Japan VAH-0515 NTSC cardboard box, with japanese OBI
USA unknown NTSC cardboard box

no scan
Japan VAL-0515 NTSC 10" laser disc, with OBI
2 no scan Japan LV 38405 NTSC "Videos part 1" & "Nothing videos" reunit on 1 LD, sleeve show sleeve of the 2 VHS.


2 VHS, 1 LD
This video was only released in Japan and USA.

It comes with a special sleeve: a live picture of Sting with guitar. This photo was also on the sleeve of the Japanese CDv of "Bring on the night" and on the Japanese 12" of "Shadows in the rain".

The back sleeve shows black and white picture of Sting, and pictures extracts from" Love is the seventh wave" video

The japanese VHS
1- If you love somebody set them free
2- Love is the seventh wave
3- Russians
4- Fortress around your heart
5- Bring on the night