac sleeve.
The LP & MC albums lists are at the end of album pages, after the CD releases!

A new After the rain US promo have been found, more info when I can.

13.03.01 11.59 PM
There is a promotional various artists video on sell on ebay with the promo video of "My funny friend and me". Anybody see it?

11.03.01 11:26 AM
I have add the lists of MC & LP releases of Soul cages & Mercury falling.

11.03.01 01:56 AM
Why I am not in bed at this hour? Because I want to bid on the Brazilian Funny friend CDs on ebay but finnaly lost the auction against Sean!
Whatever, to wait for the end of the auction, I have made the Mercury falling list. Take a look!

10.03.01 09:56 AM
The March monthly issue is finnaly ready.
Picture gallery : 16 new pictures from Cream, Arena & Rolling stone magazines.
Article : The US Long Box releases of Sting’s CD albums
(some scans are missing)

I have received around 100 Sting and Police records from a friend who is selling his collection. I have to list everything... check the site for a list or write me if you want it directly send by email.

The collector corner is still not ready yet as it is a huge work.

09.03.01 10:48 AM
I have received the Chinese issue of Ten summoner's tales which comes a special design. Not sure it is an official A&M record, but it is a nice issue.

Only for people who visit the site often, a new index... On sunday, 16 new very nice pictures will be added to the gallery... and, if I have the time, an article about the rare and so nice US long box issues of album, with pictures, of course. Write me if you want to be added to the mailling list, you will receive an email when it is ready.

03.03.01 01:21 PM
I have change this home page... you can now directly see the archive or latest items added by clicking on the buttons over this text field. Also, the message board is accessibble directly from this page, as the collector corner, even if this page is not ready yet. The "problem" page is not ready, it will be a copy of the news in an html page, as Nestcape users can not read all these info.

The march issue will be ready on 11.03.01, as I am preparing a photographies exposition (nothing to do with Sting!) which gives me a lot of work to do.

I have, at least, received the Murlyn remix promo CD of Brand new day, and it is an UK promo CD and not German as I was thinking. The country of pressing is writting in the center of the playing side, scared in the disc.

28.01.01 7.12 PM
A rainy sunday... so I have work a lot on the site! But you won't see it right now, I have some things to fix.
The new version of my friend Martin web site is up, you HAVE to visit The hounds of winter.

27.01.01 10.38 AM
Two days off and when I come back, an US store issued an amazing item! As you maybe know by now, US Target record store have issued anazing specail compilation called " Still be love in the world " which contains 7 tracks, and, best of all, and new remix of " A thousand years ". You can see picture sleeve and details in the new " news " section. (thanks to Greg Bratton for infos and scan)

A recent issue of the Turkish magazine Blue jeans comes with a very nice promotional Sting CD-rom which contains video clips, lyrics, discography (what???), audio mix and photo gallery. I have no other details on it, and I am definitely looking for one copy. It also contains Eminem's video. It is issued by universal records. More info.

Also added in the "news" section, details and picture of:
My funny friend and me Disney promo CD
My funny friend and me Taiwan CD single

24.01.01 3.14PM
As I want to do since so much time (is it my prefered album), I have made the soul cages CD list & presentation ... LP & MC or singles will come later... Does someone can tell me if this album has been reissued as ehanced Cd in USA & Canada?? If yes, what is the catalogue number?? write me

23.01.01 00.52AM
I hade add to the Brand new day singles list, infos on the vinyl & MC releases. Also, could someone give more information on the Desert rose US promo 12" (sleeve; label) & on the After the rain Italian 12" (lalbel colours, track listing)? Please write me.

22.01.01 10.27PM
What a work to do! I have put the details on the brand new day album issues... Each item is detailed on a separate window, so it is quick to load and you have details only on the issue you want. Hope it will be usfull...

22.01.01 1.15PM
The After the rain has fallen list is ready... now working on details lists... a lot of work to do! Please be patient...

The "My funny friend and me" second promo CD, which comes in a white sleeve with black writting, is a CD and not a CD-r as I have think. It is, in fact, issued by Disney record company, and the catalogue number is WDR 03MS365000.
There is a lso a promotional DVD of the movie, issued by Disney. It comes in black DVD case with a little picture in the middle.
The movie will be released in France on March the 28th... and the French title will be "Kuzco, l'empereur Megalo" (which means 'Kuzco, the megalomaniac emperor'... nothing to do with the original title!!!). Whatever, I hope the song will be recorded in French too. It seems it has been recorded in Italian... more info on Stingchronicity.

Nobody seems to see there is a guestbook on this site! Sign it or I stop the updates :)

19.01.01 6.15PM
The Desert rose list is ready... now working on After the rain...

18.01.01 11.39PM
The brand new day single list is ready... now working on Desert rose...
On which album/single will you want informations after Brand new day is finished? Choose between these and write to me : Mercury falling - Ten summoner's tales - The soul cages - Best of

17.01.01 11.59PM
Here it comes... the brand new day list is ready! OK, there is only the list, but it has been updated and re-made, ordered and detailled by country. Also, I have added a colum to state if I have, want, or do not have (which means do not really want) the issue. The info section will link to details on the item, but not for tonight! If you have an issue that I forget, please write me! also if you see a mistake!

14.01.01 10.33PM
The download section is available... 2 wallpapers for your computer...

People seems confused about Brand new day 2 CD set... it was issued in Taiwan& in Holland, not in Australia as I have think first... more info when I can.

11.01.01 00.33AM
My aim tonight, was to redesign & update the brand new day lists... but the old softwear I use to do version of 2 of the site is not compatible with the one I use by now... and I have to rewrite all the list! I am so happy, I can't stop crying!
So, for tonight, you can only read all news from December 00 to August... choose 1100 - 1000 - 0900 - 0800... interesting isn't it!
I have also change some colours... why I tell you that, nobody have notice!

The Brand new day 2CD set seems to be an european pressing...

I am so tired, I have to sleep...

08.01.01 1h21 am
Here it comes... the new version of out of print. I think this is the most accomplished version... on a design point of view! For the content, the most important have to be done...
As you maybe know by now, this web site won't be only a Sting discography as was the version 2.01; but also my personal Sting page, which was originaly web10. Stop talking, here come details on the big news:
monthly : a sum up of the monthly update, with a link, picture gallery...
gallery : Sting picture gallery... in this January issue, I have put picture for Dream of the blurtles, Nothing like the sun, Soul cages & Brand new day... more will come each month...
Links : a slectionned & detailed list of Sting web site...
Guestbook : because Ilove when people tell good things about this web site :-)
About : all the other info about this site : copyright, thanks, details...
Download : you will soon can download wall papers or other things... not ready yet!
Listen : my sting audio list... more update to do, but it is almost complete.
Watch / 4U (sell list) / me / site map are not ready yet...

On the discography point of view... I am working on the updated and redesign of Brand new day and singles lists and details, but it is finnaly not ready to be here tonight! So, I will tell you when it is ready...

Have a good visit and do not forget to leave me a message in the guestbook...

Some news :
Brand new day have been reissued in Taiwan with a second disc as bonus. The tracks are the same as on the "Australian" CD (not sure yet, haven't found this one) : “Windmills of your mind”, “A thousand years”, “Desert rose” & “After the rain” live, and “Desert rose - melodic club mix radio edit”.

Antoni Carbo have found a promotional cassette of the brand new day remix album. Of course, it is japanese, and come with a purple sleeve with japanese writtings. It contains only 6 tracks : Brand new day (murlyn mix) / Desert rose (melodic club mix) / After the rain (tin tin out radio mix) - A thousand years (Times is that which ends mix) / Brand new day (Cornelius mix) / Perfect love... gone wrong (featuring Lisa from M-flo). I do not know yet if the thousand year remix is the same... It is writting, on the inlay, that the other tracksd from the album will be Desert rose (filet dub mix) / After the rain (Tin tin out club mix) & Perfect love (Brazilian mix with portuguese rap) !!!! Do not know if it finaly exist!


26.12.00 < 7.07 PM
Sorry for the lack of updated in December, but I was working on the new version of the site... as you have seen on the home page, it will be on line on 08.01.01...
First of all, I want to wish all of you a wonderful 2001 year, full of happiness and of Sting items! I also want to thanks all the people who visit this site...

Some news...
My funny friend and me Taiwan CDs
This song was finally released as single in Taiwan. It seems it is a limited edition, and, added of the edit and album version, it contains the Spanish version which, for the moment is not available anywhere else. The sleeve is very nice and the catalogue number is 70069.

My funny friend second US promo CD It seems there is another promo CD of the song, which comes in black and white sleeve. It contains only one version of the song, and is probably a CDr. More news when I can.

Brand new day 2 CD set reissue.
The brand new day album have been reissued as a 2 CD set. The second disc contains “A thousand years”, “Desert rose” & “After the rain” live, “Windmills of your mind” and “Desert rose - melodic club mix radio edit”. I suppose it is an Australian issue, but I am not sure yet.

30.11.00 < 10.38 PM
Another single of “After the rain“ has been issued! And this is a suprise as it is a French issue! Someone has ask me to buy a copy of the French single, and I go to my usual shop to do it, but was a surprise when I see that the single is not the same... it includes “After the rain - tin tin out edit” as second track instead of Desert rose! So, the first issue, was really a “Limited edition”. The catalogue number of this one is 497 323-2, usual cardboard sleeve. the sleeve is clearer than the other issue... I have 2 copies for sell, write to me at outofprint@wanadoo.fr. Also, I have received an extra copy of the very rare French 6 tracks sampler. I have put it for sell on ebay.

29.11.00 < 0.22 AM
The last weeks were crazy at work, and I haven’t the time for out of print V3! So, the new version of this site will be finnaly on line in January 2001...
Sean Potter write me that : Today, I picked up a promo "Polydor New release vol 6 November/December" - tracks 12 is entitled "A thousand years" which would indicate an imminent UK release!

24.11.00 < 10.35 PM
Still working on the new version of the web site. No news... Seems the picture was missing on this page, here it comes...

10.11.00 < 8.14 PM
I am working on the links list to include on the new version of out of print... please send me your URL at outofprint@wanadoo.fr if you want to be included...
Sean Potter has received a promotional European CDr of Desert rose... it is a white disc with Sting at the top, “Desert rose” on right, “radio edit 3:54” on left and “Universal music” on down... he baught it to a Swiss guy but no other info from country of pressing are known!
Greg Bratton send me this info : “The Brand New Day CD I have found is a US CDR promo, listed by my supplier as a test pressing. It has 10 tracks with the last listed as Japanese Bonus Track - End Of The Game. The CD was pressed by Straight Copy, 11390 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, California. There is no catalog number”

09.11.00 < 11.59 PM
The late update is due to my work on the version 3.0 of this web site! I am completely changing the design, and also, I am killing web10! Web 10 is dying and the sections from it will be included on OFP3. I will try to put the new version at the beginning of December... as complete as I can! This new version will includes a download section with screen wallpapers (you can send me yours, but write me before), and a picture gallery ordered by album. Send me an email at outofprint@wanadoo.fr if you want to received an email with it is online...
some other news... French DVD & VHS So, the Brand new day tour DVD was well released in France, but it is the same as the European release, with the 15 extra footage and the sticker on front that states it includes the new single “Thousand years”. But, it also was released as a video... probabaly in secam system.
The disappointing Emperor's New groove The Sting Disney soundtrack so expected will finally only includes 2 Sting tracks, and one of it is a duet... it seems “My funny friend & me” won’t be released as a single... I am disappointed! I was expected a entire soundtracks as Phil Collins do for Tarzan... lazy Sting! Most of the promotional US single of “My funny friend & Me” comes with a press kit which includes a Sting b/w picture, and 2 page about the movie and 2 slides...


28.10.00 < 1.02 AM
I know that I tell that since a long time, but the site is not updated as often as I would want... so much to do... but I have to tell it again!

DVD... more info
The BND tour DVD has been issued in France and I have heard it contains extra footage... around 15’... but as I haven’t buy or received any issue, I can not be sure. For the moment, I have order or see the Japanese, USA, & German issues... I have to check for the French one if it is different from German/Europe... The German issue comes with a sticker which states “includes the new single Thousand years” which would confirm the rumor of the 2 CD set issued in the UK in December...

Emperor’s new’ groove soundtrack
The promo US single CD is a picture disc without front inlay. You can see the picture on Dave & Wendy web site at www.stingchronicity.co.uk . As they state “The full soundtrack for the movie, The Emperor's New Groove, has a release date of November 14. Sting wrote the music for the soundtrack with Dave Hartley. Sting performs two tracks - the aforementioned "My Funny Friend And Me," which was released to radio stations Oct. 23, and a duet with Shawn Colvin "One Day She'll Love With Me". On the collector side, there is a promotional press kit which includes the complete album, 2 slides and info..... the site will be updated each time I have more info, and a special page will probably be added, so visit often for info.....

The Mighty 1-track promo CD single
Ruediger Hoeckel has found this promo CD : THE MIGHTY- USA - 61868 30036 2 3 promo, picture CD (poster of the movie), “The Mighty starring Sting” written on CD, remix version (not on soundtrack album), with sticker on back of case... thanks for the info... a copy is welcome :)

Desert rose Canadian promo CD
Sean received it and gives me the following info : Jewel case with no front cover, but there is a back pure white with black writing with normal details. silver CD black writing "Sting Desert rose with remixes" - Cat no UMCR41342 - radio edit (3'54) / LP version (4'46) / Melodic club radio edit (4'44) / Extended remix (9'20)... lucky you!

Brand new day remix album promo
As I suppose, there is a promo issue of the Japanese remix album... the same with sticker...

19.10.00 < 10.38 PM
“My Funny Friend and Me” US promo CD has the catalogue number PRCD - 11330- 2

16.10.00 < 9.49 PM
The promo CD of “My Funny Friend and Me” has been issued in USA by Disney. It contains 4:25 Radio Edit and a 4:36 Album Version.

13.10.00 < 7.42 PM
Sorry for the late update, but I have too much to do. I am learning a new way to make web site, which will improve the use of out of print... I know, you would prefer I work on the lists and details, but it is me who decide :-)

The USA promo CD of Desert rose with catalogue number INTR-10093-2 seems to be the same as the first one, but the tracks are not in the same order (LP version is the third track, Melodic Club mix radio edit the second one!!).

I have found a new an unknown promotional French CD of the Brand new day album! It is a Sampler CDr, but this one contains 6 tracks instead of 5. It comes without sleeve and with the same design as the French promo CDr but it is written “Sting - découvrez 6 titres de son nouvel album - sortie le 28 septembre” (discover 6 tracks from his new album - issued on 28 September). The tracks are written like that : 1. 1000 years / 2. desert rose / 3. Big lie - Small world / 4. after the rain / 5. Perfect love / 6. Brand new day. And, the best part, is that the versions are not exactly the same, the transition between each songs hasn’t been made. It can be particularly heard between Big lie & After the rain.
There is also a complete promotional album CDr issued in France. It was issued for the Fnac stores. It comes with special sleeve, the same as the usual album which states “heard the new Sting album before everyone”.... or something like that. I have no other details and still looking for this one.

01.10.00 < 11.59 PM
I have seen a second promo CD of Desert rose from US. The only difference is the catalogue number which is INTR-10093-2 instead of INTR-10015-2... more details when I can.
Freaks Issue # 53 is ready. In this Issue : Ghost in the machine demos... write Erwin at freaks@chello.nl to subscribe. There is a promotional Euro CD of the song “Don’t walk away” by Youssou’n dour featuring Sting, in very nice sleeve.

Site of the month : http://www.adreamofreign.cjb.net no need to speak, take a look and you will understand!

Charlie Kriak have a stock of live at universal official promo CD for sell. The price would be $65 which include S&H. You can write him at howdykriak@aol.com or Charlie Kriak P.O. Box 33405 North Royalton, OH 44133-0405 USA No time for more update tonight.


28.09.00 < 8.24 AM
Still listening the remix of thousand years... I really like it. You take the intro and the end, and you put the original version in the middle, and it is the best version ever!

Sean I.M Potter find a Canadian promo of Desert rose, here come the details: Jewel case with no front cover but there is a black/purple white with black writing with normal details. Silver CD black writing "Sting Desert rose (with remixes)" - Cat no UMCR41342 - Radio edit / LP version / Melodic club mix radio edit - Extended remix

18.09.00 < 11.29 AM
Sorry for not having updated the site last week, but I was too busy. I have start a web designer formation, so don’t be surprise if there is changes in the site during the next months.

I have received the brand new day japanese remix album today. Surprisingly, the sleeve is not has bad as I have think. It really fit with the music, even if the colours are not the best ones. I have listen it, and here is my point of view on the version we do not know:
Brand new day Cornelius mix : e very great version, with a great acoustic (kind of acoustic) intro. I really like this version.
A thousand years - Bill laswelle mix: The first surprise is that this version runs 12’26. I have think it would be hard to remix this version, but the result is simply amazing. The intro is so good... the only bad part is in the middle, has it is a little “boum boum”, but the global is an exellent version of this track.
Perfect love gone wrong - lisa m-flow mix : I have think I would prefer this version as I won’t understand the rap.... how wrong I was ! It is worst... it is impossible to listen to it... I can describe it.. The only good thing is that Sting do not sing is part has on the original version, he has re-record it, and sings it in a different, and good way. I have received an extra copy of this CD, and sell it on ebay... follow the link. To have a more precise idea of the sleeve and back sleeve, and to see the sleeve of the best buy CD, click here! A better presentation will be made with the next update...

10.09.00 < 10.22 AM
I have change the home page and correct my english mistakes on this home page (thanks Alan)... I am now working on the Mercury falling list... You still can sign my guestbook...

As you maybe know, tickets for the free concerts at Central Park - NY can be win at Best Buy stores. They also give an amazing promotional CD to the winners. It contains Thousand years / Desert Rose / Meli meli (by cheb mami), live at Universal LA, as CD rom tracks & Audio tracks. Even if the sleeve is ... as beautifull as the remix album, it is a very collectible and nice item

08.09.00 < 00.28 AM
I have update the Brand new day page and put the BND album list... 34 different issues listed! Update of details and picture will be for the next update... good night

07.09.00 < 10.39 PM
Still working on BND list... I have found the BND remix album sleeve and it is... just have your opinion..

Sean I.M Potter find a Canadian promotional CDs of Desert Rose with catalogue number UMCR41342... more details as soon as possible.. sign my guest book

06.09.00 < 00.06 AM
I am working on the update of the BND album list, but I am little confused with issues from Singapore, Taiwan, China & Hong Kong... So it won’t be ready tonight...

As the German CD, the South African “After the rain” includes the After the rain video and not desert rose as it is stated on the big sticker on front.

The Japanese remix album will be released on 13th September. Here comes the final track listing: 1.Desert rose - Melodic club mix radio edit / 2.Brand new day - Cornelius mix / 3.After the rain - Tin tin out mix / 4.A thousand years - Bill Laswell remix / 5.Brand new day - Murlyn mix / 6.Desert rose - Melodic club mix / 7.Perfet love - Lisa M-Flo mix / 8.After the rain - Tin tin out radio edit / 9.Desert rose - Filter dub mix So, the Brazilian mix of Perfect love is not on the final track listing..... Please, sign my guest book and put a link directly to your site...

04.09.00 < 00.17 AM
I have made a guest book for this web site. please leave me a message, impression, anything....

03.09.00 < 02.32 PM
The Brand new day DVD will well be the universal concert. the sleeve, is my graphic point of view, quietly bad, and easy... see it here.

After the rain has been releases as a promotional CD in USA. The disc is blue with silver writtings, there is no sleeve por back sleeve, just in jewel case. It contains the video edit and the tin tin out edit and the catalogue number is #amrr-10181-2.

Freaks Issue # 52 is ready. In this Issue : Brand New Day DVD release bootlegged / Whats going on in Russia part 1014 / Different Gear / New UK album CDR promo's / 2 new Andy Summers items... write him at freaks@chello.nl to subsrcibe.


23.08.00 < 00.49 AM

I am back...
Some news: 1- The Brand New Day DVD will be released on 26 September... it seems it will be the Universal LA concert...
2- The release date of the Japanese remix album of BND tracks is now been 13 September. The catalogue number will be (POCM 1300) and the full track listing is : Brand New Day (Murlyn Mix) / Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix) / Desert Rose (Filter Dub Mix) / After The Rain Has Fallen (Tin Tin Out Radio Mix) / After The Rain Has Fallen (Tin Tin Out Club Mix) / A Thousand Years (Remixed by Bill Laswell) / Brand New Day (Cornelius Mix) / Perfect Love Gone Wrong (Brazilian Mix with Portuguese Rap) / Perfect Love Gone Wrong (feat. Lisa from m-flo).
3- Germany has issued 2 new single for After the rain!!!
Here comes the details (thanks Darren):
After The Rain Has Fallen (Video Edit) / (Tin Tin Out Edit) EU, 497 323-2, orange sleeve (same as UK CD2), orange disc with black titles, jewel case [yes, this is not in a card sleeve!!!]
After The Rain Has Fallen (Video Edit) / (Tin Tin Out Mix) / Seven Days (Live) / Desert Rose (Radio Edit) / Desert Rose (Video) EU, 497 370-2, same sleeve as UK CD1, black disc with white/orange titles, jewel case.
The only difference with the 497 327-2 issue is that it contains Desert rose instead of Shape of my heart. I do not know yet if the video is well the Desert rose one, or the mistaken After the rain one as on the 497 327-2 CD...
4- out of print updates: I have put the After the rain has fallen complete list... also, as a lot of people have asked me, I have put back the list and details on BND album, desert rose and BND single, but they are not finished in design... but it is better to see an unfinished designed version that no list at all. So you can have access to the following page (not updated): Brand new day CD list Brand new day CD details Brand new day CD single details (and list with definitive design) Desert rose CD singles list & details The After the rain details list will come soon... I hope!

15.08.00 < 10.29 PM
I won’t be at home until next monday (21.08) so do not worry if I do not anwser to emails. I would have wanted to put desert rose & after the rain lists before holidays... but I can’t... sorry!

09.08.00 < 11.57 PM
I have found Singapour, China & Malaysia releases of Brand new day album, all with special OBI... more details when I have received them.
I have put the BND single list, with the new presentation... please take a look and tell me what you think about it, if you prefer it like this or like it was in the version 01. The details list haven’t been remade by now... but it takes me 4 hours only to made the bnd list!!!!

05.08.00 < 3.46 PM
So, After the rain has been release in France as a 2 tracks CD. It comes in card PS with orange sleeve (good choice). There is a big sticker that states "limited edition includes Desert rose", but it has nothing of limited, it is just to write "Desert rose" bigger than "After the rain" to increase the sells. I can have a copy for you, write me for details. See all the details & picture in the news page...
I also have received the Brazilian promo singles of Desert rose & Brand new day, which have very nice design. See all the details & picture in the news page...

03.08.00 < 11.46 PM
Sorry, still not the time to update the page. Seems that Desert rose was issued as a jukebox 7” in the US (info from shop : Desert Rose, US exclusive 2 track jukebox 7" single, complete with jukebox label strip).
Esprit list a After the rain French limited CD with Desert rose as second track??? Yes, I am in France, but I haven’t the time to check... tomorrow I will take a look. If anyone want a copy, write me...
I have update the links of the month & update on this page... the C2m site is amazing with very nice video & photos... ten thousand time better than compaq....

01.08.00 < 01.46 AM
Not so easy to find time to update this site... Why? Because I have an other life, a normal life... and now I have a cat! Whatever, no news at all... For those who can be interesting in other things, take a look at my design compagny page at www.1p2t.fr.st and tell me what you think a bout it. I am looking for DTS version of Brand new day album, can anyone can have to me at a good price??? Write me

24.07.00 < 00.25 AM
I have pass all my Sunday in front of this screen to redesign the bnd single page, and today when I want to publish it, the file has an error and I have to remade everything..... I love the computer ! So, no big update has previous... After the rain & Desert Rose have been issued in South Africa and have the same track list as German issues. Catalogue number is MAXCD 231 for After the rain, I do not know for Desert. I am waiting for them. I have had to this page the site of the month/site of the update links... take a look. Write me if you want to be the next one.

20.07.00 < 1.47 AM
Welcome to the second version of out of print. My aim by now is to make little updated each time I hear about a new item... For the moment, most of the site is not available I have to modife the pages. Only the brand new day & bnd news page are available. To have details on the latest items find for Brand new day take a look at the Brand new day news list. You will find details & pictures on : Japanese 3 track promo sampler in special sleeve Brand new day & Desert rose promotional brazil CDs Brand new day 1 track promo US CDr After the rain German 2 tracks CD After the rain Italian 12” with picture sleeve.

2000................................................... if you read this, I think you are crazy enoguh to have read all the out of print archive !