Toni Carbo from Spain

1- Name - Surname - Nickname - age - city - country ?
Toni Carbo,41 years old,Barcelona,Catalonia

2- What did you do for living?

I'm jeweller and journalist-rock program on Catalunya Radio

3- Sting or Police?


4- When did you start to collect Sting items and why?

I started in 1979 with Police, till now with both.Why? art of my life

5- What did you collect (everything, just CD, vinyl…)?
everything, singles,cd's,memorabilia.

6- What is the item your are the proudest to have?
my best apreciate record....the gold bpi record award of POLICE presented to STING Message In a Bottle. and another one is the NBB LP or the acetate of Last Exit single.

7- What is the item your definitely want top have?
Last Exit audio tape and Ghost In The Machine test run

8- What is your best remember about Sting and/or collecting?
When I sing with him in Montpellier on stage and specilally when I meet with my frineds in diff. countrys to see STING.

9- How many time did you see sting/Police live?
..uhmmm..lot's..I don't remember...Police only 3 times

10- Your 5 favourites songs ?
if you love somebody...
straight To my...
Fields Of Gold
all this time
Dance alone

11- list the 7 Sting studio album (or police ones if you prefer police) in order of preference
Ten sum

12- what other sting recording is a MUST for you (unplugged, acoustic concert, non album songs...) ?
Breamston & Treacle

13- what is your favourite tour and why?
Nothing Like The Sun. It was a very nice set list, great musicianas, and is the most diff. tour of the Sting's Tour

14- what is your favourite album or single cover ?

Dream Of The Blue Turtles

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