Carlo Bolchini 42 Milano Italy

1- Name - Surname - Nickname - age - city - country ?
Carlo Bolchini 42 Milano Italy

2- What did you do for living?
I *do* consult on telecommunication networks and protocols, design, install, configure and maintain enterprise data communications networks. Sometimes I help my family selling fish (but I really hate fish).

3- Sting or Police?

4- When did you start to collect Sting items and why?
My first Police purchase was 'Message in a bottle' single in December 1979. I simply went mad.

5- What do you collect (everything, just CD, vinyl…)?
Oh, I wanted to collect everything, but there's just too much stuff out there! But nothing excites me more than a vinyl bootleg in the mail or in a record fair.

6- What is the item your are the proudest to have?
The next one I'll get

7- What is the item your definitely want to have?
Sting's stage setup from the 1980 (I mean, basses amplifiers effects etc).

8- What is your best remember about Sting and/or collecting?
Meeting him before the Plan C concert in Rotterdam and the concert itself (also taped it on video!!GREAT!!!)

9- How many time did you see sting/Police live?

Police 2 times
Sting 2 times
Andy 2 times
Stewart 2 times
So everyone's happy!

10- Your 5 favourites songs /your order of preference of the album?

So lonely
Bring on the night
Message in a bottle
Man in a suitcase
Secret journey

11- list the 7 Sting studio album (or police ones if you prefer police) in order of preference
Reggatta de Blanc & Outlandos d'amour (ex-aequo)
Ghost in the machine
Zenyatta Mondatta

12- what other sting recording is a MUST for you (unplugged, acoustic concert, non album songs...) ?

The Police live in Long Island 10 Oct 1979

13- what is your favourite tour and why?
I was lucky enough to see the Police in 1980. I think they were at the top in energy and playing, I think their best period was late 1979 - early 1980. They were bigger two years later when I saw them again, but they were "different" .

14- what is your favourite album or single cover ?
I don't know!

15- if it was not Sting, who would it be?

Someone else for sure, but do not know who!

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