I found the Fragile remix, 160 kbps 44kHz. Running time 6:30. I think it's great, and its very well. In fact it's really reworked, added drums piano and more.

Well I been in contact with Ben Liebrand and he says that he did all three mixes. Englishman In NY - Fragile - and Mad About You. I asked him why the 2 other tracks newer was release by Sting, He tells me that he thought that they were !.

We know they ain't. He consider releasing the on his on label, but have to get some proper licences.
About Mad About You, he writes: "It was an official remix mad from the original multitracks, and was approved for release by sting. Watch for the bass slide which appears 2 or 3 times in this mix. Listen to the mix over your speakers (not over your headphone) It should appear way outside the normal stereo field in your left ear.

About Fragile: Fragile was one of the weekly minimixes on dutch radio Just as Englishman in NY. I've been told there is a 12" maxi or CD which also holds Fragile, but I'm not sure. I'll try to get it released..... I'll have to get them licensed properly first