Juan Manuel Santiago from Spain

1- Name - Surname - Nickname - age - city - country ?
Juan Manuel Santiago – Juanma – 28 – Seville – Spain

2- What did you do for living?
I am Industrial Engineer. I work as a Sales Manager for a German Company in Spain.

3- Sting or Police?

4- When did you start to collect Sting items and why?
In 1996. I attended a show with my girlfriend and I decided to look for all the Sting stuff.

5- What did you collect (everything, just CD, vinyl…)?
Normally CDs, but sometimes I look for items like concert leaflets and books.

6- What is the item your are the proudest to have?
Special A4 French Folder of the Mercury Falling album. I have also a Fender bass signed by Sting (I won it in a quiz in the internet).

7- What is the item your definitely want top have?
The exclusive Mercury Falling Virgin case.

8- What is your best remember about Sting and/or collecting?
When we found him in a museum in Granada (Spain) just before the show in 2000. We took some pictures and we talked to him. There is a funny story about that, but it is too long to explain it here.

9- How many time did you see sting/Police live?
Only three.

10- Your 5 favourites songs /your order of preference of the album?

Why should I cry for you? / All this time / Fields of gold / Mad about you / Desert Rose.

Regarding the album: The soul cages / The dream of the blue turtles.

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