Hi fb, this is part two of the littel chat I had with Ben Liebrand.

1). How you were contacted ?
Englishman in new york: After the mix was released thru DMC, the record compnay contacted me directly. (Fragile was a mix made for dutch radio)
Mad about you: Official remix request thru record company.

2). What kind of material were you handed (only vocals) ?
Englishman in new york: Made from 12" version
Mad about you: Made from Digital 48 track recording

3). How many different versions did you make of each before choosing one ?
Of each, just one version, and a radio edit of that same version.

4). Have you ever met Sting, and did he say anything about your great mixes
Haven't met him.

5). Any plans for a new work with Sting ?
Not at this moment.

6). Why was Fragile and Mad about you versions never released ?
Fragile was a kind of bonus mix, and although the invoice for Mad about you was paid promptly, I have no idea if or how it was released.

Greetings Ben