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05.12.08 9.05 PM

Melbourn Labyrinth concert

Bukolic assist to the Melbourn show on dec 3th and report the track list :

01 Flow my tears
02 The lowest trees have tops
03 The Most High & Mighty...
04 Can she excuse my wrongs
05 Fine knacks for ladies
06 Come, heavy sleep
07 My Lord Willoughbys Welcome Home
08 Come again
09 Have you seen the bright lily grow
10 Weep you no more, sad fountains
11 Clear or cloudy
12 In darkness let me dwell

13 Where coral lies
14 Linden Lea
15 There are places I remember

16 Fields of gold
17 Message in a bottle
18 Bethlehem Down
19 Say love if ever thou didst find

more info on listing forum


02.12.08 9.05 PM

Labyrinth Asian & Australian tour

Sting now start the Australia/Asia leg of the labyrinth tour... info and articles on listing forum.


05.08.08 11.38 PM

The police... This is the end (again)

In 2 days will be the last Police concert (ever), held in NY... (watch the encore on best buy) even if sadly, the track list never really change, it was great moment to see them back on stage...

In coordination with Thursday's webcast, Best Buy will begin presale of an exclusive set featuring a recent Police full concert from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The options for "The Police: Certifiable" will include :
- 2 DVD/2 CD standard-format pack
- 1 DVD/2 CD Blu-ray format deal
- even a 3-LP release that gives you a one-time MP3 file download of the whole album. There’ll be some bonus footage on the DVDs as well.

Sources : stingus / thepolice.com

05.08.08 11.25 PM

Labyrinth Asian & Australian tour

Back to the Luth in December ! Dates of this tour are :
30 Nov - Sydney
01 Dec - Brisbane
03 Dec - Melbourne
05 Dec 2008 - Perth
07 Dec 2008 - Kuala Lumpur
08 Dec 2008 - Singapore
10 Dec 2008 - Hong Kong
12 Dec 2008 - Dubai
16 Dec 2008 - Tokyo
17 Dec 2008 - Tokyo
18 Dec 2008 - Tokyo
20 Dec 2008 - Osaka


26.05.08 4.00 PM

What is the 2008 Sting planning ?

The Police reunion and tour end up at the end of August with a free show in NY... After that, it would be the end...

For September, the 13th to be exact, there is a rumor about a special concert in memory of the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti who died last year. It would be done in Paris, Parc de Saint-Cloud, accompanied by a symphony orchestra of 70 musicians, with other artists...

In November, Sting will be at the Chatelet Theater in Paris with Elvis Costello to play the opera "Welcome to the voice", written by Steve Nieve and Muriel Teodori The show will play from 20 to 25 November and reservations will be open from June 27.

After that, I hope he will take some time to be back home and write there, because he always say, he do not write on the road.... and he is on the road for 5 years now... ;)


11.02.08 4.46 PM

Get "The Police around the world" released in DVD

You can sign here on this worldwide petition site:


This is how U2's Slane Castle DVD got released through this actual
online petetion site, which U2 fans signed to get the DVD release, so
fingers crossed.


11.02.08 4.46 PM

No new CD by The Police...

Stingus reports : Well, some will love it, others will be disappointed, but according to our latest info, no new CD of The Police should be expected. The tour will finish in the USA in August, and that will be it.

There are some other things in the works though, such as a Tour book and a tour DVD.

Finally, we will all be able to enjoy a new CD by Sting in Spring 2009.


17.08.07 4.56 PM

Sting on the new ANOUSHKA SHANKAR & Karsh Kale album

Sting is featured on Anoushka Shankar's new CD "Anoushka Shankar Karsh Kale - Breathing" which have been released on September 10.

On this album Sting is featured on the song "Sea Dreamer".

For those who do not know, Anoushka Shankar plays on the very nice "Book of my life" from latest (real) album Sacred love.


05.06.07 12.49 PM

More videos from you tube

There is so much nice videos on you tube... Check :

- funny interview
- Luth BBC interview
- Luth Channel 4 report
- Come again live
- La Grand Journal french interview
- Lullaby to anxious video
-Every breath - Ally Mc Beal duet
- Until video
- Live 8 interview part 1
- Live 8 interview part 2

Live with Chris Botti :
- In the wee small hours
- My funny valentine
- What are you doing the rest of your life


25.04.07 11.36 PM

Steve Nieve's opera 'Welcome to the Voice'

Sting paticipates to the forthcoming release of Steve Nieve's opera 'Welcome to the Voice' which will be released internationally on the Deutsche Grammophon label in May.

Sting.com presents 2 video of the project, and on what I heard, it seems very nice to hear Sting voice with opera... He sings on 9 of the 15 album tracks .

More info on www.stevenieve.com


16.04.07 5.17 PM

Missing videos

I forget to link the It's probabaly me video. There is 2 versions :
- with movie extracts
- without movie extracts

And also, the 1993 Demolition man video.


05.04.07 5.29 PM

You tube videos

Universal put Sting's videos on you tube... I look for the one missing, so here come most of the Sting videos...

If you love somebody

Love is the 7th wave
Fotress around (long version)

We'll be together
Be still my beating heart
Englishman in NY
They dance alone

All this time
The soul cages
Why should I cry for you ?

If I ever lose my faith in you
Seven days
Fields of gold
Shape of my heart

When we dance

Let your soul be your pilot
You still touch me
I'm so happy I can't stop crying
I was brought to my senses

Brand new day
Desert Rose
After the rain has fallen - remix


Send your love remix
Send your love - revised version
Whenever I say your name
Stolen car - radio version
Stolen car - Baston doc
Stolen car - B. Recluse mix

And I also find these :
Ain't no sunshine
My funny Valentine
Whenever I say your name live on TV
Shape of my heart - live Tuscany home
The mighty

From All this time 1994 game, with very interesting interview and special live songs :
About life (Fragile)
About newcastle (All this time)
About influences
About movies
About writing (When we dance)
About his philosophy


19.03.07 12.47 PM

You tube again
Unusual version of "Never coming home" (only live vocals) on you tube


18.03.07 6.02 PM

You tube
Youtube features some new videos :

Vicar of Dibley 16 march 2007

I found all these on the exellent listing forum...

See the 2007 archives


Kenneth's Stingme
Police disco . followtheleaders

Dominic Miller

I just get the Rock in Rio Broken music DVD.

Working on the sleeve...

Check full DVD list >>
10.12.08 11.14 PM
Edin Karamazov album

Edin Karamazov will issued his first solo album next year, with Sting as special guest on "Alone with my thoughts this evening" (I was brought to me senses intro)...

As everything lately, found on listing.... more soon on www.edinkaramazov.com
08.12.08 08.26 PM
Sting live in Kuala Lumpur

2 videos of recent Sting performance :

As everything lately, found on listing....
02.12.08 8.24 AM
Japanese SHM reissues

It seems all Sting album have been reissued on SHM format in Japan... no better scans for the moment...

18.11.08 09.12 AM
Welcome to the voice

So, on sunday 25th I was there, and it was a nice moment. Sting was very good, as well as Joe, is son, has his friend in the Opera... I listen to the album totally differently now, it is like a movie soundtrack, you understand it better when you have the story in mind...

All the infos, a lot of pictures and much more on listing....
18.11.08 09.12 AM
Welcome to the voice

After the presentation last week end, Sting will play the Steve Nieve Opera 5 times in Paris... Will be there on sunday ;)

All the infos, a lot of pictures and much more on listing....
17.11.08 09.12 AM
Fake test pressing

The Spread test pressing I baught is a fake!!! Hopefully a very nice guy tell me that, he get test from the same buyer and all werre fakes... the label is glued on a normal record... wired !!!

02.11.08 11.12 AM
Back in time...

I recently found these 2 vintage items... First is an USA promo tape of Love is the seventh wave... I guess the youngest one do not even know this format ;)


And, after the Acetate, I found the UK test pressing 7" of "Spread a little hapiness"...

04.10.08 10.16 PM
1000 years remix promo CD

I just received this unknown promo CD of "1000 years". Added to the fact it is the only know release for what was supposed to be the brand new day album fourth single, it includes 3 remixes never heard before...

Nothing to do with reggae, they are more like "radio version" that make the song more accessible for a radio audience... but not enough as the single has never been released...


I forget to talk you about this Stolen car USA promo CD I miss some weeks ago and which gone at... $4!!! It comes with a different sleeve and includes the 3 usual remixes... why an USA promo CD is so rare?

23.09.08 10.21 PM
New issue of "Songs from the labyrinth"

According stingus.net, the special edition of the album which features three bonus tracks 'Fields of Gold', 'Message in a Bottle', & 'Have You Seen the Bright Lily Grow', recorded in New York in September 2006, will be released worldwide...
17.09.08 10.05 PM
Japanese phone cards on sell

My friend Rodolfo continue selling his items... check his page, he sells the so nice japanese phone cards....

10.09.08 12.05 PM
Sting in 3D
13.08.08 10.05 PM
New Brand new day interview disc

I found this on ebay Australia... it does not feature any official logo, but as the time and the date is the same as other interview disc of the album, I guess it is genuine... not sure for country of pressing, well of burning...

05.08.08 11.22 PM
De do do do - multicolored vinyl 7"

This amazing 7" was on sell on ebay goes at £972 ($1890 - 1235€)... for the story, it is a test done by an A&M employee... there is a los a yellow vinyl, a blue one and probably a purple one... Funny it sell the last day of the Police reunion ;)

For all infos on Police rares records, check the so good Raphael web site : followtheleaders 
05.08.08 11.22 PM
Songs for Tibet release - Send your love - Art of peace mix

I just found it on the itunes store, and I was sad when i see "Send your love - Art of peace mix"... I have think another bad remix... no way !

This version is an acoustic version, with I guess 2 guitare and definitly, Vincente Amigo on one, with a nice spanish guitare solo in the middle, and some dodouk, this amazing armenian instrument that I love... I always think this song was so commercial, but this version make me change my mind...

This album is to support Tibet and they need our support, so buy the album... also, there is some other amazing tracks on it... so, support Tibet !

02.07.08 10.21 PM
New issue of "Songs from the labyrinth"

According sting.com, to accompany the upcoming Asian "Labyrinth" tour, Deutsche Grammophon will release a special edition of the album which features three bonus tracks 'Fields of Gold', 'Message in a Bottle', & 'Have You Seen the Bright Lily Grow', recorded in New York in September 2006.
20.06.08 09.24 PM
New items for my collection

I love to find new items, especially when I never heard about them before...


I always miss the Korean promo CD on ebay... Ten summoner'tales, Demolition man, Nada como el sol... but I can't miss this one...


An unknow MC from Thailand... they issue single MC in thailand !!!It contains A&G classic, Fields of gold, englishman, It's probably me (!) & edit version of Let your soul...


And a promotional When we dance MC from USA...

09.06.08 4.49 PM
Rare items for sell on ebay
07.06.08 03.06 PM
The Police live in Marseille

I was there, what a show !!! The version of Roxanne, So lonely or Can't stand losing you werre amazing... Thanks to Vince, here come videos of this amazing show...


So lonely


Can't stand losing you




Wrapped around your finger


Demolition man



See all the videos made by Vince here : http://fr.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=policeinparis
30.05.08 10.03 PM
Some new items...

I have to say I slow down my collection, like a lot of other collectors ;) It is always the same when Sting slow down his solo activity... But here come some items recently seen on ebay... I have to say I did not get any of them, but I do not want to lose track on everything....


A nice Belgian box set which contain 5 CD...


Dream of the blue turtles "My generation My music" reissue


Dream of the blue turtles HMCD reissue


Nothing like the sun "My generation My music" reissue


Fields of gold HMCD reissue


Fields of gold Best best reissue

26.05.08 2.53 PM
Homenaje a las Madres de Plaza de Mayo

Never seen this one before....

And if you like U2 as I do, there is also this nice one :
27.04.08 11.12 PM
Personal project : Harmonie intérieure

As you seen, the activity of this web site is slowing down... part due to Sting non solo activity, but mainly because I have no time for it anymore...

After being graphic designer for years (which I still do), I build a
interior design workshop with my wife.

We sell
decorative stickers, mounted pictures and other decorative stuffs. Here come some of them, check our online shop if you are interested : www.harmonie-interieure.com

17.03.08 3.59 PM
Sting and Chris Botti

Recording session of "What are you doing the rest of your life"... well listen the Sting joke at the end.

Live version of "What are you doing the rest of your life"
"In the wee samll hours" live
There is alos this nice version of "My funny valentine"

Better quality version here.

12.03.08 5.39 PM
Together Kirin beer commercials

Last year I write about the Sting Kirin Beer campagain, and someone on the listing forum make me see that the videos are on you tube. Listen to this first version of "We'll be together" that Sting re-record for the "...Nothing like the sun" after...

I can't put the first video here, so check it there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqul_C0Queo&feature=related

And second one :

17.02.08 8.39 AM
Nothing like the sun new japanese issue

This new technology issue appears on ebay and is described like this : SHM-CD (Super High Material Compact Disc) is new technology by VICTOR JAPAN, the transparency side of the disc is made by Polycarbonate Resin (Same material that using on LCD panel!!), help the CD lens pick up the data most correctly and can play at all CD players.

If you can read Japanese, you can go to there look what difference between SHM-CD and normal CD.

14.02.08 8.39 AM
Rare stuffs on ebay

My friend Rodolfo decided to sell some of his rare Sting records... Click on the images for links, or on his sell page for all items.

28.01.08 9.43 PM
Spread a little Hapiness 10" Acetate

I have few Acetate, because they are a little expenssive, but I am really happy to have found this one, with the good help Andrew. Thanks.

So on, I update the Acetate article with Fields of gold and They Dance alone 10" Acetate send by Erwin Kempen.

19.01.08 6.21 PM
To laugh a little...

I love this first video as it is so true... I love Sting face after "big fan of Dune"...

And, I just discover this one I never seen before...
12.01.08 10.37 PM
Sting From the Vault Fan club DVD

I was, as other people say, expecting something better than that... Hard to explain the frustration of always 1' extracts of songs, never a complete song... Between that, some "behind the scene" footage, but nothing really interesting... Sting waiting to come on stage, Kippen jokes, Sting going out of stage, Sting taking the train... Well, it is interesting with concert of recording between, but only that, it is simply boring...

The worst, for me, is that it is supposed to be a FAN release, and you have the same things that is in official Dominic Miller video, or Journey and the labyrinth DVD, and with Bad image quality transfer !!! If we are found, I guess we see that !!! We need soemthing new!

There is some interesting parts, like Sting recording with Will I am special version of Englishman in NY (anybody here it?); or rehersals with Newcastle big band, but again, there is more interview of people of the big band than Sting... and when Sting sings a song we never heard before, it is cut out after 30"...

I won't make comment about the design, but have to say, this is a disepointing release....



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