As you know it by now, a special live album will be issued in Novembre 2001. Here comes some details, to have all the info, check

NEW LIVE ALBUM STING WILL BE RECORDED IN ... The concert will be held in Italy in September in "Il Palagio", Sting's villa in the town of Figline Valdarno in Toscana.

NEW ACOUSTIC CD DETAILS We brought the first news to you some months ago in march 2001 about the secret mini gig. Sting revealed it himself in an article from Reuters some months later. (This was also confirmed by Universal Music Nederland, Italy and USA some weeks ago.) Furthermore, Sting also revealed all details on an internal Interscope records video which we have seen.

Here is the most important part : With the "Brand New Day" tour on a kind of victory lap that will end in late July, Sting is starting to turn his attention to the future. One project is a live album that will be recorded at a pub-style venue in Europe (StingUs: this will be in Italy) this coming fall (StingUs: this will be middle September), with his touring band and some "old friends" as surprise guests -- including saxophonist Branford Marsalis, a frequent collaborator. "It's going to be a small, intimate gig," says Sting, who promises to "reinterpret" the songs he's been playing on the road during the past year and a half. "It'll be the same songs, but with a few curveballs thrown in there; it won't be the polished arrangements we've been working on for the past 18 months at all. We're just gonna try to surprise each other and see what happens." He also hopes for a quick release -- significantly quicker than usual. "We want to release it the next day," he says. How? "Don't know," he says with a laugh. "I'm not the scientific boffin. We're working on it."

In the same interview, Sting also refers to his growing interest in classical music: Sting says he expects to be working on some new music before long, likely influenced by his recent immersion in the works of Bach. "I'm starting to get anxious about it, which is always a key to creativity," he says. "It's the anxiety, really. I finish touring the end of July, and then I'll have a holiday with the family, and then I won't have a job, so I'll really have to sit down and think. That basically is the start; I just sit and think, 'Who am I? Have I learned anything? Do I have anything useful to say?' If the answer's 'no,' I don't say anything. But that usually isn't the case." Note by StingUs: maybe it's therefore that in September, there will be Sting and orchestra in Barcelona (with Katia Labeque) and Berlin?

Here is the whole information about the forthcoming live album: The plan is to record in front of a 300 (max) capacity audience made up of fans, contest winners and record company staff. The set will include acoustic guitars, piano, organ, etc. with potential appearances by special guests (yet to be confirmed) such as Cheb Mami and Branford Marsalis. The tentative release date for the live album will be November 5th. The first single has a planned radio date of September 17th followed by a commercial release date of October 15th. The video for the first single is scheduled to be ready on September 16th.

Tracklist As you see in the details under this article the tracklisting for this live album looks very strong and includes hits by the Police as well as Sting. A brand new track composed by Sting for this record is planned to be a down-tempo ballad for Christmas : Message in a Bottle Roxanne Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Every Breath You Take Tea in the Sahara I Burn for You Englishman in New York We'll Be Together Desert Rose Fields of Gold All This Time Brand New Day If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Fragile When We Dance + 2 'bonus,' non-album tracks for Japan and rest-of-world versions

Promotional actions: Do know that the CD pro to radio will be a new single of Sting with a new song, and this to announce the live cd:

Pro to radio Sept. 17th to radio
Video for single Sept. 17th to media
Commercial single release Oct. 15th in store
Live Album release Nov. 5th in store *Filming of "pub" performance + rehearsals for 60-minute TV program (A&M to own, distribute and place) - this program to be delivered on Oct. 15th, 2001

*Single to be recorded and delivered in advance of "pub" performance
*Video clip to be edited from filmed footage in advance of "pub" performance
*Webcast of "pub" performance
*At least 100 tickets to "pub" performance for A&M to use for media contesting and/or press
*4 non-album b-sides for single #1
*2 non-album recordings for international bonus tracks
*Single #1 either new song or new arrangement of "Fragile" *Live photos and EPK