December 2006


29.12.06 7.15 PM

Come again Japan promo CDs
Nick get the promo edition of Come again from Japan... nice item...

I update come again list and details list... And I also did the list of "XM artists confidential EP"...

20.12.06 11.45 PM

X.M. artist confidentail now available everywhere !
It takes almost a month, but itunes France makes the three new live tracks from Sting and Edin Karamazov's performance - 'Message In A Bottle', 'Fields Of Gold' and Blues Legend Robert Johnson's 'Hellhound On My Trail', available...

These version are exellent !!!!

By the way, have a wonderfull christmas with familly...

11.12.06 11.26 PM

2007 would be a "Songs to the labyrinth" year... too
After the European tour, it is now a reissue of the album which is previous...

As states : On February 20, Deutsche Grammophon will release a special DVD/CD package entitled, 'The Journey & the Labyrinth: The Music of John Dowland'.

The set includes both an extended version of the TV special "Great performances" and a bonus CD consisting of live material recorded at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, plus consummate Sting hits including 'Message in a Bottle' & 'Fields of Gold', adapted for the lute.

The "great perfromances" TV boradcast will show Sting, joindes by Edin Karamazov, interspersed performances of such timeless Dowland songs such as 'Can She Excuse My Wrongs', 'Come Again' and 'Flow My Tears' are discussions with musicologists David Pinto and Anthony Rooley of the composer's place in music history and his relevance today, plus recitations by Sting from Dowland's personal correspondence.

Filmed, appropriately enough, at Lake House, Sting's 16th-century manor house in Wiltshire, and in the ancient gardens of Il Palagio, his home in Italy, it will also features the performers before a live audience at St. Luke's Church in London.

Concluding the special are Sting and Karamazov, alone at Lake House, duetting on Dowland's best known work, 'In Darkness Let Me Dwell'.


11.12.06 11.26 PM

Songs to the labyrinth & Come again updated lists & Japan news

Nick states on his web page that "Come again" would be released as a promo single in Japan too, and also found a Japan promo issue of the album.

So on, I update the Song to the labyrinth list (not the details yet) : there is 18 different issues... This project is full of surprises...

I also did the Come again list, and the details list.

04.12.06 12.07 PM

Bring on the night USA DVD promo
I found this promotional USA DVD... Never heard about it before...


November 2006


23.11.06 11.45 PM

X.M. artist confidentail only available in USA!!!!!
I am really angry... annouces a special release for itunes, three new live tracks from Sting and Edin Karamazov's performance - 'Message In A Bottle', 'Fields Of Gold' and Blues Legend Robert Johnson's 'Hellhound On My Trail'.

I try to buy them but they are only aailable for US resident, I can not get them as I am in France!!!! So, if you buy them, write me to work an exchange, as I simply CAN'T buy them even if I want!

23.11.06 11.45 PM

Songs from the labyrinth Argentina promo CD
I get the Argentina promo edition, which is the commercial issue with promo writting on disc...


19.11.06 11.51 AM

Come again promo CDs
Erwin Kempen find an USA promo CD of "Come again", and at the same time, a German promo appears on ebay...

USA promo CD contains only the album version, but German promo features also the alternative version and the re-recording of Fields of gold...

Above is the USA promo CD.
Above is German promo CD.
Labyrinth USA promo CD
At ehs ame time, Erwin Kempen Send me scans of the USA promo CDr... nice hunt for him this month ;)

The second one has no sleeve

16.11.06 2.46 PM

Songs from the labyrinth US promo CD + normal issue
This USA promo CDr was on sell with a buy it now price of $35... Lucky me to see it first ;) Better scans when it is here.

I also get the commercial USA release, which is the only issue on Jewel case! Here come scans.


14.11.06 11.39 PM

Some non "Labyrinth" varied news
Here comes scan of the "Un amigo como tu" (My funny friend of me-Spanish version) Colombia promo CD gets by Nick....



Fields of gold acetate 10"



The dance alone acetate 10"

Thanks to Erwin Kempen for both scans.



And 2 of the rarest Police items

Roxanne USA test pressing shaped rose picture disc (the guy sell it on ebay, but askes 10.000€, so nobody gets it)

Anoth Roxanne USA test pressing for the shaped picture dusc, this one is on CBS logo test pciture disc and sold for $800 if I remember well.

14.11.06 9.57 PM

Songs from the labyrinth Mexican issue
Album has been issued in Mexico, in digipack.

06.11.06 11.46 PM

Songs from the labyrinth Second US promo CD + Argentian pomo CD

Here comes scan of the US promo CDr, sold at $96 on ebay...

Also, there is an Argentin promo edition of the album, I am waiting for it.


03.11.06 2.40 PM

Songs from the labyrinth news
It seems there is 2 promotional CDr of the album from USA, both werre send with the EU press kit... Only have scan of the fist one, sell on eil for 100£ !
Here come photos of the LP I have.


detail (it stats printed in the EU & Made in Germany)

Innersleeve front (lyrics)
Innersleeve back


And some promo items :

Sweden media plan

French display

Japan poster

Japan display


October 2006

31.10.06 11.03 PM

Songs from the labyrinth update

I update the list and detail list with new releases and scans :
- USA edition comes in CD case
- Canada edition
- Argentina edition
- Indonesia CD and MC editions

I buy the LP in Paris (15€), it is different from the one currently on sell on ebay which is an Audiophile 180g vinyl... so there is 2 issues... scans later...

Check Songs from the labyrinth list >>
Check Songs from the labyrinth detail list >>


19.10.06 10.00 AM

Broken music fan club DVD

This is the 2006 fan club DVD... It seems i forget to scan the back... Anyway, it is very very interesting and very well done. It contains a 1h30 report on the tour, starting with the rehersals in Tuscany... It also contains extra bonus as amazing master classes done in USA universities...

Only bad thing... none song is complete, all are cut to give more space to talks... A little bit frustrating... but it is a very vary interesting item.

Also, I change the "other items" page with all the item on one page...

Check Other items section >>


19.10.06 00.23 AM

Songs by Sting EMI 3 CD promo !
Here come better scans of this amazing set, send by Erwin Kempen... So its is 3 CD set, first 2 CD in a case, third one in an other...

It includes all the Sting & Police songs issued on single... ordered by alphabetic order...

Also, it is written on back "2005 EPI Music Pulbishing . AW12/05 . Please visit our website at ". Check it, it's very interesting...



13.10.06 1.11 PM

Songs from the Labyrinth LP

First scans of the LP issue, that seems to be German/EU issue.

11.10.06 1.23 PM

Songs by Sting EMI 3 CD promo !

And US shop has this for sell at 150$... I ask to know what it is and have more info, and so on, somebodyelse get it... who? I would need more infos...

As cover said, the set "including every self-composed song which charted for sting and The Police between 1978 and 2004"... which makes 46 songs!

It issued by EMI publishing, as the "Sacred love" instrumental album...


10.10.06 12.23 AM

Songs from the Labyrinth Itunes special edition

I buy the Itunes specail edition of the album... It features :
Come Again (Alternative version) : with more backing vocals... more accessible version, probably for the single version... very nice version
Fields of Gold in a new version accompanied by Lute ... only one comment : WOW!
15 Listening Guide tracks : Sting explain the tracks...
15-page PDF booklet
Making of video

All that for only 12.99 €!


06.10.06 12.23 AM

Songs from the Labyrinth list updated
I have added the scan of sleeve, booklet and other part of the official EU CD. Already 8 different CD issues...

Also, I just figure out the USA promo CD do not content the reading letter tracks...

Check Songs from the Labyrinth page >>

05.10.06 2.36 PM

Songs from the Labyrinth new items
Giovanni send me scan of this amazing promotional pres kit. It is a 14 pages book with a promotional CD that contains extracts and interview... better scans will come ASAP.
Taiwan issue has appaered, with a special OBI.
And last, but not least, the french full promo CD.
I am pleased to see there is real and nice promo items, not CDr as for Sacred love.

05.10.06 1.32 PM

"Come again" could be the single from the new album
During the rehersals concert on october 3th, Sting said several time that "Come again" will be the single fo the album. Let's hope he will re-record the tracks he sings at the end of the concert : "Fields of gold", "Message in a bottle" & "Hellhound On My Trail" to complete it.

Scans of the CD sleeve and amazing Italian press kit would come later...


September 2006


25.09.06 3.36 PM

Songs from the Labyrinth updates
I get the french media plan... it is very nice designed, specially the back of it... Also, it states :
- release date will be october 9th (in France)... by the way, USA promo CD states october 10th.

- bad news : it states "warning, there won't be Sting new release or album before end 2007" !

- The CD will come in digipack with 28 pages booklet!

- Sting will appears at french TV show "Tenue de Soirée" on France 2, on October 21th, as on the news on the same day.
Check more scans and infos in the Labyrinth details page >>
Japanese CD with OBI, it seems it is a digipack too.
New picture, taken from the french media plan.

25.09.06 10.08 AM

Songs from the Labyrinth
I did the Songs from the Labyrinth page, and the details page too... More news will follow...

24.09.06 11.28 PM

This is a picture of my room... not, it is a joke... This is a picture of one of Sting's Tuscany room... I take it from the very very well done Fan club DVD I just get... Scans and review of it will come later...

See pictures in big >>

20.09.06 1.15 PM

The Police - Ghost in the machine electro picture disc
I am not into Police collection, but this is simply the rarest Police record ever, and few people see it. I did ;) My friend Alain Berthault has it in his collection, and send me this picture of it...

You can read the story behind this item on Follow the leaders web site >>

15.09.06 6.15 PM

Songs from the Labyrinth - promo EPK
Giovanni send me better scan of it, hunting is opened...

12.09.06 3.23 PM

Songs from the Labyrinth - photos

08.09.06 3.23 PM

Songs from the Labyrinth - USA promo CD
There is the promo USA CD... no sleeve, just disc (thanks Erwin)


August 2006

28.08.06 10.31 AM

Songs from the Labyrinth - Japanese promo CDr
There is a promo Japanese CDr of the new album... I am so sad to miss it, even at $95... I am more and more impatient to hear it...

Other info, Mate Attila, found on Deutsche Grammophon website that there will be a LP issue... latest Sting LP released was Mercury falling... 10 years ago !

24.08.06 3.10 PM

Curiosty on sale on ebay... Nada como el sol Spanish Bank LP
It is the first time in my 15 years collection life that I saw a copy for sale... and the seller know that it is rare seeing the starting bid (150€)...

The Spanish bank "Urquiljo Union" issued a special wodden box set with different special issues LP as a gift to their clients... and one of them is Nada como el sol EP...

If you have 150€, here come the link >>

22.08.06 12.20 PM

Summoner's travels japanese promo box set
It arrives, 13 years after its release, the Summoner's travels japanese promo box set...

21.08.06 10.24 AM

Song from the Labyrinth 2 different editions
Another info from Giovanni Pollastri, there will be 2 issues, one in digipack...

17.08.06 10.50 AM

Sacred love japanese promo sampler CDr
Nick found informations on this japanese promo sampler of Sacred love... more info... if he find it...
Summoner's travels japanese promo box set
I found it, never hear it exists... seller tells me "There is a promo sticker on the outside of the cardboard Five Live 'slip case' box, plus stickers on the back of the Ten Summoners and Five Live CDs inside the back. Both CDs have the usual promo writing on the CDs too." . Scan when i get it...
Dream of the blue turtles CzecheSlovakian Republic CD
I found the CzecheSlovakian Republic issue of "The dream of the blue turtles"... add of special credits on back and disc, the main difference is that the booklet is simply front and back, no lyrics, nothing...
Brand new day Thailand CD
I found the Thailand issue of Brand new day.

09.08.06 09.51 AM

Bring on the night deluxe reissue - Malaysia & Argentina issues
I get the Argentina & Malaysia "Sound and vision" reissues... If the Malaysia issue is the same as other countries issues, the Argentina one comes in an unique CD size cardboard case. Each disc comes in an individual CD sleeve.

Check Bring on the night >> | Check Bring on the night DETAILS LIST >>

08.08.06 11.36 AM

Song from the Labyrinth first promo CD
Sting us reports : the first promotional cds are available of the whole CD.

Among others, one of them entitled "Songs From The Labyrinth EPK cd" has a 4 minute special about the recording of the album and some samples. The sampler has a 4 minute EPK (electronic press kit), featuring Sting at Il Palagio recording some of the songs in the studio, in the wine room, rehearsing in the garden, talking about the project, showing some music sheets...

No cat. number is available, it has the same cover as the cd, thin cardboard package and with the words on the front lower right side: ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT - made by Xingu Films.

08.08.06 11.28 AM

Nothing like the sun MFSL LONG BOX CD
That's is the main thing I want to do with this new home page, big scans of item directly available in the news... I am please to find this one...

07.08.06 11.07 AM

Send your love FAKE US remix CDr
This Send your love promo CDr appears on ebay. I think it is fake, but it is nice... It contains all the remixes of the 2 US promo CD of the track...

Check Send your love >> | Check Send your love details list >>

07.08.06 11.02 AM

Muoio per te Italian bootleg 12" . more info
Kenneth Nielsen send me this about this item : I think it a itialian bootleg mix.
- First sign is the: Only for DEE JAY.
- Second, the label is discomagic nothing to do with a&m.
- Third, it's made/produced by: RO. VIS. - GA. L., sound to me like a dj.

04.08.06 1.12 PM

Muoio per te Italian bootleg 12"
I have found this strange "Muoio per te" Italian 12" promo. It was the first time I saw it. It seems official, which is strange is that the running time of 5'7 for both side...

Check Muoio per te page >>

04.08.06 1.12 AM

I think it is time for a new home page... As most people have a 17" by now, it is bigger so the images could be bigger... Less links (use the frame for this), and direct links to all the discography is the main improval. Hope you like.

June 2006

20.06.06 2.44 PM

Stingus & give the info : Sting will release later this year (autumn 2006) an album.

It will features compositions from John Dowland (1563 - 1626), entitled "Songs from the Labyrinth".

The album will be released on 16 October on the Deutsche Grammophon label. Special thing is that the songs were recorded, playing the lute, together with Edin Karamazov, a Bosnian lute player.
Tracklist is as following:
1. Walsingham - Ballad setting for lute; Poulton no. 672
2. She excuse my wrongs? - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil, Nuremberg, 10 November 1595
3. “Ryght honorable: as I have bin most bounde unto your honor ..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil, Nuremberg, 10 November 1595
4. My tears (Lachrimae) - Second Booke of Songes, 1600, no. 2
5. You seen the bright lily grow - from Ben Jonson: The Devil is an Ass, 1616
6. “...Then in time passing on Mr. Johnson died..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
7. Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark, His Galliard - for lute, Poulton no. 40
8. Lowest trees have tops - Third Booke of Songes, 1603, no. 19
9. “...And accordinge as I desired ther cam a letter..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
10. Knacks for ladies - Second Booke of Songs, 1600, no. 12
11. “...From thenc I went to the Landgrave of Hessen..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
12. Fantasy - for lute, Poulton no. 6
13. Come, heavy sleep - First Booke of Songes, 1597, no. 20
14. Forlorn Hope Fancy - for lute, Poulton no. 2
15. “...And from thence I had great desire to see Italy..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
16. Come again - First Booke of Songes, 1597, no. 17
17. Wilt thou unkind thus reave me - First Booke of Songes, 1597, no. 15
18. “...After my departure I caled to mynde our conference..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
19. Weep you no more, sad fountains - Third Booke of Songes, 1603, no. 15
20. My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home - Version for two lutes; Poulton no. 66
21. Clear or cloudy - Second Booke of Songes, 1600, no. 21
22. “...Men say that the Kinge of Spain is making gret preparation..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
23. In darkness let me dwell - Musicall Banquet, 1610, no. 10
I am out until jully 10th, so no updates... will see Sting live twice during this time :)

Check these during my holidays : stingus | nothinglikesting


May 2006

18.05.06 9.13 AM reports that the new Sting project is a special Lute album... "It's a strange record, a delightful record and I think people will be intrigued by it. The album is voice and lute, there are a few four part harmonies that I sing and it's all music from the sixteenth century"

Read all interview and see interview video on >> also reports that Sting plays a special concert with Last Exit members...

Read full article on >>

02.05.06 11.11 AM

There is another very interesting interview on, specially this: "Sting says he is "thinking and worrying about a new album" but has "a little surprise coming out before that happens."

Whatever it is should be in stores by Christmas and probably won't be a standards album. "


April 2006

28.04.06 10.55 PM

I have update the collector's profiles with 2 new interview...

Also, you can submit your, or update it by answering to 5 new questions...

Check collector's profiles >>


25.04.06 00.19 AM

I have update the varied items page with Fan club DVD, 2 french concerts invitations, and ticket of the Warsaw 2005 Broken music concert...

Check varied items >>


24.04.06 5.17 PM

So, the Japanese Snap pack promo issue of Englishman in new york exists... The first ever seen copy was on sell on ebay and goes at $81. I stop bidding as it is not in mint condition, back sleeve is cut out... Check Ebay auction >>


24.04.06 00.04 AM

I found a very nice Ten summmoner's tales Japanese promo MC. So on, Iupdate the MC list of this album with issues from Turkey, Argentina, Korea and Taiwan.

Check Ten summoner's tales >>
Check Ten summoner's tales details >>


I update Desert rose list.

Check Desert rose >>


14.04.06 11.36 AM

Sorry for the lack of updates. As you probably know, Sting will do several concerts this summer for the Broken music tour. I will be in Lyon in June, and Carcassone in Jully...

It seems the new album won't be released this year, Sting said in an interview "I´m not working on a new album. I´m just starting to think about that. I have no idea of what the album will contain. I only have some rough thoughts at the moment." (info get on collectors forum)

Nick has done several updates on nothinglikesting recently, check it. Also, check the exellent LISTING french/english site and its exellent forum...

There is an UK promo CD of a Sheryl Crow and Sting duet.



March 2006

15.03.06 2.36 PM

There is a new US promo CD of a Sheryl Crow and Sting duet, this one comes in picture sleeve..

Check Bigger scan >>


08.03.06 9.57 PM

Universal Danmark announces the new album for 30 September... Kenneth at get the info... but now, the universal site remove it !!

February 2006

13.02.06 8.28 AM

I get my hands on the different release of the "Sound & Vision" Bring on the night reissue : France, Korea, Mexico... it was long to scan everything !

Check Bring on the night >>
Check Bring on the night details >>


I listen to the Sheryl Crow & Sting track, it is well a re-recording of the Sheryl' song as a duet... It sounds like a Disney song...


06.02.06 0.28 AM

There is a us promo CD of a Sheryl Crow and Sting song on ebay!!! It is a song from her latest album, but Sting does not play on the album version... More info ASAP.

Check Bigger scan >>



January 2006

16.01.06 0.07 AM

I update my CD and MC collection list. I haven't done it for a year, so in a year, I have buy 44 CD and 51 MC...

Check collection list >>>

15.01.06 0.28 AM

I did the details list of You still touch me. My first aim was to do the details list of Desert rose, but the sleeve and the issues sucks... so...
Check You still touch me >>
Check You still touch me details >>


10.01.06 9.59 PM

I update After the rain hs fallen, and did the details list... US issues are so complicated...

Check After the rain has fallen >>
Check After the rain has fallen details >>


07.01.06 10.55 PM

I haven't update the collector's profiles for a while... It is now done, with 9 new interview.

Also, you can submit your, or update it by answering to 5 new questions...

Check collector's profiles >>


There is a new and amazing Police collector's web site.

check >>


07.01.06 00.17 AM

I update Brand new day, with some CD, the MC list and scan of the rare and nice taiwan promo diary.
Check Brand new day >>