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I have list the MUST of the CD album : rarest and most interesting ones.. Also, there are only PROMO issue, and I focus on items that are really different from stock copy (I exclude japanese, Korean & US stamped promo CD, and japanese special compilation which have there own article), and CDr .

Brand new day - Singles & B-sides US promo CDr - without check Brand new day list >>
Even if this is a CDr, and I have to list it as it is one of the rarest and most interesting item. Which is interesting is the content : tracks which were supposed to be released as b-sides in the first place but this never happend.

Erwin Kepen, who as the only copy known so fare give us this review of the tracks :

A thousand years : is a single edit version (4.40), not manny changes to the song, pretty much the same as the single release, the beginning is different, lets say the skipped the first part.

A thousand years : as instrumental b-side (6.00), indeed completely the same as the album version but a 3 seconds longer start.

Fill her up : version 1 (4.46), completely different arrangement than the one on the album, still very much a country song. Lyrics are the same.

Fill her up : version 2 (4.46), slightly different than the above still different. I think that these are probably stings first ideas of the song and that this was changed later in the version which was released.

Big lie small world : b-side version (5.10) , Guitar intro is the same but the rest of the song is completely instrumental with sting only on backing vocals, these vocals are different than the album release

Tomorrow we'll see : b-side version (4.47) , I didn't hear any differences.

Desert Rose : b-side version (4.47) , Cheb Mami isn't on it so it looks very different, arrangement is on some places different aswell, again sting is doing 2nd voice only.

Folk Tune : (5.38) Is probably the working tittle for "End of the game". Sounds like an early arrangement, completely instrumental.

Bach Parita : (2.50) , could have been for the cd rom game I think, Sting on accoustic guitar playing a classical song.

The dream of the blue turtles - Japan gold CD - D33Y3400 check Dream of list >>
This issue is an original issue. The disc is a gold disc, as you can see, and it is a promotional CD, as state the red signs on the middle of the disc. There is a a promotional sticker on the back. The OBI is gold too with black writting.

Brand new day - Japan 3 tracks sampler - 4DCP-3081 check Brand new day list >>
Everything is unique, as you can see. It contains only 3 tracks from Brand new day album : Desert rose / Thousand years / After the rain. The front cover is a very nice picture of Sting, in green. the back inlay is by with Japanese writing and the disc is white with silver writing. As all the promotional Japanese special CD, this item is very rare and so on, very expensive.

The soul cages - Canada interview disc - AMCD 030891 check The soul cages list >>

Canada have released one of the rarest CD for this album. It's a special "Interview disc" CD. It's a promotional CD, althought it does not say anywhere on the disc or cover that it is a promotional CD. The sleeve is white with the title in the "Soul cages" style, as on the "Unplugged" video. The gatefold insert folds out to reveal a list of question, and Sting's answers to these question can be heard on the disc.

Mercury falling - Japan Virgin box set - POCM-1165 check Mercury falling list >>
This box set was issued by Virign megastores to "recomend" the album.

It has just the side to include the album CD inside.

The exact use is unknown, but it states on front "Highly Virign recomended". It states on back "London . Paris . Tokyo", but seems to have been only released in Japan as it is the japanese CD which comes inside... A strange and rare item!

Mercury falling - France sampler in folder - 6263 check Mercury falling list >>
This promo CD comes in a A4 cardboard folder with cover picture on front. The back lists the promotional French TV shows, radio shows, advertisements and tour; writing in white and gold on a purple background. Inside there are five attractive pictures of Sting and details about the album, written in purple. And on the left part of the folder there is a 5" cardboard sleeve which holds a 5 tracks promotional CD sampler. The tracks are: Let your soul be your pilot, The hounds of winter, La belle dame sans regrets, You still touch me and All four seasons.

Mercury falling - French promo full CD - 6259 check Mercury falling list >>
  This promo CD comes without sleeve and contains the full album.

The soul cages - UK promo CD - 396 405-2 check The soul cages list >>
  This promo CD states "For Jukebox use only"

Ten summoner's tales - UK promo CD - 540 075-2 DJ check Ten summoner's list >>
  This promo CD states "For promotional use only" at the top.

Brand new day - USA promo DVD - DVDA0004 check Brand new day list >>
The DVD audio promotional version of this album comes in a special CD case, the same as DTS CD, without back sleeve. As you can see, the disc is a picture disc.

Added of the 10 tracks of the album, it includes a very interesting 26 min report with Sting interview, shooting of brand new day video, walk in Paris... It also includes a picture gallery, music markers, lyrics, bio...

It was issued in USA with DVDA0004 catalogue number and "For promotional use only" in orange on disc and back inlay...

Sacred love - EU DVD + promo CD set - 6259 check Sacred love list >>
This promo EU set contains:

- a sampler CD which contains snippets of:
Send your love / Whenever I say your name / The book of my life / This war / Stolen car / Sacred love / Send your love (Dave Audé remix)

- a DVD which contains :
Send your love (video) / Send your love (the remix video) / New album Sacred Love (7 snippets) / The new DVD-Inside:The songs of Sacred Love-Trailer / Discography

...All this time - Taiwan note book promo sampler - Sting1-1 check All this time list >>
This promo CD is one of the most beautifull Sting promo item. It is an
Universal Music Taiwan 5-trk promo CD held in white cardcase enclosed in a promo only DAIRY BOOK (more than 200 pages) containing staff report (5 chapters) of the All This Time mini concert in Chinese, discography, awards winning detail, schedule table and diary pages. The promo diary book comes with hard covers and brilliant silver text prints. "Universal Music TAIWAN Promo Only Not For Sale" (in Chinese) printed in back cover in silver color!)

Promo CD Tracklisting (on the disc itself, the tracklisting in Chinese was also printed):
2.When We Dance
4.If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
5.Every Breath You Take

Mercury falling - UK interview disc - STING.INT check Mercury falling list >>
This promotional interview CD is similar to the UK promotional album CD. It comes in a CDs case, with a special sleeve: it's a white sleeve, "Sting" and "Mercury falling" are written in gold, and "Interview CD - for promotional use only" in black. The back of the inlay and the inside pages of it are the questions, with only Sting's answers heard on the disc. The disc is silver with black writing. It seems that some copies come with the promotional album at the same time.

Mercury falling - RSA interview disc - PROMO60 check Mercury falling list >>
Issued late in 1996, this interview CD was given freely with the "Directions" magazine. The interview is the one hosted by Brandford Marsalis which is on the promotional US CD. It comes in a a cardboard sleeve, with a special design. The back sleeve is the picture which is usually on the back booklet of the album, and the disc is white with brown writting.

Mercury falling - Canada promo CD - AMCD022696 check Mercury falling list >>
The Canadian promo CD comes with a special green & white inlay...

Brand new day - Taiwan sampler CD - 31454 8029 2 check Brand new day list >>
A special sampler was issued to promote the issue, in Taiwan, of the Brand new day album, the Thomas Crown affair soundtrack and the special issue of "fields of gold" CD. This promo CD comes with the same sleeve of the album with Taiwan writing. On the back sleeve, there is the picture from the single promo sleeve, with writing and picture of the album covers. And the disc is a very nice picture disc.

...All this time - Spanish promo sampler CD - STING02 check ...All this time list >>

Sacred love - Korea sampler promo CD - DO-0899 check.Sacred love list >>

The soul cages - USA jute bag - 75021 6405 2 / 75021 7457 2 check The soul cageslist >>
USA have released a fantastic promotional CD for this album, which comes in a special sack-like cloth sleeve. The cloth unfolds into a 15" by 15" square, and as the lyrics of the tracks "The soul cages" written all over it in an abstract fashion. The graphics of the CD are completely different, the booklet is thiner (the same as the digipack one) and there's a rope which holds everything together. The catalogue number on the disc is 75021 7457 2 and 75021 6405 2 on sleeve.
Also, the graphic designer who made this sleeve, Len Peltier, was, a lot, inspired by an old caligraphy work. I have found this in a galigraphy book and was so suprised how it looks like this item!!

Nuggets from Fields of gold . the best of Sting - USA sampler - 31458 8357 2 check Fields of gold list >>
The promotional CD issued for the best of in USA is a 5 tracks sampler in digipack. The global design is unique, all the pictures taken for the design of the best of are used here (face picture, hand, nude picture...).

The tracks are :
- Fortress around your heart - New Hugh Padgham 94 remix

2- We'll be together - previously unreleased version with Eric Clapton

3- When we dance - edit

4- When we dance - LP version

5 - If I ever lose my faith in you - Digitally remastered

Ten summoner's tales - USA interview disc - 31454 8029 2 check Ten summoner's list >>
USA have issued a special promotional CD. It is called " Ten summoner's tales interview disc " and comes with a different sleeve to the commercial issue : The back sleeve is very different too.

It contains one "official interview" which was diffused on the radio, 34 answers and 2 station liners. The questions are in the booklet. The disc is black with yellow writing.

Brand new day - Canada promo CD - UMD-9919 check Brand new day list >>

Mercury falling - UK promo CD - FALLCD1 check Mercury falling list >>

Mercury falling - USA interview promo CD - AMSAD00217 check Mercury falling list >>

Mercury falling - USA promo CD - 31458 04832 ADV check Mercury falling list >>

Brand new day - EU promo CD - 31458 04832 ADV check Brand new day list >>

Brand new day - Canada promo CD - UMD-9919 check Brand new day list >>

...All this time - UK promo CD - ATT1 check ...All this time list >>

...All this time - EU promo CD - STADV1 check ...All this time list >>

...All this time - USA promo CD - AMRF-10606-2 check ...All this time list >>