7th October 2003
7 DVD, 1x2CDV

Interview, rehearsals sessions and special live songs from "Sacred love". Recorded in Los Angeles, at the Mayan Theater and at Malibu in may 2003.

DVD features Subtitles in english, french, german, spanish and brazilian portuguese.

Also, Stingus give this exellent information : There is a hidden bonus track on the Inside DVD. To find it, from 24.40 until 25.30 min on the DVD, Sting and Dominic perform (only) the chorus of Shape Of My Heart. When you press the "play" button during this section a complete version of this song is played. Sting gets really emotional during the song and even starts to cry. (thanks Rogier)

EU 0602498608210 PAL / region 0 with orange info sticker on front
2 EU 0602498608210 PAL / region 0 digipack issue
Japan B0000BHJ4V
NTSC / region 2 promo, stock copy with promo stamp on back and wirtting on disc
Japan B0000BHJ4V
NTSC / region 2  
5 USA B0001154-09 NTSC Normal CD case
Taiwan unknown unknown promo, stock copy with promo pink stamp on back and promo stamp on disc
Taiwan unknown unknown  
8 Malaysia B0001154-09 unknown doiube CDV edition

media plan France 21 x 30 cm media plan, send to media to present the album, 2 sided



- Send Your Love
- Inside
- Dead Man's Rope
- Shape Of My Heart
- Never Coming Home

- Like A Beautiful Smile
- Forget About The Future/That Sinking Feeling
- This War
- Stolen car (Take me dancing) / All would envy
- Sacred Love
- The Book of My Life
- Walking On the Moon
- Roxanne
- Whenever I Say Your Name (with Mary J. Blige)
· Bonus performance: Every Breath You Take.