no scan
Japan POLM-1509 NTSC with insert and white/blue red OBI


1 LD
This concert was only released on LD in Japan. It's the birthday concert of Sting at the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles on 2nd October 1991.

1- All this time
2- Jeremiah blues (part 1)
3- Mad about you
4- Driven to tears
5- Ain't no sunshine
6- Why should I cry for you?
7- Be still my beating heart
8- Roxanne
9- Bring on the night-When the world...
10- King of pain
11- Fortress around the world
12- The wild wild sea
13- The soul cages
14- Purple haze
15- Walking on the moon
16- Every breath you take
17- Message in a bottle
18- Fragile