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This special CDROM was send to people to register as premieum member on www.sting.com. Most of it is about Sting Scared love special concert in Paris / Olympia on September 22th 2003, and interview, live and videos werre recorded at this concert.

It contains :
Documentary videos :
-Fan picked song (2'00 - Sting interview and rehersals extracts)
-Olympia (4'00)
-Video elements (4'38)
-New songs (5'00)

Live videos :
-Send your love (4'30 rehearsals version)
-Dominic EPK (10'32)
-Ghost story (All this time session, 2001)

Audio : 35 questions asked to Sting.

Picture gallery : Olympia pictures

Icons, Wallpapers, screen savers...

Web : brings you to 2 extra videos:
- Whenever I say your name (live Olympia)
- Desert rose (rehersals and live Olympia)

A funny memory game...

An exellent item, thanks Dave, Wendy and Tina :)

CDROM home screen shot
Memory game screen shot
Video page screen shot
Audio page screen shot
Picture gallery screen shot