5th February 1997

I joined Estelle and Leslie, who I always visit when I go to Paris. We also met Judith another Sting Fan. Last April when Sting played two concerts in Paris, Estelle and I found his hotel and met him together with the other musicians. We tried again but this time he was staying somewhere else and we didn't get to meet him.

At 3.30 p.m. we went to the "Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy" (POPB) and as last year, a lot of fans had already arrived. I still had two hours to wait until my meeting with Pascal Barnardin and hopefully, with Sting shortly afterwards. Being February, it was a long cold wait but the hour arrived and it was time to find Pascal. I still wasn't sure what would happen but I kept telling myself, "it will happen" and "I will be amazing". As I arrived at the back door, I was invited inside. I passed by the dressing rooms and noticed the plaques saying "Noa's rooms" and "Sting's rooms". Eventually, I found Pascal Barnardin's room and saw he was talking on the telephone. It was awful! Sting and Noa were carrying out the sound check with "Fields Of Gold" and I still had to wait. Pascal was still on the telephone as the sound check finished and I spotted Dominic Miller. He was talking to the head of the German fan club and at first, he didn't notice me. Just as I thought he had remembered me Pascal looked up and said, "It's now or never. So let it be now" As I followed him, I briefly noticed the "Sting's room" plaque again and we were there.

Sting was on the sofa with Miles Copeland sitting nearby. Pascal introduced me and Sting asked me to come closer. I couldn't believe it. I was living in a dream again. I'd finally arrived and Sting was talking to me. Anyway, I sat next to him and produced my tape recorder. Sting was so friendly and very patient as I struggled to find the right English words. I eventually told him I was a big fan and owned over 500 of his records. Neither Sting, Kim Turner or Miles Copeland could believe it and it was wonderful. For the next ten minutes we discussed, the fans, Sting's album covers, the song "oo la la Hugh"(that he couldn't remember), the tour, bootlegs, music videos and all the other questions I'd always wanted to ask him. After a while though, Kim Turner asked me to stop the questions and I showed Sting a few of my records, which he was happy to autograph. He also showed interest in the Summoner's magazines and especially the first issue which has a picture of him with his daughter Coco. I also showed him the album cover I'd designed and he autographed each issue of the magazine, The "Soul Cages" promotional CD in tissue (dedicated to me) and a few other items. It was glorious. He then explained that he would see me again later and accompanied me to the door.



It was over and I felt as if I was floating in outer space. Then I remembered! I'd forgotten to ask for a photograph. Thankfully, he came out of his room after a short while and I was able to ask him. He was fine about it but I couldn't find my camera! I explained that perhaps I'd left it in his room and we went back to look for it. When we found it, Sting posed with his arms around my shoulders and a roadie took the picture. All I could do was thank him and say goodbye..

6th February 1997

We finally found Sting's hotel but we weren't alone. There were a lot of fans and photographers outside and it wasn't very nice. Some of the crowd didn't even know who they were waiting to see!  Butch Thomas the sax player was first out. He was very friendly and autographed my tour program before I took a picture of him with my friends. Clark Gayton was next and just as friendly. He also obliged with the usual tour program autograph and let me take another photograph. Only the real fans recognised Dominic Miller when he came out but it wasn't long before the crowd erupted and ran towards the hotel, as Sting appeared. There didn't seem much point in joining them after my meeting the day before though, and I made for Dominic who was happy to sign the photo of us at Montepellier. I noticed that Sting was still surrounded by the crowd but totally calm and collected. It was impossible to approach him of course, and I decided to pick on Vinnie Colaiuta next. Not wanting to miss the opportunity I also asked him to autograph my photograph of me with him. Sting finally got into his car and left. Trudie his wife took a taxi. I'm sure she remembered us from last April as she waived.

And that was it. It was over and we'd have to wait for the next concert to do it all again.

After a short holiday with friends, I went home to Montepellier. And it wasn't long before I decided to show NRJ my interview recording and tell them everything that had happened. Olivier must have been impressed as we recorded7 another short interview about my adventures.


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