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This invitation card is for the concert held in Paris Bery on 14 or 15 April 1996. It is a very nice little wallet with another crad inside.


This special CDROM was send to people to register as premieum member on Most of it is about Sting Scared love special concert in Paris / Olympia on September 22th 2003, and interview, live and videos werre recorded at this concert.

It contains :
Documentary videos :
-Fan picked song (2'00 - Sting interview and rehersals extracts)
-Olympia (4'00)
-Video elements (4'38)
-New songs (5'00)

Live videos :
-Send your love (4'30 rehearsals version)
-Dominic EPK (10'32)
-Ghost story (All this time session, 2001)

Audio : 35 questions asked to Sting.

Picture gallery : Olympia pictures

Icons, Wallpapers, screen savers...

Web : brings you to 2 extra videos:
- Whenever I say your name (live Olympia)
- Desert rose (rehersals and live Olympia)

A funny memory game...

An exellent item, thanks Dave, Wendy and Tina :)

CDROM home screen shot
Memory game screen shot
Video page screen shot
Audio page screen shot
Picture gallery screen shot

Issued in 2005, the "promo" DVD was send to members of the fan club. There is 2 different issues, but of the disc only.

Due to some problem on the first issue, a second one was released but "region free" to be played anywherre in the world. But this one was send without the case, only in protection sleeve

Sting did a free concert in Warsw on September 29th 2005. It was sponsorised by Orange, and a post card to get tickets was issued.
Ticket front
Ticket back
Broken music fan club DVD 2006