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17.12.09 08.50 AM
Ona winter's night in Paris

photo Pascal Le Segretain

On tuesday 15th, I went to the best Sting show of my life. I saw him perforiming on each tour since soul cages, 18 years ago, and this, as the album, was the most personal, and deep performance...

The "Salle pleyel" is not a beautifull place, but the sound is simply amazing... and what a pleasure to see who perform what with so much musiciens on stage, and to hear to difference not because it is mixed like this on DVD but because everybody play this part in time and wait for the other... I watch the DVD of Durham after that, and I found it not even close to what it is to live it in real... The "live" term take all its sense with this concert...

And I was not the only one as the audience applaud so much that they came back and play "Soul cake" a second time....

The track list : The snow it melts the soonest / Gabriel’s message / Soul cake / There is no rose of such virtue / Lo how a rose e’er blooming / Christmas at sea / Now winter comes slowly / Cold song / The burning babe / Ghost story / Hurdy-gurdy man / Team spirit / The hounds of winter / Cherry tree carol
Balulalow / Bethlehem down/ The Coventry carol / Lullaby to an anxious child / I saw three ships / You only cross my mind in winter / Soul cake (reprise)




And what a pleasure to take time with friends after the show... special thanks to Seb-Listing, the most passionate guy around... Most of the infos on this site are coming from his forum....

Sooner in November, Sting record his third Taratata, 13 years after the last one (sorry to always came back on dates, but it amaze me how time is passing)
They perform "Soul cake", "Christmas at sea", and "Every breath you take" with Geoffroy Gurrumul.
30.11.09 9.19 AM
Winter's night images
I have uploaded several new images of Winter's night items on flickr. It includes this very nice Korean press kit (if the buyer can send me better scan, would be please to get them...). Thanks a lot to Luigi for this big help...
23.11.09 08.54 AM
Back to Brazil

After visting almost all the european countries to promote the new album, Sting goes back to Brazil to a special concert. He has used his visit to urge the government there to listen to the concerns of indigenous peoples over a proposed new hydro-electric dam in the Amazon.

He was speaking at a press conference in Sao Paulo where he was reunited with Raoni.

The band was Dominic Miller, David Sancious & Vinnie Colaiuta... Tell me if I am wrong but Sting play live with his 1990 band... goes to Brazil with Raoni like in 1989... issued an album with songs about sea, death... with Kathryn Tickell like in 1991... is he nostalgic ? It is not a critic at all, as the early 1990 is my favourit Sting creative period... Some tracks from the Brazil show :





Full info about Sting's visit on sting.com
20.11.09 15.20 AM
How to get Sting Japanese issues ?

It is not usual for a collector to tell how he find his items... But as I stop collecting, and Ben help me to found some of the rarest items of my collection, I want to share it with you... He has for sell most of Sting Japanese issues, promo or normal... Check his amazing list at www.tokyomusicjapan.com

He specially have these that I not seen anywhere else yet... And if you give him the code "stingoop" you can get a 10% reduction on your order...



17.11.09 09.35 AM
On sell on ebay

I have put on sell some of my items on ebay... well, 2 of them are ones of the rarest Sting items...

My heart and I - unique Italian version promo CD. Here.


Thousand years 3 remix promo CD. Here.


Mercury falling Canada promo CD. Here
You still touch me Mexican promo picture disc. Here
17.11.09 09.35 AM
Flickr gallery
During the next days I have upload all the scans of my items, as well as other scans I have grab over th years on flickr... There are now more than 4300 images there... Check it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/stingoop/
I now need time to organize everything in sets like these...
13.11.09 12.09 PM
Flickr gallery
As I use flickr for my own work, I guess it could be nice to have for Sting items... So I start it, and it is really easy to upload and organize... And cherry on the cake, each image is in high resolution to check details... Check it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/stingoop/
Darren Grey send me scans of all the SHM Mini LP japanese issues, and Luigi Amati of Winter's night issues. I have upload Dream of the blue turtles and single items too. Everything can be organized by collections that contains the differents sets.
10.11.09 10.44 PM
Winter's night / Soul cake items
Soul cakes EU promo CD (different from the firt features here - thanks Luigi & Darren)
Japanese promo CDr
Back of the EU promo CD
The LP design
The Russian issue (with OBI)
Japanese promo flyer
There are also a Taiwain promo, a Thailand promo, and Argentinian promo... sorry no list, but it helps you to collect... if you have better scans of any oh these items, would be please to get them (fabien(a)stingoop.com)
07.11.09 10.09 PM
"Christmas at sea" Jools Holland Later Nov 3 2009
06.11.09 4.08 PM
"Invisible sun" acoustic live at Bobby Sager's book launch
Nice version...
04.11.09 10.48 PM
"The Snow It Melts The Soonest" Jools Holland Later Nov 3 2009
Sting plays Soul cake on most USA TV show, but choose this one for UK promotion... great ;)
02.11.09 10.48 PM
Soul cake- EU promo CD
As I supposed (as soon as you heard it, you have it in mind), Soul cake could be the single of the album, just as Come again was for labyrinth... It is the track Sting plays to promote the album on TV shows...

The EU promo CD appeared, same design as the promo album, without sleeve (with all the nice images they have, can't record company make an effort ??? I am designer, ask me and I do it for free ;)... in fact, check this site entry page, the design is already done...)
21.10.09 10.52 PM
Sting : A Winter's Night... Live from Durham Cathedral more promotional images
Copyright Clive Barda | Deutsche Grammophon
21.10.09 8.15 PM
Winter - EU promo CD
21.10.09 1.56 PM
SHM mini LP reissues with promo box set
Very nice, but very expenssive ($350)... still not understand why Brimstone is included...
21.10.09 0.16 AM
Winter's Japanese issue & SHM mini LP reissues
At the same time of the new album (released earlier in Japan), the SHM reissue mini LP went out. The soul cages & Ten summoner's tale seems specialy interesting. Please send me scan if you have them, I won't buy them unless found them at nice price ;)
19.10.09 5.44 PM
Fragile version for Pakistan Refugee
See it and it was removed quickly removed... and I found it again ;) Probably recorded during the Durham rehearsals.... Can not publish it here, see it on you tube here >>
16.10.09 6.02 PM
Sting : A Winter's Night... Live from Durham Cathedral promotional images
Copyright Clive Barda | Deutsche Grammophon
15.10.09 10.36 PM
Christmas at Sea & Soul cake... Live from Durham Cathedral

From forthcoming DVD

13.10.09 8.15 PM
Sting : A Winter's Night... Live from Durham Cathedral


Sting.com just publish more infos on the forthcoming DVD, released on November 24 as previous :

'Sting was joined by guest musicians including local Newcastle artists Kathryn Tickell (Northumbrian pipes and fiddle), Peter Tickell (fiddle) and Julian Sutton (Melodeon). Esteemed performers from around the world also include Dominic Miller (guitar), Vincent Ségal (cello), Scottish harpist Mary Macmaster, Ira Coleman (bass), Chris Gekker (trumpet), David Mansfield (violin and mandolin), Cyro Baptista, Bashiri Johnson and Rhani Krija (percussion) and vocalists Laila Biali, Lisa Fischer, Jo Lawry, and Steven Santoro. Producer, Robert Sadin conducted the ensemble of 35 musicians, which includes additional string and brass sections.

In addition, the DVD programme features a setting of the 'Coventry Carol' in which Sting and musicians are joined by the Durham Cathedral Boys' Choir, as well as songs not included on the album - Peter Warlock's haunting 'Bethlehem Down', a lively arrangement of the traditional song 'I Saw Three Ships' and Sting's own 'Ghost Story'.

'Sting: A Winter's Night... the Documentary' features a behind-the-scenes look at the concert's genesis, beginning with the album recording sessions at Sting's home in the Italian countryside, leading up to the final rehearsals at Durham Cathedral. Along the way, Sting revisits places from his childhood and reunites with old friends and band mates, swapping stories and reminiscing.

Featuring both a compelling live concert and evocative film footage, 'Sting: A Winter's Night...' was directed and produced by the Emmy award winning team, Jim Gable and Ann Kim of Graying & Balding, Inc. (Who already did All this time, Inside, Labyrinth DVD as well as the Police Certifiable one).



12.10.09 9.00 PM
Varied infos


There are 3 extra tracks not on the simple edition of the album. The itunes presale version comes with a "Coventry Carol". The Deluxe CD/DVD version will comes with 2 other bonus tracks : "Bethlehem Down" & "Blake's Cradle Song".

If you want to have the 3 tracks on CD, you need to get the SHM japanese edition...
It seems the Durham live DVD will be issued on November 24th. Let's hope the 2 tracks not from the album will be on the DVD (Ghost story & I saw thee ships).

It also seems a small tour is in preparation, with a show in Paris in december.
On october 21st, Universal Japan will re-release all Sting's albums in SHM-CD format in cardboard mini LP sleeve.

The eight-album are :
The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
Bring On The Night
Nothing Like The Sun
The Soul Cages
Ten Summoner's Tales
Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-1994
Mercury Falling
Brimstone & Treacle

There is already on ebay a "promo" issue with a special promo box with the Nothing like the sun design... But set costs around $300.

10.10.09 11.21 AM
Cold song video


07.10.09 9.21 PM
If on a winter's night review
As collector, you always find a way to get your hand on promo issue of the album. For mercury falling it was a week before, now it is almost a month... As I will probably buy 10 copies of it later, I think record company won't get mad on me...

This album is for me one of the most interesting Sting project for a long time. It much more interesting that Labyrinth, and give Sting the opportunity to explore souds we never heard on his albums before... It is a pure pleasure to heard all these classical instruments, real instruments, they have a special resonance in you...
Of course, Dominic Miller is still behind to well link all Sting music together, but the new ones, specially Vincent Segal on Cello, Kenny Garrett on a great saxophone solo or Ibrahim Maalouf on trumpet made this album special, reminding the 80's when Sting take risks playing with Jazz musicians... The best for me is to hear back Kathryn Tickell and her amazing Northumbrian pipe sounds back on Hounds of winter, making the song sounds like an old Soul cages tune...

I have this great feeling of hearing Sting at his best, with musicians and melodies as a perfect complement of his unique voice... I can't stop listening to it.

If you like Sting for If you love somebody, Roxanne, or Send your love, this album is not for you... If you like him for The pirate's bride, Sister moon or Ghost story, you will be as happy as I am ;)

I won't detail the album tracks by tracks, as Brian aka Project 37 did a very good one for stingus and agree that I publish it here. I agree with a lot of things, and he detail each tracks very well... As him, the very bad thing on this album as when some tracks end with fading... I hate that, and it is specially unappropriate on "The burning babe"... but it can't be perfect...

I won't tell you what are my favorits, this is a concept, and for me all the songs are good, it is as simple as that...

You can read the full Brain review here with a lot of official pictures, that you can also found in the gallery here.
25.09.09 3.21 PM
Listen to "Soul cake" on youtube...


Be quick before it get removed ;) Very nice song, would be pleased to listen it with good sound soon ;)

Follow the white rabit (or "Compass" the dog) >>
23.09.09 9.04 AM
If On A Winter's Night - Promo kit


More image of the promo press kit.
For all details about the release, unique interview of musician, check the amazing work listing is doing here.
21.09.09 2.04 PM
If On A Winter's Night - Promo kit


Here comes the first images of the first promo... It is a very nice press kit, with a several pages booklet detailling the new project with a lot of images, coming inside a folder. It came with a promo CD which contains extracts of the albums and Sting's interview, and with a promo DVD whith the teaser we see on the web...

For all details about the release, unique interview of musician, check the amazing work listing is doing here.
17.09.09 4.57 PM
If On A Winter's Night - updates


Listing give these infos on the forthcoming CD+DVD release : the CD will comes with 2 more tracks :
16- Bethlehem Down
17- Blake's Cradle Song

DVD (runs around 22')
1- Mystery And Storytelling
2- A Primal Memory
3- Shaping The Repertoire
4- Inviting Chaos
5- Outside Their Comfort Zone
6- Slowly Coalescing

All info on the releases here : http://listing.free.fr/winter/release.html

They also play a special concert shoot in Durham Cathedral for a later DVD release on the 17th of September. Tracks played werre:

The Snow it Melts the Soonest
Gabriel's Message
Soul Cake
There Is No Rose of Such Virtue
Christmas at Sea
Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming
Cold Song
The Burning Babe
Ghost Story
Now Winter Comes Slowly
The Hounds Of Winter
Cherry Tree Carol
Lullaby To An Anxious Child
Hurdy Gurdy Man
The Coventry Carol
Bethlehem Down
I Saw Three Ships
You Only Cross My Mind in Winter

Another show tonight...

11.08.09 4.35 PM
If On A Winter's Night - promo video

Amazon publish a very teasing video of 5'20 about the new album with long extracts of the songs, interview and winter feelings...

11.08.09 4.35 PM
If On A Winter's Night - infos and tracks listing

I have the chance to listen to extracts of the forthcoming album, and I have to said it is amazing. It will be hard to wait so long... it is perfect for a winter cold night, perfect...

Here comes the tracks listing :

1. Gabriel's Message
2. Soul Cake
3. There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue
4. The Snow It Melts The Soonest
5. Christmas At Sea
6. Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming
7. Cold Song
8. The Burning Babe
9. Now Winter Comes Slowly
10. The Hounds Of Winter
11. Balulalow
12. Cherry Tree Carol
13. Lullaby For An Anxious Child
14. Hurdy Gurdy Man
15. You Only Cross My Mind In Winter

found on http://sting.blog.hu/

06.08.09 3.22 PM
If On A Winter's Night . more infos

According to this page, the new project would be issued oon normal CD, deluxe edition with DVD & Vinyl... Some new images appeared....

22.08.09 9.05 PM
The police amazing and rare records...

The only time I talk about Police records is when Raphael, the man behind follow the leaders, show me amazing items. This time, Erwin K.send him scans of items I never think I will see, they are what we call "collector's legends" ;) These are tests pressing made by A&M enployee, mixing colors during the printing process... and the amazing Roxanne on red vinyl...

Put your mouse on the images to see the back/front...


Can't stand losing you test : green+blue+black | blue+white+green | red+green+yellow

And Message in a bottle green+white
22.07.09 10.55 PM
Sting enjoy his summer...

Sting recently did 2 concert, one in Quebec, one in Foxwoods. The Quebec concert was filmed in HD. Songs played where :
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You / Message In A Bottle / Englishman In New York / Synchronicity II / Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic / If You Love Somebody Set Them Free / Fields Of Gold / Driven To Tears / Seven Days / Walking On The Moon-Tea In The Sahara / Shape Of My Heart / Wrapped Around Your Finger / Bring On The Night-When The World Is Running Down / Roxanne / Desert Rose / King Of Pain / Every Breath You Take / Fragile

More pictures here.

Sting was also in Italy on july 12 and played some very nice songs.
More on this you tube page.
09.07.09 10.55 PM
If On A Winter's Night . the sleeve

Have a nice summer ;)

26.06.09 2.44 PM
If On A Winter's Night . the sleeve

This is a low resolution image, the only one we have for the moment, of the forthcoming Sting album... it seems the picture was taken last winter and so on, Sting have a beard... It reminds mle the Mercury falling images...

Get more info on the project, point of view, etc... on the listing forum.

18.06.09 9.20 PM
Twin spirit DVD release

Nice surprise to hear that Twin spirits will be released on DVD in 1st October...

Twin Spirits is a live theatrical performance by a chamber ensemble of actors, singers and musicians, portraying the deep and ultimately tragic love between the composer Robert Schumann (Sting) and his pianist wife Clara Wieck(Trudie Styler).

A nice project, even if Sting only read... let's hope we will have the same surprise with an official release of the may classical concert :)


18.06.09 11.29 PM
If On A Winter's Night . official annoucement

Sting talk about his new project on sting.com : "The theme of winter is rich in inspiration and material, by filtering all of these disparate styles into one album I hope we have created something refreshing and new." He continues, "Our ancestors celebrated the paradox of light at the heart of the darkness, and the consequent miracle of rebirth and the regeneration of the seasons."

Release date :
October 26, 2009 on Deutsche Grammophon - (Germany: 23 October, USA: 27 October, UK: 2 November)

Musicians :
Dominic Miller : guitar
Kathryn Tickell : fiddle and Northumbrian pipes
Julian Sutton : melodeon
Mary MacMaster : metal string Scottish harp
Daniel Hope : violin
Vincent Ségal : cello
Chris Botti and Ibrahim Maaloufc : trumpet
Cyro Baptista and Bijan Chemirani : percussion
the Webb Sisters : vocals
Stile Antico : vocal ensemble

Songs played :
In collaboration with esteemed producer and arranger, Robert Sadin, "If On a Winter's Night..." features traditional music of the British Isles as its starting point. Sting and guest musicians interpret a stirring collection of songs, carols, and lullabies including
- The Snow it Melts the Soonest (traditional Newcastle ballad)
- A Soalin' (traditional English "begging" song)
- Gabriel's Message (14th century carol)
- Balulalow (lullaby by Peter Warlock)
- Now Winter Comes Slowly (Henry Purcell).
- Lullaby for an Anxious Child
- The Hounds of Winter
- Hurdy Gurdy Man, - a musical reworking and English translation of Der Leiermann from Schubert's classic winter song-cycle Winterreise

10.06.09 11.30 PM
Important message

I start collecting Sting records in 1990, I was only 13. I remember my parents telling me to stop buying the same record 2 times, it was stupid... It was 19 years ago, and since then I get more than 1200 items (last time I update my collection list, in novembre 2004 I have 695 CD and it was before the labyrinth album)...

But I am now a father, and even if I can't complain of money I win, I need some to move on... But the main question is not this one, I evoluate, and even if I am happy to found new items, to win ebay auction, it is not the same... My collection is in boxes, I sometimes do not even know I have an item and have to check when I see it on ebay...

So, you expect it, I deceided to sell a part of my collection. I do not consider selling all of it, it is too much memories, but a part of it, the rarest items, the one you may want... I am thinking of auction them on ebay of course, but I would be happy to see them going in real collectors places...

So, if you want soemthing and know I have it, please contact me with a list and prices you offer, I will consider it...

08.06.09 9.20 PM
Live at Cherry tree records

Sting recently recorded several songs at the Cherrytree House for Cherrytree Records. The background video of Sting's visit to the Cherrytree House is on youtube:
And you can see on Cherry tree web site very nice version of Message in a bottle & Fragile.
30.05.09 9.31 PM
No official release of the classical concert...

Very sad news read on Message in a Bloggle, according to Marcy Manley (who work with WPI Event Partners and was responsible for procuring Sting for the event) the performance will never be released in any form unfortunately, CD or DVD...

Read the full article with very interesting details here.

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