UK 089 566-3 PAL lyrics on inside sleeve
2 Germany 089 566-3 PAL lyrics on inside sleeve
3 France 089 566-3 SECAM lyrics on inside sleeve
4 Japan POVM-1007 NTSC with insert, spine in japanese
5 -- USA 440 086 566-3 NTSC promo, without sleeve
6 USA 440 086 566-3 NTSC cardboard box, double front with lyrics
7 Taiwan 089 566-3 PAL spine in chinese

Germany 089 566-1 PAL gold LD
2 Japan POLM-1007 NTSC silver LD, with insert, with OBI, details unknown

Germany 089 5664  
USA 310690287-2 comes in cardobaord slip case

no scan
China? C005 strnage Chinese CDv, with soul cages design, cardobard sleeve, probably a bootleg

7 VHS, 2 LD, 2CDi, 1CDv
This video is the recording sessions of the album in Lake House, Wiltshire with all the songs from the album played.
Some of the songs are live versions different from the album ones.
This video was the first one (and the last) to be issued on CD-i, a Phillips Technologie to see CD on TV... It was soon repelased by the DVD...

1. If I ever lose my faith in you
2. Love is stronger than justice (...)
3. Fields of gold
4. Heavy cloud no rain
5. She's too good for me
6. Seven days
7. Saint Augustine in hell
8. It's probably me
9. Shape of my heart
10. Something the boy said
11. Epilogue (nothing 'bout me)