Rüdiger Höckel from Germany

1- Name - Surname - Nickname - age - city - country ?
Rüdiger HÖCKEL . 35 . Ibbenbüren, GERMANY

2- What did you do for living?
Technical consultant for SAP R/3 (business software). Responsible for the "Basis" part, i.e. database, operating system, network.

3- Sting or Police?

4- When did you start to collect Sting items and why?
Being a Police fan since 1979 I couldn't help myself and started the "real" collecting approx. in 1987.

5- What did you collect (everything, just CD, vinyl.)?
vinyl singles (7" + 12"), CD-singles, bootlegs & liverecordings

6- What is the item your are the proudest to have?
Japanese 10 x 7" gold box

7- What is the item your definitely want top have?
Newcastle Big Band LP

8- What is your best remember about Sting and/or collecting?
Going to record fairs in the early days and exploring all those vinyl bootlegs:-)

9- How many time did you see sting/Police live?
Police: 1x on TV (Rockpalast 1980 in Essen)
Sting: since "The Soul Cages" tour, approx. 20-30 concerts

10- Your 5 favourites songs /your order of preference of the album?

songs (but this changes daily!):
1. Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
2. They dance alone
3. Be still my beating heart
4. Love is stronger than justice
5. Why should I cry for you

studio albums:
1. The Soul Cages
2. Ten Summoner's Tales
3. Nothing like the sun
4. The dream of the blue turtles
5. Brand new day

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