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If you love somebody / Another day
sample - ALAM 118 - photocopy sleeve
promo + commercial - AMP 220

4 tracks 12" promo & commercial - AMP 18052 - with yellow obi (12" sleeve)

If you love somebody / Another day
reissue - label states it is a remix version...
promo + commercial - 7Y3027

4 tracks 12" promo & commercial - C12Y3147 - with blanc obi (same sleeve)

Love is the 7th wave new mix / Album version
sample only - ALAM-121

3 tracks 12" (+Fortress & Dream of) promo & commercial - AMP 12007 - with blue obi (normal sleeve)

Fortress around your heart / Consider me gone live
promo + commercial - AMP 233

Russians / Gabriel's message
Sample - ALAM 128
promo + commercial - AMP 240

Shadows in the rain / Medley night mix 12"
promo + commercial - AMP 12010 - with blue OBI
reissue commercial - C12Y3008 - with red OBI

Be still my beating heart / Ghost in the strand
Sample issue with Single edit - PR 116
promo xwith album version - 7Y3075
commercial with original edit - 7Y3075

We'll be together / Conversation with a dog
promo + commercial - 7Y3060

5 tracks 12" promo & commercial - C12Y3213 - with OBI

Englishman in NY / Moon over BB street
promo + commercial - 7Y3061


Japan was the first country to issue CD, and so on, the first one to stop to print vinyl records. The japanese vinyl records are the best one of the world, concerning sound quality. It seems not really important by now, but it was back in the 80's!

stop to issue vinyl in 1989, so on, only singles from Dream of & Nothing like the sun were issued on 7", and some on 12".

Japanese 7" are really nice items, due to japanese text on sleeve, & different design for some of them. The 7" does not comes in an usual sleeve, it is in fact a 2 pages or 4 pages insert with lyrics, the disc itself comes in a protection sleeve.

Also, there is 2 kind of promo issue:
The sampler (called samp here): very rare, these issues comes with special catalogue number, and samp text on sleeve or label, these are promo of promo...

The promo issue are in fact same as commercial issue with a japanese caracter on label.

Only If you love, Love is seventh wave & We'll be together were issued on 12", all with OBI and insert, and as commercial & promo copy. It is interesting to note that Love is the seventh wave was issued commercial on 12" and only as a samp issue on 7".

Also, "Shadows in the rain" was issued in 12", with a medley of live songs from "Bring on the night" movie soundtrack. It was to promote "Bring on the night".