Here comes the list of items missing in my collection, and that I really want to have. Do not hesitate to write me if you could help me.

The dream of the blue turtles
Japan 32XB-3D CD little title sleeve, original issue with 1985 calendar, insert, & OBI
The dream of the blue turtles
Japan UDCD528 CD Original master recording issue, with white/purple OBI
The dream of the blue turtles
USA UDCD528 CD Original master recording issue, special sleeve & design, first issue in long box
The dream of the blue turtles
CDEPR1039 CD Original issue, titles in spanish on back & disc, special disc design, different booklet
The dream of the blue turtles
Taiwan 393 750-2 CD big title sleeve, french issue with chinese OBI
...Nothing like the sun
PCCY-10274 CD promo, 1991 reissue, with red/black OBI & insert
...Nothing like the sun
540 993-2 CD German remasatered issue with special chinese OBI
...Nada como el sol
Korea DA 0273 CD promo, promo writting on center plastic part of the disc, sticker promo on front
The soul cages
Japan 396 150-2 CD Italy/Germany CD which includes "Muoio per te" with special white/blue OBI, track list insert and sticker
The soul cages
Israel 396 405-2 CD Helicon records CD, different disc design
Ten summoner's tales
Israel 540 075-2 CD Helicon records issue, Helicon record logo on back and disc, special silver/black CD design, made by ABCD music Israel
Ten summoner's tales
Brazil 540 075-2 CD  
Demolition man
Korea DA 0632 CD promo, slightly different booklet with Korea part
Fields of gold - The best of Sting
Japan 540 286-2 CD EU remastered reissue CD with special white/blue OBI
Fields of gold - The best of Sting
31454 0269 2 CD promotional writting on disc, 14 tracks
At the movies
Korea DA3425 CD Promo, "Not for sale" stated on front sleeve and disc, korean part added to the leaflet
Brand new day
France without protection promo 10 tracks CD-r, with Fnac shop promo sleeve
Brand new day
USA without CD promo "singles & b-sides" CD, with demo versions and unpublished tracks
...All this time
Danemark without PS promo, 16 tracks list, with Universal generic sleeve, with sticker of info.
Sacred love
-- -- UK without PS Abbey road UK mastering CDr states "USA & Canada" album
Sacred love
Japan UIGA-1015 CD promo CDr, Universal track list sleeve
Sacred love
USA without CD Emi music resources promo 2CD set with usual album on disc1 and instrumental version on disc2


If you love somebody (set them free)
Audio : If you love / Love is the seventh wave | video If you love
no scan
Germany 390 018-1 -- promotional single CDV, colours sleeve (only b&w image)
Englishman in New York
Someone to watch / Up from the skies
Japan S12Y3025 Snap pack promo 3"
All this time
UK AMCDR 713 DP LTD UK CD mistake record without music
Seven days
January stars / Mad about you / Ain't no sunshine
UK 580 223-2DJ CDs promo, with promo sticker
Fields of gold
9 tracks
-- UK without MC promo MC, A&M generic inlay, features tracks of MC and 2 UK CD issues.
Shape of my heart
The soul cages / The wild wild sea / All this time
UK 580 353-2DJ CDs promo, with promo sticker
Shape of my heart
Shape of my heart (Home video version)
no scan
no scan
USA 31458 8245-2 unknown slightly different design
Take me to the sunshine
Japan PODM-9901 3" envelop promo, "Fields of gold" POCM-1095 bonus 3" CD
Set them free
UK without CD Mastering promo CDr
I was brought to my senses
UK without CD Quadim Mastering Recordable CDR
I'm so happy I can't stop crying
UK without CD Quadim Mastering Recordable CDR
Brand new day
(new radio edit - 3'55)
UK without CD promo CD-r, infos stickers on back
Desert rose
(extended remix) / (remix)
USA without CD promo CDr, back inlay
My funny friend and me
English version / Spanish version
/ Italian version
Hong Kong AVTCDS-309 CDs  
France without Plastic promo CDr, movie sleeve, paper sleeve in plastic protection one
USA without CD promo CDr with special sleeve
Send your love
6 remixes
Mexico CDP012382 CDs promo, "Send your love - remixes" title sleeve
Whenever I say your name
(radio version) / (Will I Am Remix featuring The Black Eyed Peas) / (Salaam's Groove Mix) / (Billy Mann mix)

Australia 9814184 CDs  
Backing tracks
Send your love (single edit - 3'52 / single edit TV mix - 3'52 / video - no choir - 4'57) / Whenever (TV mix no lead dble - 4'57 / TV mix no dbl or Mary - 4'57
-- -- UK without protect promo CDr
Universal music international convention
Send your love / Roxanne
-- -- Japan without protect promo CDr