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09.07.07 2.25 PM

The Police rehersals

Check 6 amazing videos on Bestbuy site.


29.05.07 11.45 PM

The Police in Vancouver

Very nice pictures can be seen here


26.05.07 9.02 PM

The police tour

You are a fan of the new Police reunion? Well, you are not at the right place for news ;)

To get video of the rehearsals, info on the new releases, track list of the first concerts, check these : listing & stingus

You can also check the official web site


21.03.07 11.29 PM

Police working on 2 new tracks

Read this on listing forum : There was an article on an Italian newspaper, which basically says that Police are rehearsing at il Palagio these days.

Sting is quoted as saying: "We're concentrating on the tour, it'll be fun and it'll be a big success as gigs sold out in less than 2 hours. But one thing you can be sure of: it won't last for more than one year, and after that i'll escape again! I've written 2 new tracks and we're working on them right now.

The idea of a live album out of the tour is quite good, but only if the gigs turn out great. I'm not denying that getting back together was somehow weird at first, but there's no sign of bad blood among us."


15.03.07 6.02 PM

The Police in Paris

I am going to see The Police in Paris on september 29th...


19.02.07 11.45 PM

Songs from the labyrinth back on tour

Last night, Sting starts the "Labyrinth" tour in Paris... Listing forum reports a lot of people point of view on the show and this nice picture was taken by Nora...

The show was smiliar to the ones did last year, except that it starts with Edin Karamsov solo, and ends with an unknown track with Stile Antico (but without Luth)...

Sad the official web site does not talk about this...


13.02.07 2.31 PM

The police tour

As you probably know, it is now official The Police will do a tour this year...

For all tour dates and informations, check the new offficial web site www.thepolicetour.com. (if you are a member of www.sting.com, use the same id and infos).

Also, you can see the very good 1st performance of Roxanne at the Grammy's on you tube.


10.02.07 9.45 PM

This is real !

check www.stingus.net & www.thepolicerehearsals.com


10.02.07 01.27 AM

The Journey & The Labyrinth trailer

You can see, if you are memeber of www.sting.com, the trailer and an extract of "The journey & the labyrinth". Seems really interesting and well done...


09.02.07 01.27 AM

The Police Reunion

I guess you see I have't put info on this, as all the other web site do... I have to said I am ambigious about this...

I always been a Sting fan and collector, for me everything Sting do is before the Police... I know a lot of people think the other way around...

So, if you want to find infos on the Police, on the re-releases, etc... it is not the right place...

I won't say I won't go at a concert or 2 ;) Seeing I already have tickets to Genesis, I will think I am back in 1981...


10.01.07 01.27 AM

The Police Reunion - Henry Padovani point of view

Read on Henry Padovani's web site and bring to me by listing forum :

"The Police reunion.. the Police 2007.. you read tons of things and, believe me, if that happens, we are going to enjoy it.

And I don’t have to tell you how universal are going to feed us Police stuff. (...)

So, let’s talk anniversary : friday, january the 12th, will be the anniversary of the first rehearsal stewart and I did with Sting. At stewart’s flat.

That was on January 12th, 1977. that day, Sting arrived with his son Jo, in a travel cot and us, stewart and I, we were waiting for him in the sitting room, dressed like bandits, shades on, and we had adopted the dangerous rockers pose!!!! Ah,he probably thought we were idiots. But then, we played, and Sting accepted to join the band and the Police was born.

Cool or what?

Should we celebrate this friday ? I feel like it.


02.01.07 01.27 AM

The Police Reunion for 2007 !

30 years after, there is till rumours... read on stingus :

Following comes from the Daily Mail: Sting is in talks to re-form The Police and tour with the group - 30 years after they were formed. News that they are re-forming will surprise fans as Sting, has always resolutely opposed the move in the past.

Sources say rehearsals have been pencilled in to take place before Sting begins the February leg of his latest European tour and after Copeland has finished his stint as a judge in the BBC celebrity duet show Just The Two Of Us.

The record label, A&M, is believed to be planning a special anniversary release in June and the tour dates would coincide with that. A source said: "They were intending to announce it in January after all the tour dates had been finalised."

Also, stingus reports news about new releases for 2007 : one of them being the mid 2007 release of The Police Around the World DVD. The Police in the East will be featured as extra with footage that was not included in both documentaries.

Also, Message in a box vol 2 will be released, including the remainder of the commercially released back catalogue, but this time really EVERYTHING, including the missing tracks from the previous versions.


12.12.06 11.07 PM

Songs from the labyrinth European tour confirmed

The dates are :

18/02 . Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
19/02 . Basel, Switzerland
21/02 . Florence, Italy
22/02 . Rome, Italy
23/02 . Milan, Italy
25/02 . Munich, Germany
27/02 . Frankfurt, Germany
28/02 .Hamburg, Germany

01/03 . Amsterdam, Holland
03/03 . Antwerp, Belgium
05/03 . Berlin, Germany
07/03 . Dusseldorf, Germany
08/03 . Baden Baden, Germany
10/03 . Vienna, Austria
12/03 . Stuttgart, Germany

All infos on sting.com


12.12.06 11.07 PM

Songs from the labyrinth European tour????

Erwin Kempen get this information... it seems a European tour is previous... only German dates by now:

25.02. München, Herkulessaal
27.02. Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
28.02. Hamburg, Musikhalle
05.03. Berlin, Philharmonie
07.03. Düsseldorf, Tonhalle
08.03. Baden-Baden, Festspielhaus
10.03. Wien, Konzerthaus
12.03. Stuttgart, Beethovensaal

more infos on eventime.de


21.11.06 12.40 PM

XM Artist Confidential: Live From The Labyrinth - Exclusively on iTunes from November 28...
Photo by Theo Wargo . sting.com

Sting.com annouces : enjoy three new live tracks from Sting and Edin Karamazov's performance - 'Message In A Bottle', 'Fields Of Gold' and Blues Legend Robert Johnson's 'Hellhound On My Trail' available exclusively on iTunes from November 28.


21.11.06 12.14 PM

Songs from the labyrinth - a french succes...
The Sting new project went 45th best selling album in France..."Sacred Love" was 76th place and "Brand new day" 57th...

I have to say it makes me think that when things ae doing with soul, it touch other people...

When you look at Sacred love, which is, for me a good album, but overproduced, with a single that sounds like desert rose, and shape of my heart added as "Rise and fall" was a succes... It is beyond marketing laws.... no emotions...

My point of view, of course...

15.11.06 12.22 PM

Sting on YOUTUBE

There is a lot of videos of Sting on You tube, here comes a little selection :

- with Sheryl Crow "Always On Your Side" video

- a very funny TV boadcast

- "Until" video

- "Lullaby to an Anxious child" video

- Interview about TATU (argh !)

- Very nice live version of "I was brought to me senses" from late 96

- If you love - live Mendela 88 concert

- Take me to the sunchine live Japan

- Little Wing live Saturday night live

- We'l be together live SNL

- Gabriel's message video


31.10.06 6.22 PM

Sting live in Paris

Another great moment... the place was less interesting than London, but I have exellent seat... and the voice of Sting was even stronger there...


23.10.06 6.22 PM

Sting live in Paris

I am going to Paris !
Check infos on radio France web site>>


09.10.06 11.17 AM

Culture show video

You can see latest Sting TV apperance at Culture show on Youtube:
See "Come again" >>
See "Le rossignol" >>


06.10.06 12.27 AM

BBC music magazine
In London, I buy the BBC music mag, download the article in pdf >>

Well check the front cover issue... it is a mix of these 2 pictures :
We can do magical things on computer ;)
I have update the gallery page with big pictures from the album booklet...

05.10.06 6.29 PM

Live in London

The Sting rehersals concert in London, on october 3td, was, as you can imagine, a very nice moment...

You can read a very well done review on
Sting.com which sum up the complete show, but here comes what I will add...

Dominic performance was very nice, simply guitare, his best songs... ended with an amazing version of Rise and Fall... for it, it brings his daughter... he starts playing, we all think it was "Shape of my heart", but when she starts singing we figure out it was "Rise and fall"... a very great moment...

Sting then introduce Russels Crow, who sings a nice song too...

And then, the big moment... Sting explains why he did this album, why he admires John Dowland... I was in London during 5 days, visiting museum...
and hearing this music is like watching a painting... You can love it or hate it, but you only can understand it when it is explained...

The first song was "
Flow my tears"... I am sure of that, as it was not the first from the album... it is hard to tell the exact tracks order as it is not an usual Sting album...

What i remember well was "
Can she excuse my wrongs" because on the album, there is multiple voice part, and I was wondering how it will be live... in fact, backing singers come on stage, 4 men, 4 women, and it was perfect... and they so on do "Fine knacks for ladies" and its also need backing singers...

Come again", that Sting introduces as the single, was very nice too... when you will hear it, you will understand... you have it in mind easely... I love the end as Sting sings acapella...

In these conditions, this music bring you into a real religious spirit...

But, to be honest, the best part was "
Fields of gold", "Hellhound On My Trail" (an songs that is not on the album, that Sting plays almost alone with Luth) and the amazing version of "Message in a bottle", with totally different voice interpretation...

I left the show too fast to meet friends, except Wendy and Dave (thanks again)... but we left our daughter to a friend, and werre hurry to see her back...

A great moment, a great album... if you understand it! It is amazing to have seen Sting in the most rock show ever in Jully, and this, 3 months later, the more classical and intimist show...


24.09.06 1.22 PM

Sting us reports that "Sting has adapted "Message in a bottle" and "Fields of gold" for lute and will perform them during the forthcoming concerts"...


20.09.06 1.22 PM

I am going to London ! I think I have to go to see Sting in theses conditions...

Check infos on Sting.com >>

11.09.06 10.35 AM

I have listen the album again and again...

So, I change my mind about it... I listen to it in different conditions, I listen without doing anything else... Just me and this "strange" music... I heard sounds I did not heard on first listening...

It is always hard to discover a new album, you do not have rememember with this one, it is like meeting someone you do not know, you are not sure you could be friends... but after sometime, you are...

You can not get this album as any other Sting album... you have to get into it... it is not pop music, it is classical music... You can not compare to anything he does before...

Don't think you could like it after one listening, it need work to appreciate it...

I think you can love it, or hate, there is no middle feeling...

I am a little bit afraid about general public point of view on this... I mean, if record shops sell this as a Sting album, it will have a lot of bad feedbacks, because a lot of people won't understand it...

08.09.06 4.56 PM

I get the new album... I have listen it all night to not give a ruch point of view...

So, I am still ambigious about this project... I really like the idea, the concept... but it miss the emotion...

I won't say I do not like it, but it is not a Sting album... It is like listening the soundtrack of a old century movie...

What I have in mind are the images taken of Sting for the ten summoner's tales session... Sting in this castle with his horse...
It is a tale... "23 summoner's tales"....

21.08.06 10.11 AM

Forthcoming releases with Sting participations :
Album : Rogue’s gallery
Track : Blood Red Roses + Shallow Brown
Release date : august 22th
Album : Sam Moore: 'Overnight Sensational'
Track : None of us are free
Release date : august 29th
Album : Tony Bennett duets
Track : Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Release date : september 26th

08.08.06 11.46 AM

Also, there is a special deutschegrammophon page, check it >>


03.08.06 4.56 PM

Found on Stingus forum, a link to listen 3 extracts from "Songs from the Labyrinth".

Check http://jazz.pilsner.pl/ and then click "AUDYCJE ARCHIWALNE" and then "Siesta 16.07.2006".

12.07.06 4.25 PM

Some unoffical news about the Borken music CD/DVD found on Stingusforum :

The Broken Music DVD will feature highlights of both US and Euro tours (many shows were recorded in US).
The CDis rumored to be the following track listing (not sure of order of songs):

Message In A Bottle
Demolition Man
Spiritis In The Material World
Hung My Head
Synchronicity II
End of The Game
Englishman In NY
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
We'll be Together
Heavy Cloud No Rain
Invisible Sun
Bed's Too Big Without You
Driven To Tears
Why Should I Cry For You?
A Day In The Life
Voices/World Running Down
Desert Rose
Next To You
She's Too Good For Me
Lithium Sunset


11.07.06 3.06 PM

Back, and have seen Broken music tour twice, Lyon & Carcassonne... 2 amazing shows... some of the best shows I have seen... During soundcheck of Carcassonne, they play an amazing Wrapped around your finger !

The new Dominic Miller album is ready... can be ordered on his web site...

Sincerly, I admire his work and his philosophy... You must see this :
- new album diary (and download) >>
- monday9am video interview >>

Stingus reports :
"While we have some information on a
Broken Music CD/DVD (from Universal Music sources themselves), Sting's management denied that any release is pending. More later maybe?"

See the archives >>

Collector's forum
Nick's Nothing like Sting
Kenneth's Stingme
Tom's North North West
Police disco . followtheleaders

Dominic Miller

I just get the Rock in Rio Broken music DVD.

Working on the sleeve...

Check full DVD list >>
30.12.07 3.09 PM
Happy new year 2008

I wish you all a wonderfull 2008 year, with joy, love and of course, music ! Hope this new year will bring us emotions as 2007 did...

15.12.07 2.29 PM
The journey and the labyrinth update

Some new items found for The journey and the labyrinth

First is Greece promo EPK DVD.

This is a USA Jewel case issue... Thanks to Seb to let me figure out this one was rleeased !
and last is a promo German DVD found by Erwin Kempen.
I update the Journey and the labyrith list & detail list.
16.11.07 11.37 PM
Everything happen - Fragile 3" promo CDS

19 years after it release, I found the promo issue of the japanese 3" Fragile single...

So, I update the Fragile list and do the details list, and I also add piciture of the promo display issued (I just have one in my collection)..

November 2007

10.11.07 11.37 PM
Sacred love update

Some updates, which hasn't happen for months ;) So, here come 3 non listed version of Sacred love.

First is EMI ressources promo CD found by Erwin Kempen.

This is a japanese promo sampler 3 tracks CD... Nick gets the scan, that's all we have !
And this is the Thailand promo issue I get. It is the reissue digipack CD+DVD issue, there is a hole in the barre code on the back and the CD states promo in the middle....
I update the Sacred love list.
04.11.07 00.04 AM
The Police 60 minutes report

Very interesting...

You can also find the original Sting interview here (thanks Marion).
02.11.07 9.34 PM
The Police in Madison Square Garden on Nov 1st

It was halloween for them too :)


October 2007

21.10.07 4.29 PM
"Sea dreamer" EU promo CD

There is a promo CD of the new song Sting records with Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale . The version is edited, 1' shorter than on the album...

20.10.07 10.29 PM
Songs from the labyrinth promo USA PRESS KIT CDr

Erwin Kempen send me scans of latest items he found, and among them, this never seen before promo USA CDr which contains the same as the EU promo CD which comes in the press kit... nice...

10.10.07 9.45 PM
Selection of videos... click to have the surprise ;)
07.10.07 1.45 PM
I have seen The Police in concert !

So, last week I went to Barcelona (26.09) and Paris (29.09) to see them live... And it was trylly amazing... They had a lot of energy, more than I expect...

My favourit werre the songs Sting never play solo, like So lonely, Walking in your footsteps, Wrapped around your finger and Truth hits everybody... And also the final suprise in Paris, when Henry Padovani came to play on "Next to you"... The Police at 4...

Also, it was nice to spend time with friends and people only known by email or forum nick names ;) To get more infos or download the shows, check the listing forum...

Picture taken my Marq Riley, check his very nice page here.


September 2007

15.09.07 11.55 PM
I am freelance graphic designer

This is not really related with Sting, but the reason of the lack of updates, added to the Police tour, is that I am now freelance graphic designer and I have much more work to do... Also, I design a new version of my portfolio site to present my works and I think it may interest some of you.... www.imoments.org

15.09.07 11.39 PM
Songs from the labyrinth promo EU EPK DVD

It is the first item I heard about when the album was released, I do not expect it would have been so hard to get... So, it plays the EPK, a little reports about the making of the albums, which runs 4'. It is a DVD, that, when you play it, play the video again and again...

15.09.07 11.39 PM
Songs by Sting volume 2

You maybe remember the "Songs by Sting" CD issued by Emi publishing (if you don't, i repost the new after this article). The volume 2 appears and it contains "Covers, sample uses and rare versions". Here come the tracks listing :

1. dance for me* by mary j. bilge
2. demolition man by grace jones
3. don’t stand so close to me by louchie lou & michie one
4. emotional** by carl Thomas
5. every breath you take by tammy wynette & sting
6. every breath you take by ub40
7. every little thing she does is magic by shawn colvin
8. every little thing she does is magic by chaka demus & pliers
9. fields of gold by eva Cassidy
10. fragile by Cassandra Wilson
11. fragile by take 6
12. I don’t think we could ever be friends by dusty Springfield
13. I hung my head by Johnny cash
14. I’ll be missing you (aka every breath you take) by puff daddy & faith evans featuring 112
15. I’m so happy I can’t stop crying by toby keith & sting
16. invisible sun by aswad featuring sting
17. it’s probably me by sting & eric clapton
18. Jamaican in new york (aka Englishman in new york) by shinehead

* samples the songthe bed’s too big without you
** samples the song shape of my heart

1. king of pain by alanis morissette
2. magic* by the black eyed peas featuring terry dexter
3. message in a bottle by john mayer
4. money for nothing by dire straits
5. one world (not three) by ziggy marley & sting
6. rise and fall ** by craig david featuring sting
7. Roxanne by george Michael
8. sister moon by herbie hancock featuring sting
9. spirits in the material world by pato banton
10. steelo *** by 702
11. tea in the sahara by caecilie norby
12. they can dance alone (gueca solo) by richie havens
13. union **** by black eyed peas
14. what means the world to you + by cam’ron
15. when the world is running down, you make the best of what’s around by different gear vs the police
16. whenever I say your name by sting & mary j. bilge

*interpolates the song every little thing she does is magic
**samples the song shape of my heart
*** samples the song voices inside my head
**** samples the song Englishman in new york
+ adaptation of the song roxanne


repost from 19.10.06 00.23 AM

Songs by Sting EMI 3 CD promo !
Here come better scans of this amazing set, send by Erwin Kempen... So its is 3 CD set, first 2 CD in a case, third one in an other...

It includes all the Sting & Police songs issued on single... ordered by alphabetic order...

Also, it is written on back "2005 EPI Music Pulbishing . AW12/05 . Please visit our website at www.emimusicpub.com ". Check it, it's very interesting...





14.09.07 11.03 AM
Englishman in New York - Japanese video in soccer play
This is a rare video, and maybe Sting himsalf would have prefered we never find it... I do not understand why it was done, but it ridiculous ;)
Via http://listing.free.fr/forum/


August 2007

28.08.07 9.41 PM
"Sea Dreamer" released as a single on itunes
I just check itunes to see of the new Anoushka Shankar album was available, but, at my surpise, only the "single" is, and it is the song featuring Sting. So I buy it, it is en "edited" version and it sounds wonderfull... I miss a new Sting album ;)

You can listen to the track here (thanks www.stingme.dk)

17.08.07 5.03 AM

Seagaia 1994
Sting fan like you know that Sting plays an amazing concert in Myasaki in 1994... What you may know know is that was for a commercial purpose...

Sting did these 2 commercials for an amazing, and I would say, so non ecological hotel complexe near the sea...
Has you notice, one of the commercial plays "Take me to the shunshine", well... this song was written and record for this commercial... you better understand the title by now...

I have to admit I never understand why, seeing all the money he get, he does that kind of commercial things... Anyway, let more think of the concert, here come some extracts...
more can be found here
07.08.07 10.40 AM
You know I am not too much into The Police but this is surprising and interesting...
07.08.07 10.40 AM
It's probably me live - live french TV 2000 with Garou
The music is not live, but the voices are... and the duet sounds nice, specially when Sting miss his part...


July 2007

30.07.07 9.45 PM
Message in a bottle - live ABC 2005
29.07.07 10.54 PM
Spirits in the material world - live ABC 2005

Before the police 2007, there was the Borken music tour...

24.07.07 10.08 PM
Message in a bottle - live storytellers


23.07.07 4.28 PM
3 Steps to heaven

From the Radio1 movie

22.07.07 6.43 PM
Fields of gold best of - EU mobile

I found these 2 very nice promo items... I love that kind of items...

22.07.07 0.02 PM
I will try to put videos from you tube more often...

Sorry for the lack of updates, but : I am busy / I am not fan of The Police / there is no Sting records news / It is summer time ! So, here come some videos found on youtube...

I will try to put some you tube videos more often as there is very nice ones on this amazing site !!!

B ack in 1996/1997... First is a live extract when Sting asks someone to come on stage with him... then, 2 videos extracted from "the south bank" show of studio recording session...

05.07.07 3.31 PM

Check the list of items I have for sale, tell me what you want and I give 30% off... (not on the post costs). If you order up to 4 items, it is 50% off... write me now.

June 2007
21.06.07 9.32 PM
You tube again
Some more unusual videos...
06.06.07 11.20 PM
Journey and the Labyrinth - list update

I receive the EU press kit with 6 pages (2 in french), so I update the list and details list...

06.06.07 4.25 PM
Journey and the Labyritnh - Great performance promo DVD

I found this promo edition of the recent Journey and the labyrinth DVD. As you know, this was firstly diffused on TV, so this is the TV version "for EMMY consideration". It comes in a cardboard gatefold sleeve... The content is the same as the commercial DVD, except there is an introduction added and some commercials...

05.06.07 12.49 PM
You tube
You can find the usual videos on you tube, but also amazing things like these... I never heard about this, anybody have more infos?

Listing forum gives me the answer :
Name of the film : Prelude (Bach) / Director : Fabrizio Ferri / Year :1998 / Seen at the "Mostra del Cinema di Venezia"

Download high res at http://www.hoochiecoochieband.it/m axx/Prelude.wmv

This is a quiet rare video of Sting playing "Ain't no sunshine"... It was recorded in 1989, and the version is pretty similar of the studio version released years later...



May 2007

29.05.07 11.42 PM
The soul cages concert / Gligorov book Japan box set

I have look for this one for years... seeing it was released in 91, I can said decades ! It is a special japanese edition of The soul cages concert video, which comes in A4 cardboard box set, with behind it the Gligorov illustrated lyrics book... Also that with a nice OBI...

The copy I get is simply mint and still sealed.... I am happy ;)

27.05.07 2.20 PM
Songs from the labyrinth
I have update the album list, and detail list, with picture of all the items I have and known, including promo items like this Sweden flyer... It takes me hours !

Check Songs from the labyrinth list >>
Check songs from the labyrinth details list >>
17.05.07 6.23 PM
Welcome to the voice promo kit

Daniel Forys send me pictures of this nice "Welcome to the voice“ CD/DVD Promo Set which comes in a 16-page english/german Folder/Book.

13.05.07 11.23 PM
When we dance / This cowboy song DAT

Remember 2 months ago, I told you about this 2 DAT I get. After a little trip in Netherlands into the hands of the frendly Erik van Eekeres; they came back to me with a copy on CD. The tracks are :

Tape 1
1. When We Dance - No L Vox
2. When We Dance - No L Vox Repeated
3. When We Dance - No L Vox Album
4. When We Dance - No L Vox Album Repeated

Tape 2
5 . When We Dance B Trk Single
6 . This Cowboy Song B Trk
7 . When We Dance Single
8 . This Cowboy Song Short Version

So, the tracks 1,2 and 5 are the same, it is an instrumenetal version of When we dance, but with Sting backing on the chorus... a never heard version of 4'25

Tracks 3,4 are the same, the backing version of When we dance, but the full track of 6'10.

Track 6 is the backing version of This cowboy song, runs 5'05

Track 7 is the edited version of When we dance at 4'20; and track 8 is the "This cowboy song" album version of 5'05.


April 2007


27.04.07 3.21 PM
The Journey and the Labyrinth - Argentina promo set
The Argentina promo set, added to the promotional writting on disc, features a different picture in the inside... instead of picture of the wall, it is the full picture of Sting...

The EU and USA digipack issues are like this :
21.04.07 11.31 PM
My heart and I - Italian version
I have found this very rare CD! In 2002, Sting records This Ennio Moriccone song for the album "Cinema Italiano". The album features the song in English, but this promo CD features a version sings in Italian.

The sleeve and the disc states "English version". But on the front sleeve, "English" is cross out and "Ialian" is hand written under it.

Also, it states "For listening purposes only / NB : Digital distortion as master"...
17.04.07 09.03 AM
Discography book by Jon Messier
There were many books about the Police or Sting biography. But the collectors needed a kind of "Bible" about all the records released. More than that, "An investigation into the records of the Police" refers to all the releases of The Police, and also Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers and Henry Padovani's career before and after the band experience.

More informations on editor's website : lulu.com or Author's MySpace website
15.04.07 11.22 PM
Desert rose poland promo CD
At last, I found it !
Seven days UK promo MC
I never hear about it and found it on ebay at £4... It contains all the tracks from 2CD set.
07.04.07 2.27 PM
...All this time Thailand promo CDV and USA promo VHS
I get this Thailand promo double CDV.

So on I also added the USA promo VHS that miss to the list.
Check All this time video page >>
Check All this time video details page >>

March 2007

19.03.07 12.45 PM
When we dance / This cowboy song DAT
Here comes better scan of the 2 DAT... I will send them to someone who has a pro studio to put them on CD, will tell you...

19.03.07 8.23 AM
Inside EU digipack issue
I have never heard about it before, a digipack issue of "Inside - the songs of sacred love"... It was on ebay, but as it is signed, seller asks too much for it... Anybody have it?

So on, I update the Inside list & detail list, and add Malaysia 2CDV issue I get few weeks ago.
16.03.07 1.46 PM
When we dance / This cowboy song DAT
This is one of the reason why I love ebay ;) Today I got in the mail these 2 unique DAT from 1994... at a low price !
The first one contains 4 versions, the inlay states : No L vox / Repeated / No L vox album / Repeated... I guess "L vox" means leading vox...

It comes in a "Tape to tape" inlay.

The second one, as you can see, contains : When we dance backing tracks single / Cowboy song backing tracks / When we dance single / Cowboy song short version... It comes in a hand written "The town house" mastering inlay...


The the thing is now, how can I get these tracks ;) I friend may help me, but if you can read DAT tapes and can copy them on CD, contact me.
15.03.07 6.00 PM
The Journey and the Labyrinth USA promo set
Erwin Kempen buy the eil promo press set and send me better scans of it... Has he said "the DVDlooks US cause its an NTSC one, the CD is european"... the folder states" made in EU", but the information letter is definitly US one as its only talks about Labyrinth US story... wired...



13.03.07 10.45 PM
The Journey and the Labyrinth USA promo set
This was on sell, and sold out, on eil.com : 2007 German Deutsch Grammophon promotional-only press kit for the special DVD/CD package.

This exclusive press kit comprises a promo CD and promo DVD featuring excerpts 5:12. Also includes 2-page press release. Housed in a custom glossy picture folder. A stunning press package!

So, the promo DVD is only a 5'12 excerpts... also, even if eil.com states it is a German release, the adress on the press released in the US one, so I guess it is well an US release...
13.03.07 2.17 PM
The Journey and the Labyrinth update
There is an EU digipack issue, and it seems there is an USA plastic case issue, someone can confirm?

There is an USA promo issue which consists as the 2 CD set, but in protection sleeve only.

Here come scans of the USA digipack :

10.03.07 1.11 AM

chronological frame
I update the chronological frame at the top of this page, trying to put all Sting releases... Hope you understand it !!! Like this, there is a link on all the pages of this site... i guess!!! Tell me if I miss something or made some mistake...

Now we are in 2007 and The Police are back, watching at this frame made me see a long time has passed....

06.03.07 6.17 PM

Together japanese beer campagn
I want to talk about something that has nothing to do with current police actuality ;)

All of you know the song "We'll be together" from "...Nothing like the sun"... maybe you do not know that Sting record it for a Japanese commercial for beer... it was back in 1987...

Japanese love to use famous international stars in their commercials... Sting did Fuji tapes from 1986 to 1988 (a lot of phone cards werre released with these images, check the artcile about this).

I only see the commercial a long time ago, and the version of the song, even if it is short, is totally different from the final version... and a lot of objects werre made with this "together" campaign.

Here come the scans of posters and glasses (I do not have them in my collection, just the little glasses with the box, but the picture is blur...)


February 2007

19.02.07 00.38 AM

Shape of my heart detail list
I find the time to do the "Shape of my heart" details list. Check it >>

Check Nick'site for nice updates on latest items he found.

19.02.07 6.17 PM

Shape of my heart German CDs
This is the kind of item that are "easy to find" but that you never find ! It is the German 4 tracks Jewel case CDs of "Shape of my heart" from Germany.

This single was only issued in the UK, Germany and Canada. Also, this German single has the same tracks list than the UK digipack issue, so on it has the same color design as the digipack...

It would be easier if I have time to do the details page of this single, I hope to do it soon... until then here come scans of this iem:

15.02.07 00.27 AM

The journey and the labyrinth
Today, I buy the Journey DVD and CD... It is really well done, very nice images to illustrate this unusual music... It is plastic case which comes inside a cardboard sleepcase. The DVD sleeve (inside the plastic box) hasn't the picture of Sting, just the garden...

I did the Journey and the labyrinth page...
But, I have to say it makes me sad to see there is no subtitles, and that it costs 25€... I don't care about paying for Sting items, you know, but it is suppsoed to be for everyone... and worth than that, in the shop i go the album labyrinth is at 23€ !!! And record compagny want to stop illegal downloading...

And also, this promo is a promo CD of the St Luke concert, not the DVD as I have stated...

14.02.07 10.01 AM

The journey and the labyrinth USA issue
Steve Agovino send me these picture of the USA edition of the Journey & the labyrinth... Nice digipack issue...

13.02.07 11.47 AM

The journey and the labyrinth DVD - promo
There is a promo issue of the Journey & the labyrinth DVD... I do not know country of pressing...
Also, Kenneth put very nice gallery of pictures from the DVD on his site www.stingme.dk . Will try to buy it tomorrow ;)

13.02.07 2.33 AM

Rare Sting items
As all the eyes are on The Police reunion by now, I will continue to focus on Sting items ;) These are rare items a guy was selling on ebay.

These are working pieces from the record compagny, done with the designer to check the changes before final print. The first one is "The soul cages concert" VHS sleeve, and the second a magazine ad for the Soul cages album.

This one are from the "Englishman in New York" video, while the video was shooting, with comments on each images...

I do not buy them, because I think they werre too expenssive (£35 for the first 2, and £80 for englishman), but these are unique and nice items...

12.02.07 1.33 AM

The journey and the labyrinth DVD - first pictures
Here comes the first pictures I found of the Journey DVD... seems to be plastic case inside cardboard slipcase...

10.02.07 3.07 PM

Send your love USA promo with reverse tracks listing
Nick makes me point that there is another Send your love us promo... This one as an inverted tracks list playing the radio edit first... it was easy to find on ebay.
Check Send your love list >> | Check Send your love details list >>
Also, seeing that the Police reunion erase everything Sting can do or have done, I will try to update this web site with Sting information more often... item by item...

09.02.07 1.19 AM

Songs from the Labyrinth promo Advert DVD
This promo DVD, which contains a 30' advert for "Songs from the labyrinth" was on sell on ebay, and as crazy collectors (included me) fight to get it is went at £56... Nick win... again ;)

03.02.07 6.19 PM

The Journey And The Labyrinth promo EPK DVD
Juanma from Spain, have received the SFTL DVD EPK. It contains an small video with explanations of the music of John Dowland and beautiful images from Toscana. There are also images from some of the concerts (I think in London). Different people appear speaking about the disc. Dominic Miller between them

It takes 4:40 minutes.

In the disc is written: STING "The Journey & The Labyrinth". In stores 2-27-06. And also the words DVD and EPK.

January 2007

24.01.07 11.33 PM

The Journey And The Labyrinth promo EPK DVD
This promo EPK DVD appears and disappears on ebay... who gets it? Hopfully, Nick seen it...

Alos, Iget the translation in german and french of the Labyrinth booklet and lyrics... you can download this pdf here

16.01.07 10.57 AM

Another amzing police item sell at... amazing price !
This is the first time this item appears... and it sells at $1580...

Seller description :

Police (with Sting) - Message In A Bottle/Message In A Bottle (Live) (A&M) Mega Rare UNCUT VERSION of 1980 badge-shaped picture disc single.

This regular die-cut version of this picture disc is very easy to find (usually under $20). However, this is the FIRST copy of this we've ever seen which is a full round 12" picture disc! It is basically the same picture disc, but with a black vinyl border which fills up the space around it. It plays both tracks, as the regular promo.

This was made by "Pic Disc", a division of Fitzgerald-Hartley, as a test pressing only. It is unknown how many copies were pressed, but so far, this is the ONLY COPY to surface! It is possible that this is the only one actually made, but similar prototypes and tests exist in quantities of 5 or less.


03.01.07 7.15 PM

Sting releases special DVD/CD Package entitled 'The Journey And The Labyrinth: The Music of John Dowland'
Sting.com announces :

On the heels of his acclaimed recording, 'Songs From The Labyrinth', Sting furthers his fascination with Elizabethan composer John Dowland (1563-1626) on the forthcoming, 'The Journey And The Labyrinth: The Music Of John Dowland'. This new DVD/CD package includes an extended, 90-minute version of Sting's first-ever PBS special on Thirteen/WNET New York's Great Performances, slated to air February 26th, as well as a live bonus audio CD. 'The Journey And The Labyrinth: The Music Of John Dowland' will be released by Deutsche Grammophon on February 20th.

'The Journey And The Labyrinth: The Music Of John Dowland', directed and produced by Jim Gable and Ann Kim, delves deeper into Sting's relationship with the sixteenth century figure, who has captivated generations with his songs composed primarily for lute, which Sting tackles along with esteemed lutenist Edin Karamazov. Filmed appropriately at Lake House, Sting's 16-century manor house in Wiltshire, and in the ancient gardens of Il Palagio, his home in Italy, the DVD also features the performers before a live audience at St. Luke's Church in London.

Interspersed between performances of such timeless Dowland songs are discussions with musicologists David Pinto and Anthony Rooley of the composer's place in music history and his relevance today, plus recitations by Sting from Dowland's personal correspondence.

In a rare live appearance performing Dowland's music, Sting and Karamazov's concert at St. Luke's Church in London was also captured as a live audio recording, which serves as the bonus CD included in the package.


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