As you probably know if you are a Sting fan, he has record as much songs for participations and b-sides than on his own albums. Also, it exists a lot of remixes of his albums songs, some exellent, some sooo bad! And, Sting is the king of live! It is one of the reason why I love is music so much : the live versions are simply amazing...

These pages list all the rare Sting songs and performances that I have in my collection, and so on, that probabaly exist (except for concerts, as I have only a selection of the best shows). They are ordered in 3 sections:

Studio : the remixes, the b sides, non album tracks recorded for participations, movie soundtrack, and rare albums... (as the living sea, last exit...)

Live : live songs from singles, rec
orded on radio and TV, special concerts... Sting in what he does th best: playing live!!

The Police : the b-sides, live songs, concerts...

We can make CDr exchange if you have rare songs that I do not have,
or concerts... just write to me
and, please, read these info before .

Warning this pages have not been updated since 3 years!!