Nicholas Guthier from Japan

1 - Name - Surname - Nickname - age - city - country ?
Nicholas Guthier - Nickname: Nick - Age: 29 - Tokyo, Japan originally from Frankfurt, Germany. I am married to Sylvia, who is German too and in March she gave birth here in Tokyo to our son Samuel Hideki.

2- What did you do for living?
I am a product manager in a chemical company responsible for a certain product group in asia.

3- Sting or Police?
just Sting.

4- When did you start to collect Sting items and why?
I started liking Sting when his second album 'Nothing Like The Sun' came out but I actually started collecting in 1997. I am not sure why only that I know that it is addicting.

5- What did you collect (everything, just CD, vinyl.)?
I collect his CDs and 10/12" vinyl. I used to collect 7" too but I stopped several months ago.
I have some Videos and DVDs but I am not hunting for them.

6- What is the item your are the proudest to have?
The white Japanese 'All This Time' promo CD-R.

7- What is the item your definitely want top have?
The Japanese 'Best for DJ' promo Compilation. So far I have seen it three times for sale: 495 USD, 360 USD and 190 USD but craziness has not struck me hard enough to spend that money . . . yet!

8- What is your best remember about Sting and/or collecting?
I am afraid I con't provide any of the kind. However, the greatest day was when I discovered Ebay. I had always known that it existed but never made the mental connection to my collection of CDs. Now I sometimes wish I had never discovered it :-) but as I said before, it is addicting.

9- How many time did you see sting/Police live?
I only saw Sting live. About 10 to 12 times. I actually did not count the occasions but it has always been a very exciting thing. I actually had a friend who sometimes got me free tickets for concerts so I saw a few shows more than once which was nice.

10- Your 5 favourites songs /your order of preference of the album?

My 5 favourite songs:
1. Shape Of My Heart
2. Why Should I Cry For You
3. 7 Days
4. Children's Crusade
5. Moon Over Bourbon Street

My preference of his albums:
1. Ten Summoner's Tales
2. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
3. The Soul Cages
4. Nothing Like The Sun
5. All This Time

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